Where to Buy Peony Plants or Bulbs Online (Top 50 Stores)

Where to Buy Peony Plants or Bulbs Online (Top 50 Stores)Peonies are gorgeous and well-known plants that produce beautiful, fragrant blooms. Many people want to add them to their gardens, but who has the time to hit up every garden store in town to find just the right variety? Here are the 50 top sites to check out for your perfect peony!

1. Amazon

Amazon is the first stop for any online shopping venture. With their huge inventory and suppliers that sell through Amazon, you're sure to find what you need.

Peony plants or bulbs are no exception. A quick search and you'll quickly find a huge number of peonies in a variety of colors. You can choose to buy bulbs, bare-root plants, or pre-potted plants.

Check out peony bulbs and plants on Amazon

Amazon website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

2. Holland Bulb Farms

Holland Bulb Farms is a family-owned farm that produces and sells anything from a bulb to a started plant. The majority of their inventory is sourced directly from Holland, with the rest coming from different growers in the United States.

Searching for the perfect peony is simple thanks to the easy-to-find search bar at the top of the page and the filtering system directly above the listings of different peony varieties.

To see their peony offerings, click this link.

Holland Bulb Farms website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

3. Michigan Bulb

Michigan Bulb has been in the business of selling bulbs for over 70 years, so they know their stuff! They started out selling through newspaper ads in 1943 and have grown into an online direct mail business that sources high-quality plants, bulbs, and seeds from all over the world.

They have several varieties of peonies on their site, covering both solid colors and mixed colors. If you have a specific type or color of peony that you're searching for, use the filtering system right above the first listing to find it easier.

Click here to see their products. 

MIchigan Bulb website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

4. Breck's

Breck's has been in business for over 200 years, and they've got the expertise to prove it. They've cultivated relationships with Dutch growers to ensure the absolute best for both customers and their gardens.

Breck's has a wide selection of peony varieties sure to make any garden swoon-worthy. Choose from any of the 150+ listed on their site to complete the garden you've envisioned.

Check out Breck's peonies here. 

Brecks website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

5. American Meadows

This company has been around since 1981 and was one of the earliest garden websites. Seeds are sourced from around the world, and their bulbs come mostly from Holland.

American Meadows offers several colors in their peony selections, and at the top of the page references links to how-to articles to help you pick and care for your plant.

To see American Meadows peonies, click here.

American Meadows website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

6. Spring Hill Nurseries

Spring Hill Nurseries is based in Ohio, USA, and employs a team of researchers and horticulturalists to ensure that each plant sold will make you happy.

Spring Hill has both individual varieties and collections of three or more varieties for sale on their product page. Their selections come in a wide variety of colors sure to make a pleasant addition to your garden.

Check out the offerings at Spring Hill Nurseries here. 

Spring Hill Nurseries website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

 7. Longfield Gardens

Longfield Gardens is a New Jersey-based company that has 80 years of experience in the horticulture field. They use that expertise to test and approve seeds and bulbs every year as well as creating their own combinations and varieties of blooms to give their customers unique plants to enjoy in their gardens.

Longfield offers free shipping on orders over $50, and a quality guarantee that ensures you get a perfect specimen.

Longfield Garden's peonies can be found here. 

Longfield Garden website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

8. K. van Bourgondien

K. van Bourgondien started out over 200 years ago in Holland with tulips. Today they're an online mail-order company supplying gardeners and flower enthusiasts with bulbs perfect for a private garden or a cut-flower farm.

This company provides a wide selection of peonies at wholesale prices. They also have a no-risk guarantee that ensures that if you're disappointed with your purchase they'll work with you to find something that you'll love.

To check out K. van Bourgondien's peonies, click here.

K. Van Bourgondien website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

9. White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm is a Connecticut-based company that has been growing and selling plants and bulbs since 1950. They offer tried-and-true favorites as well as new varieties on their site.

White Flower Farm has a good selection of individual peonies and peony collections. While there, check out their how-to articles and gardening guides for information on how to plant and care for your new garden addition.

To check out White Flower Farms peony selection, click here.

White Flower Farm website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

10. Plant Delights Nursery

Plant Delights Nursery is a family-owned mail-order company that started in the late 1980s. They not only sell seeds and bulbs but they run trials on each variety's performance in their own 28-acre botanical garden.

