Rachel Self

Rachel is a gardening enthusiast and avid plant lover with a passion for bringing the beauty of nature indoors through houseplants. She enjoys spending her free time tending to her greenery and finding creative ways to incorporate plants into her home decor. When she's not busy caring for her plants, you can usually find Rachel curled up with a good book or exploring the great outdoors with her two German Shepherds.

9 Amaryllis Fast Facts

Red and White Striped Amaryllis Blooming

We know you adore the captivating Amaryllis, with its vibrant colors and trumpet-shaped blooms. But did you know there’s more to this botanical beauty than meets the eye? Get ready for a fascinating rapid fire dive into the enchanting world…

Why Are Lawn Mowers So Loud?

Man turning on the lawn mower by gardener, Why Are Lawn Mowers So Loud?

There’s no denying that gas-powered lawn mowers are quite loud. Perhaps you’re trying to find a solution to quiet your mower in an attempt to be courteous to the neighbors. Or, maybe you’ve become a disgruntled neighbor after someone else…

19 Fast Growing Shrubs For Screening Purposes

Close-up of green texture christmas leaves of Thuja occidentalis, 19 Fast Growing Shrubs For Screening Purposes

When it comes to screening, you want shrubs that will grow quickly. Screening hedges are excellent for adding privacy, creating shade, hiding unsightly items (unkept neighboring yards, pool pumps, sheds, etc.), and even providing some peace and quiet. With all…