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The peony is a beautiful flower that’s well-suited to many climates and types of soils. No wonder peonies often come up high in the “most popular flower” type of lists. Join us as we explore peonies by breeds and varieties, colors, and gardening tutorials.

Will Peony Buds Open After Cutting?

Pink flower peonies flowering on background pink flowers - Will Peony Buds Open After Cutting

Creating gorgeous bouquets with the flowers in your garden can sometimes take paying close attention to detail. Do you have peony buds you want to cut off and save but don’t know if they’ll still open? If you cut a…

10 Types Of Purple Peonies To Know

Newly bloomed purple peonies photographed on the garden, 10 Types Of Purple Peonies To Know

Figuring out which type of purple peony to plant in your garden can be tricky without some help. Although these stunning purple flowers are easy to grow, not all peonies can survive in the same climates. Lucky for you, we…

18 Red Peony Varieties You Should Know

Herbaceous Peonies 'Buckeye Belle' in flower, 18 Red Peony Varieties You Should Know

Peonies are a gorgeous, carefree, perennial flower. If planted in the right spot, they will provide you with blooms year after year after year. They’re deer-resistant, thrive in many areas of the country, and have no significant disease or pest…

How To Grow Peonies In Pots


Peonies are amazing flowers that come in every color but blue and can live to be up to 100 years old! Peonies come in so many different shapes and sizes and have a long line of history in many different…

When to Transplant Peonies

Spring peonies shoots, When to Transplant Peonies

Peonies are an old-fashioned floral favorite among gardeners worldwide, especially in Europe, Asia, and North America. Their beauty is only matched by their stubborn nature. Once they’ve taken root, they do not like to be moved. Therefore, if you choose…

How to Grow Peonies: The Complete Guide


Nothing says “summer” quite like a yard full of fluffy, fragrant peonies. With their voluminous and colorful blooms, buds that are beloved by ants, and heady, unmistakable scent, peonies are appreciated by gardeners and plant lovers alike. In this article,…

Should Peonies be Deadheaded?

Should Peonies be Deadheaded?

Peonies are lovely herbaceous plants that bloom for only a short period of time, between late spring and early summer. Towards the end of their blooming period, they’ll start to fade and wither up, and that’s how you’ll know if…

When Do Peonies Bloom (And For How Long)?

When Do Peonies Bloom (and For How Long)?

When you’re planning a flower garden, it’s important to know when your flowers will bloom, especially if you want to make sure that you have a continuous show of color in your garden beds. We’ve researched the subject of peonies…

What Colors Do Peonies Come In?

What Colors Do Peonies Come In
Peonies make for very popular garden flowers. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the huge variety of color they come in. Let's take a look and see which colors do peonies actually come in.