Yellow Peonies Guide [15 Types Covered]

Peonies are one of the most beautiful spring perennials. These plants are deer resistant, and after the flowers have faded, the foliage remains during late summer to bring a lovely, textured green to gardens.
If planted in the right spot, peonies will provide ample blooms for several years. Here, we're going to look at the yellow varieties of peonies in particular for those gardeners who love a brilliant burst of color in the backyard.
Among Itoh varieties, tree-type peonies, and shrub-like varieties, our comprehensive list has got the right yellow-colored peony plant for you.
Choose several peony varieties to group together, offering an extended season of blooms in your garden. Or pair one particular type with other garden flowers and foliage to use either as a focal point or to blend the landscape.
A yellow peony on a garden, Yellow Peonies Guide [15 Types Covered]

Varieties Of Yellow Peonies

Please have a look below at our list of 15 yellow peony varieties, including Itoh, Tree, and Garden types. For each variety, we've included a detailed description of color tones, flower size and shape, and bloom time.

Itoh Peonies

An Itoh peony is the cross between an herbaceous peony, also known as the common garden peony, and the striking tree peony. The abbreviated name 'Itohs' is due to this variety commonly referred to as either intersectional hybrids or intersectional peonies.

1. Bartzella

These large and luminous flowers grow on strong erect stems. They're a mid-season peony blooming from late spring until early summer with blooms lingering for 3 to 4 weeks. This peony has a lovely lemony scent to match its exquisite bloom structure and color.

2. Duchesse de Lorraine

Duchesse de Lorraine is named for the Lorraine region in France, home to famous peony breeder Victor Lemoine.  This fully double, yellow Itoh peony has a satisfyingly sweet fragrance. The bomb-type bloom averages 120 to 150 petals, far outnumbering even Bartzella. Observe blooms during mid-spring to early summer.

3. Garden Treasure

This semi-double bloom is a lovely lemon yellow that flushes to scarlet at its center. You'll get 4 to 5 dozen flowers on this peony's bush. The plant does not require staking and will bloom for about two weeks in early summer. This peony is both fragrant and an excellent cut flower.

4. Going Bananas

This peony has beautiful, huge lemon-yellow single flowers with a tinge of red at their base. The foliage provides excellent autumn color as well. No need to stake these sturdy peonies. They're a mid-season bloom.

5. Misaka

Misaka Peony stuns the onlooker with lightly-scented flowers, in a peach color with yellow overtones and a dark red flare at the ends of its stems. This one blooms in mid-spring, and the flowers are excellent for bouquets.

Its leaves remain green in color throughout the season, giving gorgeous color to the flower beds even after the blooms are gone.

6. Sequestered Sunshine

These large, bright canary-yellow blossoms with showy stamens are a real wow for the garden. The blooms rise above the lush, dark green, deeply dissected foliage. This peony is an incredibly vigorous plant, and the sturdy flower stems require no staking, which makes for excellent cut flowers.

7. Yumi

The masses of perfect yellow petals on this peony have a nearly translucent quality. With exceptionally large double flower blooms, it's no wonder these fragrant yellow peonies are so beautiful in arrangements.

8. Joanna Marlene

Joanna Marlene is a mid-season Itoh hybrid peony. It has semi-double, yellow blooms, with a unique flower that changes color as it matures. You will love the change from peach to salmon, to yellow tones on a single petal.

9. Prairie Charm

This peony has medium-size to large flowers in clear yellow with large purple-red flares at the base. It's a hardy plant about 26″ to 30″ tall which forms a substantial bush with attractive light green foliage. Prairie Charm is a dependable bloomer.

Tree Peonies

Tree peonies are deciduous shrub peonies. They lose their foliage in the fall, but their woody stems do not die back to the ground like herbaceous peonies. They also are larger than the other varieties, growing up to five feet wide and tall in about ten years.

1. High Noon

This peony has a gorgeous golden yellow flower that blooms in early summer. It produces clusters of yellow flowers with red flares at the base of its petals. The flowers have a sweet, lemon scent and huge, semi-double blooms. Their blooms can reach up to 7.5″ in diameter.

Yellow-colored tree peonies are rare, so this is a unique addition to any garden.

Garden Peonies

Garden peonies, also known as bush peonies, are perennials. Unlike the woody tree peonies, these flowers' foliage dies back in the winter and returns each spring. We've found five yellow varieties for you below.

1. Primevere

Primevere peony is an easy-to-grow classic perennial with 6 to 8-inch flowers. These beauties feature white outer petals and yellow centers. Deer tend to avoid them, and they attract butterflies.

2. Clare de Lune

This popular peony reminds us of daffodils with its creamy ivory outer petals and orangey-yellow stamens. Clare de Lune produces an early-season bloom that will last for 7 to 10 days.

3. Goldilocks Peony

Goldilocks is a large bomb-shaped flower that has soft yellow petals. The flower is flatter and more open when young, but as the plant matures, the flowers become fuller. It's a nicely scented rarity among the peony world.

4. Roy Pehrsons Best Yellow

This peony marries unusual coloration to a gorgeous plant shape. It has soft, yellow single blooms that open early. The plant grows to about 32-inches in height. Flowers are medium in size with slightly cupped and fluted petals.

5. Molly The Witch

This is a peony you'll want for its name alone. It's a rare variety with single flowers that mature to a buttery yellow. The foliage often has a purple shade cast to the leaf edges. It's a mid-season bloomer and makes a lovely cut flower.

Are You Ready To Plant?

With these gorgeous varieties of yellow peonies on your radar, what's stopping you from popping a few of them in your garden! Fall is nearly here, which is the perfect time to plant peonies for a beautiful spring display. Mix them with a daffodil bed, and you'll have stunning yellow color throughout the spring into summer.

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