Angelique Amargo

Angelique's love for flowers has always been her preferred way of expressing herself, but over time, her appreciation for all things green has flourished. For her, there's something special about nurturing plants and helping them thrive, and this passion has led her to become an avid gardener.

Do Fir Tree Branches Grow Back?

Trees in Rows at a Christmas Tree Farm. - Do Fir Tree Branches Grow Back?

Fir trees add dimension to our landscaping. Their branches are essential to keep a symmetrical look. However, they sometimes need to be cut, and sometimes they get removed because of extreme weather conditions. So, do Fir Tree branches grow back…

When To Cut Back Black Eyed Susans?

raccoon sips water from a sandstone bird bath. birdbath is surrounded by black eyed susans. raccoon's eyes focus back at photogragher as water drips from its mouth, When To Cut Back Black Eyed Susans?

Having Black-eyed Susans in the garden is a delight, especially when they bloom in summer. However, just like other flowering plants, you need to implement routines so they can develop more and bloom longer–and that means knowing when to cut…

How To Overwinter Paperwhites

A bunch-flowered narcissus in the pot, How To Overwinter Paperwhites

The paperwhite narcissus is a lovely flowering plant that can easily grow white bulbs indoors. They are a popular holiday season decoration, an alternative to bright red flowers, and something that can brighten up a room during the winter. Since…

How To Overwinter Nemesia

View of full bloom colorful multiple kind of flowers in springtime sunny day, How To Overwinter Nemesia

Nemesia plants are known for their attractive yellow, purple, red, brown, and orange blooms that grow in mild temperatures. They are great as hedges, borders, container or basket plants, as well as ground covers since they tend to be low-growing.…

15 Low Maintenance Shrubs For Full Sun

A big summersweet shrub at the garden, 15 Low Maintenance Shrubs For Full Sun

Shrubs bring beauty to the garden and attract beneficial insects that help your garden’s ecosystem. Most of them can survive in partial shade, but their full bloom shows under sunlight. If you live in an area that often gets full…

Roses Growing Too Tall—What To Do?

Girl cuts or trims the bush (rose) with secateur in the garden, Roses Growing Too Tall—What To Do?

Rose bushes have a unique charm that makes a garden look beautiful and welcoming. However, having thick rose bushes is only possible if the lower stems are still developing flowers. So, what should you do if the stems are becoming…