I Still Have My Valentine’s Flowers Displayed In My House After A Year—My Secrets Revealed!

Valentine's Day is coming up, and though we all love receiving flowers, watching them slowly wilt takes away the enchantment of having one. Even if you try to prolong their freshness, the fact is flower bouquets can't last forever.

If you're a sentimental person like me, you would want to remember how you felt when you received these flowers and cherish the person who gave them, whether it's a significant other, family, or a friend. 

The first flower I received was a sunflower, and I remember it being a surprise from my partner while I was walking to class back in college. Valentine's wasn't a big deal to me then, so it felt special when I received it quite randomly.

The sunflower was HUGE and vibrant, about 9 inches tall. It brightened my gloomy dorm room for a few days. 

Unfortunately, the sunflower died because I didn't take steps to preserve it. I didn't learn my lesson for succeeding years, and I cringe when I think about all the lovely flowers I received that died in my hands. 

Blooming Forever: Tips for Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

Last year in February, I was determined to preserve the flowers I'll be receiving. I didn't want the flowers to go to waste, and they were so beautiful that I wanted to salvage what I could so I could appreciate them for a long time. 

White beautiful flowers placed in a glass vase

Deep red Chrysanthemums with white flowers

What I received was a bouquet of violet mums, carnations, and pink gerberas. Here's what I did to preserve them:

First, I tried to preserve their color and freshness as much as I could. The preserved flowers will usually take a darker color of the preserved ones. 

I mixed two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar into the vase of water. Then, I cut 1/2 inch of the stems daily, getting rid of wilted leaves so all the nutrients will go to the blooms. I changed the water every day since I put most of the flowers together–and they drink a lot!

Different vibrant colors of roses, I Still Have My Valentine’s Flowers Displayed In My House After A Year—My Secrets Revealed!

Tip: Keep the flowers away from the sunlight during this time since light can strip away the flower's color.

The flowers should be preserved fresh as much as possible, so I started to take them out of the vase after a week. I laid them out, then clipped each one upside-down onto a sturdy string. Depending on the flowers, you can tie them into clusters, but I chose to clip each one separately. 

I like to keep my windows open often, so I hung the flowers in an empty closet where they would be kept warm, dry, and away from sunlight.

A necklace made from preserved flowers in resin

However, after a few weeks, I noticed the stems looked like dry twigs, so I cut them off completely, so only the blooms were left.

Eternalize Your Bouquet: The Art of Preserving Flowers in Resin

Different flowers preserved in resin

I put the blooms in a box where they'll be kept away from sunlight. They're already quite brittle, so I was very careful handling them. 

Now, the blooms are ready to be put into resin! Here's how I did it:

  • Mix the resin with a hardener
  • Put the flowers in a silicone mold. Use tweezers if necessary
  • Cast the flowers in resin
  • Cure for at least two days

You can choose how you can artfully arrange the flowers so they look aesthetically pleasing. You can use these resins as decorations, accessories, or coasters!

A Gift to Remember: Create a Lasting Impression with Preserved Flowers

White flowers preserved in resin

To this day, my flowers are still preserved at home, and I can still appreciate how it looks after a year. Putting them in resin will ensure that the flowers are kept in peak condition. 

This Tiktok video perfectly shows how it can look after:

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