Plant Delights mainly offers pink shades of peonies, with a few yellow and white flowers in the mix. If you see something you like that you aren't quite ready to buy, start a wishlist with the convenient tab to the right of your browser.

Plant Delights peonies can be found here.

Plant Delights Nursery website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

11. Terra Ceia Farms

Terra Ceia Farms is based out of North Carolina and has been owned and operated by three generations of the Van Staalduinen family. Not only does the website offer the ability to purchase bulbs, but they also have a collection of how-to articles to help answer questions you may have.

Terra Ceia has several classic peony types as well as a few peony collections that include a mixed variety.

To see Terra Ceia's peony offerings, click here. 

Terra Ceia Farms website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

12. Lowes

Lowes is a well-known name in the USA, and the home improvement giant has garden offerings as well. Not only do they have a variety of bulbs available, but they also have a selection of potted Peony plants ready to settle into your yard or garden. Search their offerings to find not only a plant, but also information, ratings, and customer questions and answers for each variety.

Lowe's peony selection can be found here.

Lowes website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

13. Better Homes and Gardens

Known for the magazine you can find in nearly any grocery store, Better Homes and Gardens is a household name. And they don't only have ideas and articles! You can find a wide variety of peony bulbs available on their website for purchase.

Their peonies are sourced from all over the web and range from white to red to pink to yellow with a few multicolored varieties as well.

Better Homes and Gardens' peony page can be found here. 

Better Homes and Gardens website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

14. Eden Brothers

The Eden Brothers website has a gorgeous selection of colors for your peonies. They offer rare and heirloom seeds and bulbs for everyone from the home gardener to the professional grower.

These peonies are sold in a mix to give gardeners a good variety in their gardens and are sold in bulk to give customers more value for their money.

To check out the peonies offered by Eden Brothers, click here.

Eden Brothers website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

15. Greenwood Nursery

The Greenwood Nursery is run by a husband and wife team that works to make the plant selection process easy for even the greenest of gardeners. They offer a good selection of peony bushes ready for planting with a variety of colors and variations that catch the eye.

They have both garden peonies and tree peonies as well as newly added Itoh peonies that are a cross between the two. If you run into problems with your new plant they provide both an email address and a phone number.

To see the offerings from Greenwood Nursery, click here. 

Greenwood Nursery website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

16. Direct Gardening

Direct Gardening is a website that caters mainly to gardeners instead of wholesalers. They offer everything from fruit trees and vegetables to garden supplies and solutions.

They mainly deal in the sturdier tree peony, of which they carry several varieties in a range of colors. Find too many you love and your budget won't accommodate you? Sign up for their email newsletter and get a free giant peony with your order.

To see the peonies at Direct Gardening, click here. 

Direct Gardening website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

17. Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow Farm and Nurseries has a long history dating back to 1852. The nursery got its start then, and the second generation of the Klehm family planted their first peony field in 1916.

Song Sparrow has many varieties of peony that are unique to their nursery, and they sell out quickly. So be sure and order when they are available! They offer both garden and tree peonies.

To see the many gorgeous varieties of peonies at Song Sparrow, click here. 

Song Sparrow website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

18. Brooks Gardens

Brooks Gardens is fairly new to the gardening scene after getting its start in 2000. Don't let their youth fool you though! This nursery has managed to accumulate both awards in garden shows and over 350 varieties of peonies over the years.

Brooks Gardens has over 50 of these varieties for sale on their site, and a section of their website is dedicated specifically to peony care advice.

To see the peonies at Brooks Gardens, check here. 

Brooks Gardens website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

19. Sugar Creek Gardens

Sugar Creek Gardens is a well-known nursery in St. Louis. They have multiple accolades, including Best Garden Center in St. Louis. Sugar Creek produces over 2500 varieties of plants, and their staff of gardeners works to ensure each is top-notch quality.

Sugar Creek has a good variety of both classic and unique peonies to fill your garden.

To see their selection, click here.

Sugar Creek Gardens website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

20. Jung Seed Company

Jung Seed Company started in the early 1900s and is a large and thriving business today. They currently have five garden centers and print over 8 million catalogs each year to send out to customers.

Jung Seed Company has multiple offerings of peonies on their website, and listing is completed with planting details.

