Do Deer Eat Peonies? [And 5 Ways to Prevent That]

Do Deer Eat Peonies (And 5 Ways to Prevent That)Peonies are one of the most lovely flowers that you can add to your garden, however, you may wonder if the deer in your area will be just as attracted to them as you are. Will the deer in your neighborhood eat your peonies and destroy the beautiful garden you created? We have done the research and found an answer that will help you keep those precious peonies safe and secure from possible deer invasions.

Typically, deer tend to stay away from eating peonies due to the strong flavor. However, if they are hungry enough, deer may just stop by to your garden full of peonies for a bite to eat. Ask around, because chances are, if your neighbors’ peonies are unbothered by deer, yours most likely will be as well. 

There aren’t many plants that deer will stay clear from unless they have a strong odor or taste that is unfavorable to the deer. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your strong-scented plants are completely safe. When it comes to deer eating peonies, it often varies just as much. Just in case your neighborhood deer do like to munch on peony flowers, here are a few simple tricks that you can use to ensure your plants stay safe.

Keeping Your Peonies Safe from Deer

The truth is, you won’t always know for sure whether or not the deer will try eating your peonies until after they are planted. Here are a few steps to take when planning your peony garden to prevent damage to your plants:

Plan the perfect placement

Most deer tend to be people-shy. Planting your peonies close to your house may help prevent deer from bothering them.

Of course, when planting your peonies, also make sure that the plants have everything they need to grow properly in that specific spot. Protecting them from deer is not an excuse for planting them in poor soil or not providing them with the right light.

If needs be, you can even relocate your peonies. While many peonies plants become bothered when they are moved, it might be required to relocate them to a safer place. The closer that you move your peonies to your house, the better chance they have at not becoming deer food.

Plant Near Other Deer Repellent Plants

You also may want to consider planting your peonies next to a strong-scented plant, such as lavender. Not only does lavender and peonies look great together, but the lavender will ward off the deer with the powerful aroma and keep your peonies safe and unbothered.

Fence in your garden

Deer-proofing your garden may be necessary to protect other plants as well. Deer are fantastic jumpers, so your fence needs to be tall enough to stop them. If you're serious about stopping deer from entering your property, you should contact a  professional and invest in a great fence.

In some cases, just bordering your garden with certain types of terrain - such as boulders - may be enough. Other times, you may actually need to set up an electric fence to be 100% sure deer can't make their way in. Double fences may be effective too - if you prefer to avoid the use of electricity around your home.

Protect your peonies by fencing them in

If the peonies are the only plant that deer find attractive in your garden, it may be easier to fence the peonies, rather than the entire backyard. You can use deer netting to cover your peonies and keep them safe.

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Use deer repellents

There is a selection of pest repellent products on the market. You could try an electronic deer repellent such as this one.

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Another option would be to spray your peonies with a deer repellent such as Deer Stopper.

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If the problem is imminent and you don't have time to experiment, you could apply both systems at once. In addition to repelling deer, these should also keep your garden safe from rabbits, squirrels and other animals which my be after your flowers and plants.

Deer-Free and Happy Peonies

While you may not know for sure whether or not your precious peonies will fall victim to the deer roaming your neighborhood, it’s essential that you understand how to manage your plants and prevent it from happening in the first place. Deer are attracted to many plants, but peonies aren’t one of them.

The peonies will suffer and become deer food if the animal has no other option for food and sees your peonies as a quick bite to eat. Follow the steps above to ensure that your peony garden stays safe from becoming deer food and keep enjoying those fresh, beautiful smelling plants.

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