38 Fantastic Moss Terrarium Ideas You Can Have At Home

Have you ever wished you could bring a sense of garden peacefulness inside? Moss terrariums give the sensation of bringing a piece of your garden indoors.

They add a focal point to an empty table and give any space a mini zen garden effect.

Terrariums are a great way to add visual textures and layers to a room. Each terrarium needs a beautiful glass display case.

Sometimes, the options are almost limitless in a bell-shaped glass case, a mason jar, or a fishbowl. The only exception is colored glass, as it may block light and hinder the growth of your plants.

To craft your terrarium, you will need:

  • Glass container.
  • Spoons or a funnel for pouring and scooping.
  • Pebbles, sea glass, or marbles.
  • Sheet moss, carpet moss, or Sphagnum.
  • Soil.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Light to Shade in the spot where the terrarium will live.

Now, to layer the inside of your container, you will first lay the rocks. The rock layer shapes the terrain inside your terrarium and aerates the soil.

If you make this layer thin, it will overwater your plants, too thick, and it will make your garden look crowded. Adding depressions and shape to this layer will pay off in the final product.

Next, place your soil. Remember to add shape to create visual interest. Lastly, place your moss; it does not have to fill the top layer, leaving some soil uncovered, giving your plants a focal spot and room to grow.

Maintenance is as simple as the occasional spritz of water. If your container closes, monitor the moisture so as not to overwater.

Closed container terrariums need airflow, or the bottle will start to cloud.   Below are some pictures to inspire your creative energy.

Here's a post about hair cap moss for your garden maybe you'll find it interesting!

1. Choose a Theme

A transparent glass terrarium showcases a lush mossy landscape with three vividly detailed storks, highlighted by natural light that creates a serene vignette ar 3:4

One fun idea for your moss terrarium is to pick a theme that mirrors the room where it will be displayed. Choose a couple of items to tie the subject of the moss garden into the room. 

Or craft a terrarium that captures a celebratory event. For example, if you go to a baby shower, you can give the Mom-to-be the gift of a stork-themed garden, like the one above.

2. Options Everywhere

Inside a clear glass jar, a miniature scene unfolds with vibrant moss, a lifelike figurine of a chicken, and delicate red-capped mushrooms creating a whimsical terrarium display ar 3:4

Does a friend at work love chickens? Why not give them a little oasis of chickens to keep on their desk and provide them something to smile about daily? Half the fun of making a terrarium is picking out what to put.

3. Make Way For Ducklings

Yes, it's a popular kids' book by Robert McCloskey. A favorite of children all over. So, why not give them their little garden to mist and enjoy?

A glass terrarium houses a lush green mossy landscape adorned with miniature white and yellow duck figurines, and small blossoming plants, set against a dark background ar 3:4

Create a terrarium inspired by a favorite children's story to excite your kids about their mini-garden. You can give them their own little garden to mist and enjoy.

4. Light Bulb Moments

A creative terrarium crafted inside a clear light bulb rests on a wooden base, filled with verdant moss, pebbles, and small plants, against a soft beige background ar 3:4

Did you believe us when we said: "The options are almost limitless."? Perhaps you will have a light bulb moment in choosing the perfect container for your moss terrarium garden.

5. Mosses Need Air Circulation

An old light bulb repurposed into a moss terrarium stands on a wooden surface, with a blurred backdrop of a green garden and furniture ar 3:4

Many people think you can close the terrarium and forget about it. Moss requires good drainage and air circulation to thrive. It would be best to leave the lid open during the day and only close it at night.

6. Fairy Garden Magic

A clear glass jar houses a small moss terrarium, complete with miniature figurines, plants, and a tiny lamp post, layered above rocks and soil ar 3:4

One of our favorite moss terrarium ideas is a fairy garden.  Use your imagination and creativity to soar on the wings of fairy friends. You can create a little hobbit village if fairies aren't your style.

