Will Peony Buds Open After Cutting?

Creating gorgeous bouquets with the flowers in your garden can sometimes take paying close attention to detail. Do you have peony buds you want to cut off and save but don't know if they'll still open? If you cut a peony before it flowers, will the part you removed still bloom?

We've done extensive research into this question and have the answer below!

How tight the buds on your peonies are can affect how long it takes for the cuttings to bloom. However, you should see flowering regardless, as your peony will think it's time to flower and wrap up the growing season.

If you want to cut off a few peonies stems, try to cut towards the bottom section of your flower, so you can place it into a vase and enjoy the bloom. The longer the stem, the better!

As we start this article, we will cover all things peonies and discuss how to preserve them after they're cut. Whether you want to create a stunning flower bouquet, watch your peonies bloom inside, or have other related questions, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

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Can I Cut Peonies And Keep Them In A Vase?

Yes! If you have peonies growing in your garden and they're old enough to produce flowers, you can cut their stem and place them inside a vase.

Usually, your flowers will bloom within a few days of being removed from their parent plant, so this is an easy way to have fresh flowers in no time.

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Furthermore, you want to try and preserve as much of your peony stem as possible. A longer stem allows your flower to be in a vase partially filled with water and survive for a week or two.

Although flowers can sometimes be temperamental, peonies tend to handle being cut and move to a vase pretty well. Regardless, you should notice that the buds on your peonies bloom after 1-2 days in their new vase/environment, so keep an eye out!

Will Peonies Bloom Once You Cut Them?

If your peonies bud is healthy and hasn't already opened, it should bloom after cutting.

As we mentioned, peonies tend to open up quickly after being taken from their parent plant, so this is a common practice among gardeners and florists.

Generally, if your peony has a long enough stem and you place it into water, you should notice flowering within the next few days. Of course, every flower is different, so you may wait a bit longer.

With that said, you don't want to cut a peony that looks frail, as it won't likely bloom once you have it in a vase. The same goes for already flowering peonies, as they won't respond well to the big move.

Remember, your flower is living, so major changes can alter its blooming period.

How Do I Cut A Peony For A Vase?

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Now that you know the basics, it's time to cut your peony. You first want to inspect your plant, looking for stems with healthy, unopened buds on them. As we said above, frail or already blooming peonies are not good candidates for cutting.

Next, grab a pair of garden shears, cutting your peony at an angle. This will help your plant's ability to absorb water later, which is a crucial step.

Following that, you should remove the lowest leaf and put your peony in a vase with lukewarm water. This warm water will soothe your plant, as it just underwent a traumatic removal.

Many experts also recommend adding a spoonful of sugar or a dash of sparkling water to your vase, as this can help a peony live for longer.

On top of that, it's a good idea to keep your peonies somewhere with good sunlight, so try and follow the light.

When Is The Best Time To Cut Peonies?

When it comes to the best time to cut a peony, you want to do this in the morning. Even though the time of day might not feel significant, your flower is less likely to go into shock if you cut it in the cooler morning hours.

In addition, you want to ensure you're using a clean, sharp pair of garden shears for your cutting to prevent any diseases from spreading to your now-vulnerable plant.

Moreover, it is a good idea to keep your flowers cool during the transplant, either wrapping them in moist paper towels or placing them directly into a vase with water.

As we said, you can use lukewarm water for newly cut peonies, as this will promote blooming.

On the other hand, if you want to stall flowering, keep the water colder. Regardless, you want to be as gentle and precise as possible to keep your peony healthy before moving it inside.

How Long Will Peonies Live Once You Cut Them?

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Even though we wish peonies would live forever in a vase, their lifespan is very brief. In general, once you cut your peony, it will be flowerings within the next 1-2 days and then look good for about five more.

There are ways to keep a peony looking fresh longer, but this depends on the plant. Not every peony will have the same durability through the cutting and transplanting process.

A key factor to remember is how you cut the stem of a peony. If you forget to cut at an angle, your plant won't live as long and could have a lackluster bloom.

That's because an angled stem allows your peony to drink more water in the vase, which can be a struggle. You also want to keep your peonies cool and in bright light.

The sun is vital for nutrients, which your flowers will need more than ever now.

Should I Put Peonies In The Refrigerator After Cutting Them?

One way to preserve your cut peonies is to wrap them and place them in the fridge. As we mentioned, cooler climates tend to preserve peonies, which can be an excellent way to prevent them from blooming or dying immediately.

According to Fine Gardening, you want to wrap a damp cloth around the stems of your flowers before placing them into the refrigerator.

This can be a paper towel, so you don't have to get fancy. Wrapping the stems of your flowers essentially protects them from bacteria or further trauma, so this is a step we recommend following.

Even if you don't want to place your peonies in the fridge, wrapping their stems between your garden and vase can be beneficial. Think of this as putting on a bandage when you have a cut.

How Long Can You Keep Peonies Alive In The Refrigerator?

If you decide to keep your peonies in the refrigerator, this is surprisingly a great long-term storage option. Typically, you can expect a peony to last a few weeks or even up to 3 months in the refrigerator.

Therefore, if you have an upcoming event you're planning for, the fridge might be the best choice.

Since you can't tell a flower to stop blooming, putting it in a cold environment will trick it into thinking the winter is here and it's time to stop growing.

That said, we don't recommend putting a cut peony into the freezer, as this might be too shocking.

How Long Do Peonies Last In A Bouquet?

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Similar to having your peonies in a vase, they'll also last roughly five days in a bouquet. If you've ever walked through the flower section at a grocery store, you'll notice the flowers are in a cooled refrigerator.

As we said above, the colder temperatures can help keep your peonies from blooming or dying, so that could be a way to prolong each bouquet.

We also recommend wrapping the ends/stems of your bouquet with moist paper towels before refrigerating or storing them, as this can help preserve and extend their shelf life.

The key here is not to allow your peonies to sit in dry or warm conditions, as this will cause them to bloom, wilt, and die all in 2-3 days.

If your event is a week or more away, it could also be worth it to wrap your flowers and set them towards the back of your fridge, as that's where it will be the coldest.

Is It Better To Buy Closed Peonies Or Open?

If you don't want to cut peonies from your own yard or don't have any strong enough buds, the store is your next best option. Between closed and open peony bouquets, we recommend finding closed ones that don't look like they're about to bloom.

Just like your garden, you want to look for peonies that are strong and have fully closed buds. If you purchase a bouquet that is already open, you won't have it for long.

Even if you give your flowers ideal conditions at home, open flowers don't last more than a few days. Remember, nature always wins when it comes to blooming and lifespan.

To Wrap Things Up

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Whether you have peonies in your backyard or want to plant them, it's always good to know when the best time is to cut them and how long they'll live.

From what we found, when you cut a peony, it will bloom 1-2 days after you remove it from the parent plant and should stay healthy for about 5-7 days in ideal conditions.

Furthermore, an easy way to preserve a cut peony is to wrap its stems in moist cloth/paper towels and place it in the refrigerator. The colder, the better!

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