Instagram-Worthy Moments: You Have To Visit These Fields Of Color In the Midwest!

If you're still thinking about where to get the perfect shots of nature this coming spring, you need to consider visiting this midwest area's vast fields of colors...It's time to head to the tulip festival in Holland, Michigan!

The sea of color is a result of the 5 million tulips planted in a variety of colors. Tulip cultivators plan out where to plant specific colors of tulips so visitors can enjoy them during their peak season! Aside from the designated tulip fields, you can find gorgeous tulips throughout the town. There's certainly no shortage of these gorgeous blooms. 

The tulip festival, Tulip Time, is a way for the Dutch to celebrate their culture and heritage, especially because these colorful tulips are known to have originated in the Netherlands (which is another must-visit location if the opportunity ever comes to you). 

The play of colors during their peak month in May will be a feast for the eyes, especially for visual artists. This place will let you unleash your artistic capabilities, but there are other unique charms to the festival that will give you picture-perfect moments. 

1. Watching the Tulips is an Artistic Experience

Gorgeous display of a tulip field on Windmill Island in Holland, MI during the TulipTime festival

The tulip fields are naturally picturesque, and you can't go wrong if you make them your subject. You can take photos of the fields alone or do your own Instagram-worthy poses in front of them that could make your followers delightedly curious.

You can even put your own spin into taking artistic photos, such as this one where it looks like the woman is wearing a tulip for a skirt:

2. The Perfect Backdrop 

If you're planning to take group, BFF, or couple photos, the tulips in Holland, Michigan, provide the perfect backdrop, especially during the golden hour. It gives off a warm atmosphere that highlights all the vibrant colors in the field!

3. Exposure to Dutch Culture

Tulip Time Festival, Young women wearing traditional Dutch Clothing dancing in the streets of Holland

Of course, there's more to the Tulip Festival than its picturesque sites: While doing a photowalk, you can be immersed in Dutch culture as you watch the parades and dances.

You will be witnessing how the Dutch celebrate the arrival of spring in a way that honors their heritage while connecting with visitors from around the world. 

This will also provide an excellent opportunity to take more candid photographs. Enjoy the view as you capture the refreshing energy at the festival, especially of the people in their amazing Dutch costumes! 

4. The Windmill Island Gardens Look Straight Out Of A Storybook

Dutch Windmill in a Holland Michigan tulip field. USA

This is arguably where the "money shot" is. The picturesque view of the field, coupled with the structure of the windmill, makes the photograph look like it came straight out of a movie.

You can make the photo look almost ethereal and fairytale-like, especially if you (or the model) wear a flowy dress and poses against the backdrop. 

Even without anyone posing in front, the windmill can be used as a focal point, which by itself creates its own story. 

With 122,000 tulips, the field is a feast for the eyes and makes you feel like you're in your own Hallmark movie!

5. Capture Historic Homes 

tulips line paths at Windmill Island Villiage in Holland Michigan.

If you want a different subject during your time at the festival, you can visit the historic homes in the Dutch villages that will make you feel like you're inside a fairytale movie. It will also give you insight into how the Dutch constructed their homes and learn more about their history. 

When is the Tulip Festival in 2023?

The festival begins on May 6th and ends on May 14, 2023. The tulip viewing will cost around $15, and other events will cost $20-$40. The cost isn't bad if you think about all the beautiful shots you'll get. So, time to plan the trip and visit Holland, Michigan! 

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