7. Anywhere Really

A geometric glass terrarium containing lush green moss is centered on a glass table amidst various scientific glassware and experiments ar 3:4

One of the beautiful things about terrariums is they can add sophistication to almost any space. Basements typically don't have enough light unless you use a grow light. Otherwise, go for it and brighten up that space.

8. Layers And Natural Foliage

A terrarium with vibrant moss, small plants, and a piece of driftwood, encapsulated in a round, transparent glass vessel, rests on a table with a satin cloth ar 3:4

Take an ordinary glass jar and make it unique by adding layers of natural texture and colors.

You can use pinecones, fallen branches, small plants, or succulents to add visual appeal and a sense of age to your moss terrarium.

9. Orchids Galore

nside a clear glass jar, a serene moss terrarium is adorned with flowering plants and verdant leaves, placed atop a draped satin cloth ar 3:4

Adding an orchid to your moss terrarium gives it a splash of color, engaging the eye and brightening the room.

10. Containers Can Catch The Eye

A detailed moss terrarium in a large glass jar, showcasing a serene miniature landscape with tall evergreen trees and a small ornate shrine, evoking a tranquil forest scene ar 3:4

Deciding whether to highlight the bottle or the garden is one of the fun parts of choosing how to build your garden. Choose a unique jar or bottle to house your moss garden.

11. Small Details Matter

Encased under a glass dome on a wooden base, this terrarium features lush moss and ferns with vibrant orange monarch butterflies perched delicately throughout, suggesting a scene of natural tranquility ar 3:4

It is the little details that matter in a terrarium garden. Adding just a touch of color, like the butterflies used here, and texture changes the look entirely. This also adds to your terrarium crafting credentials.

12. Mini Gardens

A serene moss terrarium contained within a clear glass jar displays a dense green forest floor and a delicate bonsai, set against a backdrop of soft, ambient forest light ar 3:4

Let your kiddos collect the materials and create a terrarium garden where you can see all of the layers.

Start with a layer of small stones and shells to provide drainage, then soil, and layer on the moss. On top of that, add your decorative items, whether they are stones, leaves, sticks, or small plants.

13. One To Ten

Arrayed on a windowsill, a collection of glass jars create tranquil moss terrariums, each a unique verdant micro-landscape bathed in the warm glow of the afternoon sun filtering through a paneled window ar 3:4

A fun thing about terrariums is that you can keep a theme but make each slightly different.

They make exceptional centerpiece items for a wedding or shower. Or create several different ones to line a windowsill for a low-maintenance and creative plant display.

14. Water Features

In a clear, vase-shaped terrarium, an intricate arrangement of mossy hills, ferns, and cascading water creates a dynamic and lush miniature landscape, all set against a blurred backdrop of green foliage ar 3:4

You might make one with a water feature if you feel particularly crafty. Try highlighting the rainforest and its necessity for earth sustainability.

15. Lighting Is Important

A cylindrical glass terrarium displays a vibrant green mossy landscape with ferns, orange flowers, and a central rock, warmly illuminated from above, set on a wooden surface against a backdrop of dark vertical lines suggestive of trees ar 3:4

Pay attention to the light in the area where you want your terrarium to live. If lighting is a problem, feel free to improvise some illumination. You can add fairy lights, or you can purchase terrarium kits that have lights in the lids.

16. Size Doesn't Matter

A moss terrarium showcasing various green plants and small decorative stones is encased in a glass pickle jar with a cork lid, sitting on a wooden surface ar 3:4

In the case of terrariums, at least, size doesn't matter. The most miniature jam jar can be used up to a large pickle jar.

Just make sure you adjust your layering levels accordingly. Remember, moss doesn't like stagnant, wet environments.

