Enchanting Flower Arrangements Inspired By Taylor Swift Lyrics

Taylor Swift's music is not just a tune to sing (or maybe scream) along to, but a source of inspiration and a spark to ignite creative flames. Some fans have taken their admiration to the next level by expressing the emotional impact of her music through art mediums, including stunning Taylor Swift-themed flower arrangements!

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These arrangements, a gorgeous fusion of melody and petals, bring the themes of each album to life through their vibrant color schemes.

The "Lover" bouquet, with its delicate pastel hues, will have you dreaming of whimsical love.

The "Reputation" arrangement, with its stark black-and-white tones, exudes confidence and fierceness.

The "Red" bouquet is a passionate explosion of pure crimson, capturing the essence of raw emotions.

And finally, the "Fearless" arrangement, with its muted brown and white palette, embodies the album's message of bravery, exuding confidence in her adolescence.

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Taylor Swift's music is filled with hidden messages and poetic imagery, and her latest hit "Lavender Haze" is no exception.

Taylor Swift at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

In the music video, Taylor references the delicate fragrance of lavender, painting a picture of an all-encompassing love glow. And as she so eloquently stated in her Instagram post, being inside this "Lavender Haze" is like being struck by a spell!

But, believe it or not, this is just one example of how Taylor uses flowers to evoke emotion in her music.

Throughout her career, she has woven blooms into her lyrics, painting a picture of love, heartbreak, and everything in between (if you're a Swiftie, you know this full well). And now, you can bring those same emotions to life with these unbelievable Taylor Swift-inspired floral arrangements!


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"I Just Want To Stay In That Lavender Haze"

Taylor Swift's latest music video for "Lavender Haze" showcases the beauty of lavender peeking through the smoke, or "haze." This stunning flower arrangement is the perfect way to show your significant other that you wish to stay in that love glow she talks about.

Take inspiration from the entire album "Midnights" and create a captivating, moody look with a dark color scheme. Combine the fragrant lavender with rich midnight blue Ecuadorian roses, and wrap them in dark blue paper for an added touch of drama.

This arrangement will not only bring the romance of "Lavender Haze" to life, but it will also be a timeless and unforgettable gift for your loved one.

"I Once Was Poison Ivy, But Now I'm Your Daisy" 

You can write this romantic line on a letter perched on your daisy arrangement! The lyrics come from Taylor Swift's hit song, "Don't Blame Me," from her album "Reputation." The hints of green in the arrangement can represent the "poison ivy" mentioned in the song, but don't worry, you won't be sending any real danger!

A bouquet of daisies on a glass vase

For a simpler yet equally charming look, opt for a pure daisy bouquet. It's simple, whimsical, and thoughtful—especially with a special note added to it!

"I Almost Didn't Notice All The Roses"

Very nice young woman holding big and beautiful bouquet of fresh roses, carnations, eucalyptus flowers in pastel pink colors

The lyrics from the classic "Our Song" mention roses, and what better way to pay homage to this beautiful song than with a stunning rose arrangement? Inspired by Taylor Swift's earlier country album, make sure to capture the country feel by wrapping the blooms in natural materials like twine, gauze, or craft paper.

For an even more on-point look, go for a blue color scheme, which is the predominant color from Taylor's debut album where the song originated. This timeless and romantic rose arrangement will be a beautiful tribute to "Our Song," showing your special someone just how much they mean to you.

"I Want To Watch Wisteria Grow Right Over My Bare Feet"

In the bonus track, "The Lakes," from her Grammy-award-winning album "Folklore," Taylor Swift sings about the beauty and symbolism of wisteria flowers. Representing purity, innocence, creativity, long life, and love, these stunning blooms are the perfect way to capture the magic of the song.

Create a captivating floral arrangement by combining the wisterias with other enchanting purple flowers. Or, if you want more of a wildflower aesthetic, present a stunning wisteria bouquet on its own.

This enchanting wisteria arrangement will be a romantic gift, inspired by one of Taylor Swift's most beautiful songs.

Special Mention: Cornelia Street

In her song "Cornelia Street," Taylor Swift sings about a specific street, but did you know that Cornelia is also a type of flower? The Rosa Cornelia is a gorgeous rose hybrid with semi-double petals and a sweet, captivating scent.

Bring the romance of "Cornelia Street" to life by giving a beautiful Cornelia bouquet or incorporating these stunning roses into a larger arrangement. The texture and fragrance of these blooms will make them a focal point, adding depth and dimension to your creation.

Since "Cornelia Street" came from her album, "Lover," you may want to go for a lighter color scheme. 

Use pastel-colored flowers, with an emphasis on blush pink, purple, light blue, and white. Dreamy!

Publicity materials for Taylor Swift's album Midnights on display in a record shop window

There are many ways to convey a message of affection, but especially through flowers. And, what better way to send a message than with lyric-themed ones? The recipient will surely appreciate the amount of thought you put into getting these flowers! 

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