The Office Makeover Secret: How Adding Plants Can Revolutionize Your Workspace

Nature will always have a way of relaxing us. Unfortunately, we don't always have access to it, especially if you work in the middle of the city. Although most office spaces are starting to step up their game by letting in more natural light and having fun contraptions to entice workers, the atmosphere can still be encapsulated into a color: it just seems too gray. 

Modern offices can be depressing and can add to the stress. Studies have shown that grey walls tend to increase the stress responses in the brain, causing an unsettling feeling. 

Research has suggested that the dull-colored walls may have a negative impact on workers. Heightened stress can cause the workers' mental state to deteriorate, which will then affect work performance. 

Imagine having a boring desk job further exacerbated by the lack of color in the office: it's a recipe for distress and disaster. 

Got The Boring Office Blues? Not Anymore: A Guide to Infusing Plant Life

Even if you're working from home, having plants in your workspace can improve your productivity dramatically. In fact, a study from the University of Hyogo in Japan proved the stress-reducing benefits of plants that can edify creativity. 

Your space should be an asset. It's crucial that you cultivate an environment that feels right to you, so you'll be better motivated to work. 

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Look how the space immediately brightened up with the addition of four potted plants and ten succulents (or so I think, let me know if you counted more!) It transformed the space from a drab working environment to an oasis of creativity.

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Even minimalist-style home offices can look more inviting with the addition of plants!

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And look at the dramatic change in the office space above! Even the cat seemed to agree with it. 

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If you tend to get overwhelmed at work, make your workspace more tranquil with soft blankets and, of course--plants! (and get your pet friend in there too!)

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For a less overwhelming start, go with potted succulents and a huge monstera to make your working space more vibrant. 

We have an innate instinct to return to nature when stressed. It's why we crave going to a tropical island when we get stressed at work; it's why we schedule vacations to get away from the city in order to feel "alive" again.

Having a piece of nature in the office can help workers feel like they can relax and be on "vacation mode" anytime their mental health demands it. It gives people a chance to feel human, be present, and temporarily let go of stress and just breathe.

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Brightening up the office encourages yourself or your employees. Plants can do just the trick since they have been shown to lower cortisol levels, improve the air quality of the space, and reduce the possibility of illnesses.

Check out how this office managed to look more vibrant and refreshing with the installation of indoor plants—

Having plants in the office will result in better attitudes, which will motivate others to work more productively. The office won't feel as dull, and it can combat the abundance of greys and whites. 

Here's how to pick the right plants for your office—

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