17. Space Isn't An Issue in Terrarium Gardens

A moss terrarium inside a spherical glass jar on a desk captures a detailed, tranquil scene with lush trees, a small bridge, and gazebo, all under the soft glow of ambient lighting ar 3:4

Tiny or large, you can build a terrarium garden to fit just about any space. Use one to fill a small corner of a desk or as the centerpiece of a table. These little gardens pack a punch visually, no matter what size.

18. Shape Is Up To Your Discretion

On a wooden desk, a geometric glass terrarium with metallic edges houses an intricate arrangement of moss, ferns, and stones, warmly lit by a desk lamp and complemented by a nearby window and plant ar 3:4

The specifics of your container aren't a limitation in this case because you get to design the space inside the container. Diagonals, straight lines, curvy levels, it is all up to you.

19. LED Night Lights

Three cylindrical terrariums with overhead lighting display lush moss, ferns, and textured stones, arranged on a wooden shelf to create a serene, verdant indoor garden atmosphere ar 3:4

What better way to give your room a sense of nighttime than to light up your moss garden and highlight your design?

Moss typically thrives in filtered light. Glass amplifies the sun's rays, so terrariums need to be placed away from direct sunlight.

20. Glass Shadow Cubes

A large glass jar terrarium captures a whimsical scene with miniature figures of a family among mossy terrain and tiny trees, highlighted by dappled sunlight ar 3:4

Another enjoyable idea about terrarium gardens is that you can get a 360-degree view of the garden. Not just the view from the walking path. Use yours to create a story with creative touches, like these tiny people.

21. Innovation And Creation

A terrarium creatively designed in an oversized light bulb contains a rich arrangement of moss, pebbles, and plants, casting a luminous glow on a dark background ar 3:4

The well-designed and crafted terrariums reflect the innovation and creativity of those living in that space.

The container can add volumes to the design of a room, and the plants add a bit of growth and living creation.

22. Color Makes Your Garden Pop

A clear, ovular glass vase serves as a terrarium containing a vibrant blue cactus, green succulents, moss, pebbles, and a layer of blue sand, arranged on a smooth surface against a soft brown background ar 3:4

Adding color to your terrarium garden can tie in the colors of a room to match the outside garden colors with the inside garden colors.

Here, an antique carafe is filled with layers that mimic the feel of a seaside home by using blue and white sand layers for the base.

Then, cream-colored pebbles, gray gravel, and a mass of moss with a small cottage tucked into the side.

23. Nature Inside

A dome-shaped glass terrarium displays a lush, miniature forest scene with moss-covered grounds and several detailed small trees, creating a vibrant ecosystem atop a wooden base ar 3:4

Adding a few well-placed figures in your terrarium is a great way to add color and visual pulls. It is a way to bring the outdoors in for the times when you cannot be outside.

24. Garden While Preserving Memories

A spherical terrarium creates a fantastical scene with moss-covered ground and ferns, featuring miniature explorers and a small, detailed habitat, set upon a wooden stand ar 3:4

Terrariums are great for preserving some of those favorite childhood memories. They are an adult way to still play with beloved childhood toy figures.

25. Terrariums And Other Plants

A spherical terrarium on a wood desk holds a lush miniature world of moss, small plants, and a rock feature, basked in the glow of a nearby desk lamp, with bookshelves in the background ar 3:4

Moss terrariums pair very well with other dwarf plants to give height to the space in the container. Sometimes, just the moss itself isn't enough to fill the space.

26. Mushrooms And Lamposts

A variety of realistic mushrooms with richly colored caps among lush ferns and vibrant green moss, creating a dense forest undergrowth atmosphere ar 3:4

Mushrooms, lamposts, rocks, pebble paths, all of these items set the scene for your terrarium's little world.

Reenact a favorite scene from a book for your library or create a mini world all your own. Moss terrariums are flexible enough for all kinds of ideas.

27. Remember Your Favorite Place

Enclosed in a large, round glass vase, a meticulously crafted terrarium depicts a rocky mountain scene with moss, miniature trees, and a pebbled path, set against a blurred natural background ar 3:4

Make a terrarium garden that reminds you of your favorite vacation spot. Perhaps even use seashells or souvenirs from your trip.