To see their peony selection, click here. 

Jung Seed Company website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

21. Fedco

Fedco Seed is a company that specializes in seeds for colder climates. Based out of Maine, they are a primarily mail-order company and base their shipping schedule on their seasonal difficulties. If you're based in a colder zone, this company would be a great asset to help determine plant care.

Among their large selection of seeds and bulbs, they do have a few peony varieties that will grow well in the colder zones. Their selection isn't a large one, but you'll know that each and every plant has been tested to ensure hardiness in the cold weather.

To see peonies from Fedco, click here. 

Fedco website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

22. Monrovia

Monrovia has been in business since 1926 and partners with breeders around the world to find both beautiful heirloom plants and newly created varieties for their clients.

This company is very environmentally friendly, so if you're an organic gardener, this company will likely fit with your practices quite well.

Monrovia has over 70 varieties of peony and a filtering system on the left sidebar of their website to help you quickly find the perfect plant for your garden.

To see the peonies offered by Monrovia, click here.

Monrovia website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

23. Burgess Seed and Plant Co.

Burgess Seed and Plant Co. boast being one of the largest producers and distributors for home garden supplies online in the United States.

They have a few varieties of tree peonies available in solid colors, as well as a couple of collections that include a mix of peony colors.

Check out Burgess' peonies here.

Burgess Seed and Plant Co. website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

24. Old House Gardens

Old House Gardens boasts being the only mail-order supplier in the US that focuses exclusively on heirloom bulbs. They produce the vast majority of their bulbs in the United States, working with small growers to test and produce the best plants possible.

They currently have 8 listings of heirloom peonies, and each is more gorgeous than the last. Below their listings, they also have a section dedicated to information about growing and caring for peonies, as well as the best practices for enjoying these flowers as a cutting.

To see the heirloom flowers at Old House Gardens, click here.

Old House Gardens website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

25. A & D Nurseries

The A & D Nursery is dedicated solely to peony production. They've been working with peonies for over 45 years and they offer both garden and tree varieties.

A & D has a large selection of peonies in multiple colors and combinations. And if you have any questions about how to care for your plant, you can either check the culture page on their site or call them directly for advice.

To see the breathtaking plants A & D produce, click here.

A & D Nurseries website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

26. Oregon Perennial Company

The Oregon Perennial Company is a wholesale producer for peonies, daylilies, and other perennials. This is a family-owned and operated business that serves clients from Alaska all the way to Holland.

On their peony page, they showcase 75 of their peony varieties in a slideshow of colors, but their downloadable availability list shows they have well over 100 to choose from.

To see the slideshow and download the Oregon Perennial Company list, click here. 

Oregon Perennial Company website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

27. Fina Garden

Fina Garden was launched by a husband and wife team in the 1990s. They produce hundreds of varieties, including garden, tree, and hybrid peonies. They also advertise fern leaf garden peonies for those gardeners in colder zones.

Their peony selection is really varied, and any color of peony that you want should be easily found in their product catalog.

To see the peonies at Fina Gardens, click here. 

Fina Garden website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

28. Wayside Gardens

This seed and bulb company started in Ohio in the 1920s and is located in South Carolina today. They focus on producing unusual and great quality plants for their customers, and their guarantee backs up their promise.

The peonies offered by Wayside Gardens come in a variety of colors and combinations, many of them breathtaking beauties that are hard to find elsewhere.

To see more of the peonies offered by Wayside, click here. 

Wayside Gardens website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

29. Pure Peonies

Pure Peonies is a chemical-free peony farm that produces 175 varieties of peony. They feature many classics as well as hard-to-find colors in their inventory.

You can buy these plants either as a gardener or as a wholesale company, depending on what you intend to use the plants for. Each of their plants is as gorgeous, if not more so than the last, and the wide selection means you're sure to find what you're looking for here.

To see the varieties of peony offered by Pure Peonies, click here.

Pure Peonies website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

30. Van Engelen

Van Engelen is a bulb producer that carries over 800 varieties of flower bulbs that are sourced from both Dutch and American growers. They ship seasonally and guarantee delivery of prime bulbs.

Their herbaceous (or garden) peony collection is stunning, including different peony structures and a mix of colors sure to brighten your garden.

