18 Red Peony Varieties You Should Know

Peonies are a gorgeous, carefree, perennial flower. If planted in the right spot, they will provide you with blooms year after year after year.


They're deer-resistant, thrive in many areas of the country, and have no significant disease or pest issues. Though they come in several colors, we're focusing on red peonies in this post.


Herbaceous Peonies 'Buckeye Belle' in flower, 18 Red Peony Varieties You Should Know

To add a brilliant pop of red to your garden or yard, we suggest taking a look at some of these varieties. Choose a couple of these plants and do a grouping of reds, as each one is slightly different and will provide an attractive monochromatic garden look.

Varieties Of Red Peonies

1. Buckeye Belle

Paeonia Buckeye Belle flowers in garden.

This gorgeous belle is a hybrid peony (Paeonia Officinalis x Paeonia lactiflora) with unique coloring. It blooms heavily in late spring to early summer and will flower for approximately 7 to 10 days.

2. Flame

Pinkish red peony flower variety Flame in a garden

The hybrid, flame peony, is a profuse bloomer. It grows on a bushy mound of deep green leaves and blooms in late spring to early summer.

Blooms last for 7 to 10 days. Stagger this peony with others that bloom later for constant color. These make excellent cut flowers for your favorite vase.

3. Dia Jo Kuhan

Dia Jo Kuhan is another early summer peony variety. It prefers full sun and regular soil. It will spread up to 36" in a mounded shape, and blooms will reach up to the top of the plant. It has rich red leaves and a lemony yellow center.

4. Coral Fay

Paeonia Coral Fay plant growing in the garden. Paeonia officinalis

This peony is a radiant rose red with coral overtones on its petals. It has slender, attractive foliage and is quite fragrant.

The large blooms are spectacular in late spring to early summer. Deer-resistant, it is a real show-stopper in your garden.

5. Benjamin Franklin

This peony variety has a crimson red double bloom that is lightly fragrant. It typically blooms later in the season, so mix it with some of the earlier blooming varieties.

It grows to 30″ to 36″ and comes back bigger and better every year. Benjamin Franklin is a perfect perennial garden plant.

6. Adolphe Rousseau

Peony or Paeonia lactiflora. Name Adolphe Rousseau. Close up of two red flowers.

This peony variety features large, double cerise-red flowers with bright yellow stamens.

It's a heavy bloomer with sturdy stems, which makes it an excellent cut flower. If you want a reliable and vigorous red peony to bloom in midseason, then Adolphe Rousseau is for you.

7. Red Emperor

Paeonia 'Red Emperor' is a perennial plant with red flowers

The red emperor peony variety is eye-catching. This hybrid peony gradually fades in color as the bloom ages, leaving an interesting yellow outline on the tips of the flower petals.

These flowers have an extremely long vase life, lasting up to and sometimes over a week as a cut flower.

8. Simply Red

Red hybrid Itoh Peony blooming in spring garden.

Paeonia, simply red, has deep velvety red coloring on single flowers with yellow centers. These peonies are an exciting cross between tree and garden peonies. They grow to a height of 4' and spread as much as 3' wide, so keep spacing in mind when planting.

9. Nippon Beauty

This popular variety is a striking red with petals that form a cup around the center. The center stamens are a lighter red, edged with gold.

The Japanese type is a prolific bloomer that keeps its color even when the temperatures get hot. Nippon beauty is a later season peony, perfect for planting with a few early season varieties.

10. Rubra Plena

 "RUBRA PLENA". Double Flowering peony

Rubra Plena is a vibrant, fragrant peony, known since the Middle Ages. The plus-sized, long-lasting, crimson blooms consist of small rosettes of lacey petals.

This peony's double flowers add color to any landscape and can be spotted growing in gardens throughout North America. It's very hardy, yet compact.

11. Felix Supreme

This peony variety, created more than 60 years ago, remains a favorite among peony enthusiasts. We know it for its large double ruby-red flowers. This vigorous, easy to care for peony has gorgeous foliage, just as lovely in a vase as it is outside.

12. Sword Dance

Closeup red Chinese peony flower (Paeonia lactiflora) with its big yellow heart

Another Japanese type of peony, sword dance (Paeonia lactiflora) produces large flowers with magenta-red petals that surround a magnificent center of golden-yellow staminodes streaked with red.

It's non-fading and wind-resistant, along with being incredibly eye-catching.

13. Red Magic

This is such a super peony; no wonder it is named red magic. Its flowers are broad cranberry-colored petals surrounding a mass of slimmer, deeper red petals.

The blooms are fragrant and large (up to 7″ across). This peony is a midseason bloomer.

14. Inspector Lavergne

Inspector Lavergne is a gorgeous ruby-red double bloomed peony.  The flowers appear midseason to late midseason on long straight stems.  The globular crimson flower has frilled petals in the center, and it grows on straight stems that make a lovely cut flower.

15. Red Charm

Red Peony albiflora x Paeonia officinalis 'Red Charm' in the garden, macro photo

Red Charm is a hybrid, full-petalled peony that has impressive ball-shaped blooms. It arrives early in peony season and is one of the first double-flowered peonies to appear in gardens each spring.

The stems remain shorter than other varieties, but they are very thick and robust, suitable for floral arrangements.

16. Red Sarah Bernhardt

This peony variety blooms late, during midseason. It has double red blooms, is a healthy rapid grower, has dark green foliage, and many strong stems.

Use the red Sarah Bernhardt peonies as cut flowers, as is commonly done by florists as well as admirers.

17. Kansas

Blooming Red Peonies in the garden. Paeonia 'Kansas' (Herbaceous Peony).

The Kansas peony produces huge, double carmine-red blooms atop bold stems. They make excellent cut flowers and are considered one of the best double red peonies to grow.

The foliage is a lush, bushy mound, with glossy, dark green leaves that stay attractive throughout the summer even when the blooms have died out.

18. Scarlet Heaven

Itoh Hybrid Peony (Paeonia Itoh hybrid) in park, Moscow region, Russia.

This peony is known as Itoh, and the variety has a showy, 8" diameter, deep red bloom with a yellow center. Itoh hybrid peonies are desired for their extended bloom time, cold hardiness, sturdy stems, and disease resistance.

We hope you agree that these red, crimson, scarlet, and carmine blooms are among the most beautiful of the peonies. If you found this post helpful, please do check out a few of our others here at GardenTabs.com below:

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