28. Hanging Terrariums

A clear bottle terrarium, suspended by a rustic twine, cradles a small world of lush moss, delicate greenery, and a piece of driftwood, backlit by soft natural light ar 3:4

If space is an issue that keeps you from building your indoor terrarium garden, then think outside the jar! Make a terrarium that you can hang out of a small stopped bottle and an air plant.

29. Changing the View

A teardrop-shaped glass terrarium displays a lush arrangement of moss and small ferns, hanging by a metal chain against a dark backdrop ar 3:4

A well-designed terrarium will take full advantage of the 360-degree view.

It will have a new visual draw from each vantage point and maybe even some hidden gems you only see if you take the time to view the garden entirely.

30. Display Matters

Enclosed within a glass bell jar terrarium on a dark base, a delicate bonsai tree stands among moss, stones, and pale pink crystals, on a wooden surface next to a potted plant ar 3:4

In a terrarium, as with any garden, the display matters. So, don't just build it, water it and throw it in a space.

But be sure that it adds interest to the location you are putting it. What is the color scheme? Can you build those colors into the garden?

31. Not Limited to Soil

A gothic-style terrarium encases a human skeleton model amidst lush moss and ferns, creating a macabre yet fascinating display against the backdrop of a windowed room ar 3:4

Given the right conditions, Moss will grow on various surfaces, so no soil is required to craft a stunning woodland display like the one above.

Use dried moss, logs, stones, and other found items to make a snapshot of the forest floor in a tank.

32. Mist it Lightly

A person's hands are shown misting a terrarium, which encloses a miniature forest of moss, trees, and a small bench, illustrating the careful maintenance of this delicate ecosystem ar 3:4

Mist your terrarium lightly every two to four weeks—just a soft spritz, as moss likes moisture but not puddles.

33.  Frugal Gardening

A glass jar terrarium displays an arrangement of vibrant green moss and dark, jagged rocks, artfully illuminated to highlight the textures and contrasts within ar 3:4

A benefit of a moss terrarium garden is that it doesn't need extensive care: an upcycled jar or container, a few layers of rocks, soil, plants, and ta-da. You have a beautiful garden in our home.

34. Bonsai

A rounded glass terrarium on a wooden surface elegantly displays a miniature landscape with a prominent bonsai tree, its roots spreading over moss-covered rocks ar 3:4

Bonsai projects and moss are complimentary. Add a fun new challenge by making a bonsai terrarium.

35. Waterfalls

A sophisticated terrarium features a cascading waterfall among rocky cliffs, with lush moss and ferns, all enclosed in a tall, elegantly curved glass case with a wooden base ar 3:4

Is there anything more zen than the sound of gently flowing water? Instructables.com has a great tutorial on how to make a water feature in your terrarium.

36. Garden In A Jar

A glass jar terrarium on a dark surface presents a serene arrangement of succulents and moss over a bed of smooth pebbles, set against a backdrop of soft natural light ar 3:4

A moss garden is a great gift, especially to someone who has everything else or likes to live a clean, sustainable lifestyle.

37. Terrariums Are Magic

A spherical terrarium hosts a charming miniature stone cottage and evergreen trees amidst a lush mossy landscape, perched on a bed of small rounded stones ar 3:4

Done well and cared for consistently, terrariums are magical little gardens you can hold in one hand. Use tiny details to set a scene that could come from a fairy tale.

38. Making A Conversation Piece

In a glass jar terrarium, a vibrant blue waterfall cascades beside a mossy cliff with miniature trees and a gazebo, creating a tranquil miniature landscape scene ar 3:4

No matter the garden scene you wish to create, each terrarium is a conversation starter and a living piece of art.

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38 Fantastic Moss Terrarium Ideas You Can Have At Home

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