White Peonies (Pictures, Care Tips, and Shopping Links)

White Peonies (Pictures, Care Tips, and Shopping Links)White peonies (Paeonia in Latin) have been in cultivation for more than 2000 years. Their striking features include a delightful fragrance, dazzling splash of white, and durability against the elements.

These outrageously beautiful plants have an interesting history and superstition, including a popular myth that claimed how woodpeckers would peck one’s eyes out if they saw you digging up peony roots.

White peonies are native to European costs and China. In Chinese mythology, Gejin, a peony spirit, shape-shifted into a human female because she fell in love with a Chinese man. When the husband found out, the Gejin fled back to the spirit world, leaving two peonies as a souvenir.

Types of White Peonies

Tree Peonies

Tree peonies defoliate every fall, leaving behind their woody stems, thus coining the term ‘tree peonies’. These peonies are slow to grow but once fully grown, they become very larger. The average size range for tree peonies is between 20 inches and 8 feet.

Semi-Double Peonies

These white peonies tend to have irregular design and shape. Their stamens are distributed around the petals. Dozens of petals surround the center, giving the flower a multi-layered look which many find to be attractive.

One of the many telltale signs of the flower blooming is the pollen-bearing anthers, a noteworthy feature of the flower.

Japanese Peonies

These peonies have broad petals and stamens. Their anthers are among the largest you’ll find, which explains why the flower sticks out in a crowd.

Japanese peonies get their name not because they’re from Japan, but because they are admired by the Japanese. They share many of the same features as semi-double peonies, which makes them look larger than other varieties.

Festiva Maxima

These peonies have several layers of white petals surrounding the center.

Green Halo

This peony gets its name due to the fact that the white petals are surrounded by greenery.

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Krinkled White

This peony looks very similar to the Green halo, with the difference that it is much smaller. It is ideal for growing in zones 3 to 8.

Spider Green

The white petals resemble creepy crawlies like spiders, surrounding a delicate yellow center.

White Peony Care Tips

Peonies are generally easier to grow than other flowers in a garden. The typical growth zones for peonies are between 3 and 8 for the best results. White peonies need full sun and will make do with afternoon shade. They will need at least an inch of water every week throughout their growing season.

Fertilizer: Make sure the soil is well drained and enriched with organic matter. The soil’s pH value should be neutral. If it is extremely acidic, you can neutralize the soil by adding a few handfuls of lime. White peonies are responsive to aged manure or at least one inch of compost. The best part is that they do not need fertilizers for growth.

Surviving a Storm: If you anticipate a storm or particularly windy conditions, then you need to cover the peonies to prevent them from being pushed out of the soil.

Fighting off Diseases: Few insects pose a threat to peonies, but the fungal disease known as botrytis can quickly pose a problem in moist conditions. The peonies might blacken at the base and wall over when attacked by botrytis. This disease can be prevented with good air circulation and drainage. Make sure the peonies aren’t too crowded. Remove affected peonies to prevent the disease from spreading.

Where to Buy White Peonies?


It comes as no surprise that Amazon offers plenty of white peonies for sale as well. Some of these qualify for free shipping.

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Burpee has become the go-to place for gardening enthusiasts, offering a variety of gardening supplies and flowers, including peonies. We could only find 7 peonies on the website, one of them is white. The website is powered by secure payment gateway systems to protect your credentials during checkout.

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Global Rose

Global Rose is a great place to buy healthy seeds and stems for flowers, including white peonies. The best part is the free shipping and the discount it offers. The website regularly offers special discounts and encourages new buyers with discount coupons.

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Spring Hill Nursery

Spring Hill Nursery was a rare find that offers fast shipping, economical rates, and massive variety. They have over 45 peony varieties to choose from, including white peonies. Their customer support team is robust and helpful.

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The Tree Center

The Tree Center claims to offer the lowest prices online, if you find lower prices elsewhere, the website will match it. Plus they offer generous discounts, including 10% off in the summer. If you buy in bulk, you will qualify for free shipping as well. All in all, a great place to buy white peonies.

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Image Gallery

Beautiful Bouquet

White Peonies

It is common to arrange several white peonies together for visually appealing results.

Slow to Open

White Peonies

White peonies with petals that have yet to spread.

White Ruffles

White Peonies

Several layers of petals surround the reddish centers, creating a fluffy appearance.

Pale Yellow Undertones

White Peonies

It is common for yellow hues to dominate the appearance of white peonies, although the surrounding petals are white.

Layer Upon Layer

White Peonies

Several layers of white petals create a blanketed appearance.

Full Sun Flowers

White Peonies

Make sure white peonies are planted in full sunlight for best results.

Vibrant Centers

White Peonies

This white peony shows off deep yellowish markings around the center which contains massive stamens.

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