To see the peony varieties offered by Van Engelen, click here.

Van Engelen website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

31. Peony's Envy

Peony's Envy is an exclusively peony producing company. Located in New Jersey, they offer a wide collection of herbaceous, woodland, tree, and hybrid peonies.

Peony's Envy offers a huge selection of peonies, with something for everyone in their inventory. Packs, herbaceous peonies, woodland peonies, tree, and hybrid peonies are all easily found on their website.

To see their offerings, visit Peony's Envy here. 

Peony's Envy website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

32. Hollingsworth Peonies

Hollingsworth Peonies is a Missouri-based peony farm that specializes in many different peony structures like tree or garden, as well as hard-to-find varieties.

You can look through their peonies either with the alphabetized list or in the collection lists on the left side of the website. You can also find a list of browsing options on the menu at the top of the site.

To see the Hollingsworth Peonies inventory, click here.

Hollingsworth Peonies website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

33. Dutch Gardens

Dutch Gardens is a producer and distributor of garden products in the United States, and they have been for over 100 years. They offer everything from perennials to container plants and offer a one year guarantee on plants purchased.

They offer a good variety of peonies with both classics and some newer cultivations on their site, as well as features for each specimen and care advice.

To see the peonies offered by Dutch Gardens, click here.

Dutch Gardens website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

34. Tulip World

Don't let the name fool you. While tulips were the favorite flowers of the creators of Tulip World, they carry other plants, like peonies, as well. They boast low prices as well as a flat $5.99 shipping rate, no matter how large your order!

They have a nice selection of peonies that they ship as bare-root plants. And if for some reason your peony doesn't grow well in its first season, contact Tulip World so they can help you determine the cause as well as potentially replace the plant.

To see the peonies from Tulip World, click here. 

Tulip World website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

35. Honeycreek Nurseries

Honeycreek Nurseries carries a wide variety of garden supplies and plants. Their collection of peonies includes uncommon colors, like the purple specimen shown below. They also have an awesome guarantee for their plants, and any that don't live can be returned for a replacement within one year of receipt.

To see the Honeycreek Nurseries peonies, click here.

Honeycreek Nurseries website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

36. Veseys

Veseys started on Prince Edward Island and has grown to serve much of North America. They have an impressive collection of gardening how-to posts on their website to help even the newest gardener determine what to grow, where, and how.

The Canada branch of the company has over 40 listings of peonies for sale on their site. You can order either individual peony specimens or you can choose a collection to receive a variety. With the wide selection of colors and flower structures, you're sure to find something you'll love.

Check out Veseys' selection of peonies here.

Veseys website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

37. Blooming Bulb

Blooming Bulb is an online mail-order site that sources plants, bulbs, and seeds from all over the world. They offer free shipping on orders over $75 and have a 100% guarantee on all products.

Blooming Bulb has a good collection of classic peony specimens, and offer them as both single roots or you can choose to purchase a five root collection.

To check out Blooming Bulb, click here.

Blooming Bulb website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

38. Hidden Springs Flower Farm

The Hidden Springs Flower Farm is located in Minnesota and is family-owned and operated. They grow other plant varieties alongside peonies, but they only sell and ship peonies on their website.

Hidden Springs grows over 600 varieties of peony and has everything from heirloom to new cultivars available.

To see their inventory, click here. 

Hidden Springs Flower Farm website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

39. Adelman Peony Gardens

Adelman Peony Gardens was a functioning and productive farm long before the husband and wife team turned to flower farming. They started growing peonies in 1993 and now have both gardens for public viewing and a mail-order company.

Adelman Peony Gardens has a wide variety of peonies that can be ordered online, through their paper catalog, or through their customer service office. They also offer peony supplies and books.

To check out their inventory, visit Adelman Peony Gardens here.

Adelman Peony Gardens website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

40. Peony Nursery

The Peony Nursery produces and sells both garden and tree peonies. While based out of Lithuania they can ship all over the world. For more information on shipping, check their Ordering page.

The peonies available on the Peony Nursery website reasonable priced and come in a variety of colors and structures. Given their location, however, orders must amount to a minimum of $50 for shipment.

To check out the Peony Nursery website, click here. 

