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When you think of sunflowers, you probably think of cheerful moments. These bright flowers are captivating in their own right. If you want to know more about growing these beauties and how to incorporate them into your garden beds, you’re in the right spot.

Can You Grow Sunflowers From Bird Seed?

Sunflower growing on roof top garden, Can You Grow Sunflowers From Bird Seed?

Finding new ways to grow flowers throughout your garden can sometimes be confusing. Do you want to add a few sunflowers to your landscape but don’t know where to start? Is it possible to grow sunflowers from bird seed? Can…

Do Sunflowers Grow Back?

Very large sunflower plantation as far as the eye can see, o Sunflowers Grow Back?

Sunflowers are a lovely sight to behold. The flowers are celebrated via festivals, useful for ornamental decoration, provide tasty, nutritious seeds, and are perfect additions in gardens. But, do these gorgeous golden-hued blooms grow back? Whether you are curious about…

Are Sunflowers A Fall Flower?

Beautiful sunflower field during sunset, Are Sunflowers a Fall Flower?

Sunflowers are a welcome sight in gardens, greeting the world with their brilliant petals and delicious seeds. Most varieties of sunflowers make an appearance around mid to late summer and through early autumn. So, one might ask themself, is the…

Are Sunflowers Perennials?

A golden field of sunflower on a farm, Are Sunflowers Perennials?

Sunflowers are an iconic flower. We’ve all seen the photos of the sunflower fields in France where row upon row upon row of the yellow and black beauties turn their large heads to the sun. But these flowers are not…

How Tall Can A Sunflower Grow?

Horizontal view of a beautiful sunflower field, How Tall Can A Sunflower Grow?

Reaching toward the heavens, and always following the path of the sun, the sunflower is instantly recognizable and a beloved flower by many. The sunflower was prized by Native Americans as a food crop, for its ornamental uses, and because…