13 Gorgeous Orange Peony Varieties For Your Garden

Peonies are one of our most-loved perennial flowers. They're beautiful in bouquets, and even when the flowers fade away, the foliage stays rich and green throughout the summer.
They're also deer-resistant, thrive in many areas of the country, and have no significant disease or pest issues. In this post, we're checking out orange peonies.
Beautiful coral orange single peony flower on the dark grey background, 13 Gorgeous Orange Peony Varieties For Your Garden
Take a look at some of these varieties and see where they'd work in your garden. Choose a couple of varieties and do a grouping of oranges that bloom throughout the season.

Varieties Of Orange Peonies

1. Coral Charm

This early-blooming semi-double bloom with deep coral buds opens to form glowing flowers of smooth coral peach. With its deep green foliage, this is one attractive peony.

Plant coral charm near white blooms to coordinate a soft, beautiful look. This flower was the winner of the American Peony Society's Gold Medal in 1986.

2. Julia Rose Itoh

The Julia Rose Itoh Peony is a diverse late spring blooming perennial. Large 7" diameter blooms appear in May and June. This peony has strong, sturdy stems that support its large flowers and does not require staking.

This peony blooms in shades of pink, peach, with yellow and apricot tones in the petals and stamens of the blooms.

3. Kopper Kettle Itoh

This peony has large, semi-double flowers with copper-pink petals, and occasionally, yellow streaks. A stunning dark red center frames the bright yellow stamens. It's a vigorous plant and requires no staking. This peony makes a gorgeous addition to any spring bouquet.

4. Canary Brilliants

This peony is taller than most and also very wide, making it a very substantial plant in the garden. The flowers are slightly beige-orange upon first opening, but in full sun, they change to pale yellow.

This one also has use as a cut flower because its vase-life is better than most. It has a sweet fragrance.

5. Coral Magic

This peony first bloomed in 1993. This deep rose coral, semi-double hybrid, produces one bud per stem. It has an average amount of blooms, with good substance and reliable 30″ height. Good stem strength hides beneath medium green foliage of this vigorous, early-blooming peony.

6. Coral Sunset

This peony was introduced in 1981 and is one of the best in this uncommon shade among peonies and most flowers. Its ruffled, semi-double blooms are an intense coral with an overlay of rose and are simply elegant.

Their moderate fragrance makes them standout in bouquets. They are an earlier blooming variety.

7. Creme A L'Orange

This peony grows a tall, upright bush of lush green leaves and features enormous, single to semi-double flowers. This blend of light yellow flushed with pink creates a light orange effect when flowers first open.

This peony's blooms slowly mellow to a pale creamy yellow with just a faint touch of orange-pink as they age on the stem.

8. Mock Orange Yellow

This Itoh peony is a cross between a garden peony and a tree peony. It grows on a midsized upright bush of rich green leaves. The huge semi-double blooms feature yellow petals tinged with pink giving them an overall orange appearance.

9. Soleil D'Ambre

The double blooms of soleil d'ambre combine yellow, amber, and pink tones to create an orange cast to the bloom. This peony plant grows to 4' high and spreads to 3' in width. It blooms in the spring.

10. Singing In The Rain

This fragrant peony features large, semi-double, creamy flowers in a lovely, delicate apricot-salmon color. They bloom in profusion on fairly long, robust, erect stems. These are perfect for vase cuttings or your favorite perennial border!

11. Scrumdiddlyumptious

This mid-season peony is incredibly rare and highly sought-after. It produces perhaps the most beautiful flowers of all Itoh peonies. Big, showy blooms grow to 6" in diameter and are creamy yellow with a pink blush and pink edges. The plant yields up to 50 flowers per year when mature. It has a mild but pleasant fragrance.

12. Lorelei

This early mid-season peony is unusual for its tomato orange color. It's valued as a cut flower and is sold by commercial nurseries for this purpose. But that doesn't mean you can't have it in your home garden. Plant it in the fall for beautiful spring flowers.

13. Pink Hawaiian Coral

This is an early flowering peony that has won awards for its prolific blooms. Each bloom matures from a coral color to a creamy white as it ages, making for interesting coloration in the garden. Stems are strong and straight, which also makes it ideal for cut arrangements.

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We hope you found the orange-toned peonies that will be absolutely perfect for your garden. There are so many beautiful choices; it will be hard to pick. If you enjoyed this post here at GardenTabs.com, please check out a few of our others below:

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