Peony Nursery website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

41. Grow Peonies

Grow Peonies is a flower farm that not only produces bare-root plants for purchase but also cultivates their own varieties of peony. They started in the early 1980s and have grown their business to eight acres that produce several hundred varieties.

Shop their peonies either by an alphabetized list or by flower structure. And if you'd like to learn more about peonies, head back to their home page and scroll down for their blog.

To see Grow Peonies inventory, click here.

Grow Peonies website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

42. Cricket Hill Garden

Cricket Hill Garden is a Connecticut-based farm that specializes in Chinese tree peonies. They got their start in the late 1980s and were among the first in the US to sell this type of peony. They now carry over 500 varieties of Chinese tree peonies and grow their plants organically.

To see the many varieties sold by Cricket Hill Gardens, click here. 

Cricket Hill Garden website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

43. Swenson Gardens

Swenson Gardens got its start in 2002 with 1.5 acres of leased land. Today they grow peonies organically on 40 acres, making them the largest chemical-free peony farm in the world.

Swenson Gardens digs bare-root plants in August, and then it's shipped to you by priority mail. They have a large variety of garden and intersectional peonies ready and waiting to be chosen for your garden.

To see the specimens grown by Swenson Gardens, click here.

Swenson Gardens website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

44. Bulbs Direct

Bulbs Direct is a one-stop website for all flower bulbs. This is a family-run company that sources bulbs straight from Holland. They have a good collection of peony varieties, and they offer a few packs that have more than one peony type. Good news if you live in the continental US! All orders ship free to those states. If there's a problem with your plant in the first growing season Bulbs Direct has a 100% guarantee.

To see the peonies at Bulbs Direct, click here. 

Bulbs Direct website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

45. Bluestone Perennials

Bluestone Perennials is a family-owned and operated business in Ohio that grows their plants without the aid of plastics. They offer a 100% guarantee on all their plants and offer their help when you run into a problem.

Bluestone has a selection of the more classic peonies, so if your looking for some of the more tried and true varieties this may be the supplier for you.

To see the selection at Bluestone Perennials click here. 

Bluestone Perennials website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

46. Walmart

Walmart is a large one-stop shopping center that carries everything from medicine to socks. They offer free two-day shipping in most areas for in-store pick up, and they have a great return policy. While you won't find rare varieties of peonies at Walmart, you will find a good selection of the more classic colors and structures.

To see the peonies available at Walmart, click here. 

Walmart website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

47. Peony Shop Holland

This is a company based out of the Netherlands. They follow traditional growing practices, and ship peony bare-root plants all over the world. Given their location, if you order from outside of Europe they do require a minimum amount of 100 Euros before they will fill the order.

Peony Shop Holland has a massive selection of peony types to choose from. They carry both the classic peonies as well as some cultivars that are newer specimens.

To see the peonies from Peony Shop Holland, click here.

Peony Shop Holland website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

48. Solaris Farms

Solaris Farms is a great choice if you live further north. They're based out of Wisconsin and their site says they guarantee your satisfaction with their cold-hardy plants. They sell bare-root peonies in the fall of each year and can be obtained through either mail-order or pick up at their farm.

Solaris carries a great selection of tree, garden, and intersectional peonies for you to choose from.

If you'd like to check out what they have to offer, click here for their product list. 

Solaris Farms website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

49. Vermont Wildflower Farm

The Vermont Wildflower Farm is a family-owned and operated business that boasts 35 years of experience. They offer an online catalog and website for you to check out all of their products and organically grown plants.

They have classic garden peonies as well as a few Itoh peonies as well.

Check out their selection list here.

Vermont Wildflower Farms website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

50. Rare Peonies

Rare Peonies is owned and operated by a husband and wife team that have been gardening for 20 years. They work to offer peonies that are rare and hard-to-find. They also are determined to help you find peonies that are the highest quality, stating that if they can't give it to you for a lower price they won't carry the specimen, choosing to send you elsewhere for the plant.

They have a gorgeous collection of peonies on their site ready to order and will ship seasonally.

To see their collection of rare peonies, click here. 

Rare Peonies website product page for Peony Plants or Bulbs

Pretty Peonies

We hope that this list of peony distributors helps you find the perfect plant for your garden. Peonies are a gorgeous and classic choice and will add not only beauty but an amazing fragrance to your yard.

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