Shocking Video Of Tiktoker Shows How Pet Worms Help His Garden

Worms sometimes get a bad rep from non-gardeners. Sometimes, even the sight of them can make one's stomach turn.

Hand full of a worm in a soil as pet

However, these earth diggers are nature's original gardeners since they are known to cultivate the quality of the soil and make it amenable for different plant species to grow. 

For this reason, many gardeners (especially beginners) are learning how to appreciate them more—with some even keeping swarms of worms as pets! 

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This "forbidden spaghetti," as one of the commenters so eloquently put it, is the favorite food of plants. On top of being healthy for the soil, they provide food and nutrients for the plants themselves. 

In the video, the gardener, @MountainOrganicsBotanicals, put a pound of worms into a 20-gallon fabric pot, which he filled with soil and compost.

The worms eat the decaying material in the organic compost or on the plant itself, and their excretions make the soil healthier and make for good plant food.

You Need To Take Care of Them...Like Pets!

For this reason, he mentions that "what goes in, comes out of the worms." So, he implies that, as a gardener, you need to take care of your worms and be mindful of what they consume because it will be inevitably consumed by your plants as well. 

A commenter suggested, "such easy pets as well; just make sure it doesn't get too dry, and you can literally just give [them] your vegetable scraps," to which the original creator replied, "They breath[e] and stay hydrated through their skin, so that is an important tip👌 & as long as you don’t overfeed veggie scraps."

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If you're curious about whether they can multiply—they absolutely can! The key is to provide them with an optimal environment so they can multiply as needed. 

They thrive best in warm and sunny conditions but make sure they're not smack dab under the hot rays. It's best to keep them in a hot and humid but still adequately shaded environment. 

How He Takes Care Of Them

The video is one of the multi-part series involving how he takes care of the worms so they will remain healthy and ubiquitous enough to keep his garden thriving. 

@ian_mountain_organics The biggest misconception about keeping #worms they dont eat your garbage, #microbes do it first then the worms finish off the job! Thats why #compost is the superior starting material as your #earthworms bedding! #vermicompost #vermiculture #diy #earthwormcastings #naturalplantcare #planttok #gardentok #houseplants #plantcare #gardenproject #natural #fertilizer #plantagarden ♬ Walking In The Rain (Lofi, Chill, Soft, Contemplative, Lounge, Rest, Rain) - PlaySAFEMusic

In the second part of his series, he talks about the most common misconceptions about worms: They. Do. Not. Eat. Garbage! In fact, having kitchen garbage in your soil will do more harm than good. 

"What you need to have," he says, "is compost. Worms and their gut have a special relationship with these microbiomes, and that's the relationship we want to build off of to create the best plant food."

If worms kind of give you the ick, you're not alone. One commenter stated, "Worms are cool and nessecary! But I’ll stick to purchasing the castings 😂😅 the worms 🪱 ick me out." If you're like this commenter, you can still get the benefits of worms without introducing mounds of them to your garden!

Having these "forbidden ramen" or "forbidden spaghetti" in your garden will guarantee a healthier crop yield and larger growth, so you need to make sure that you take care of these crawlies well. 

Just remember: don't let your intrusive thoughts win and give in to the urge to really make them your "forbidden spaghetti"!

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