Woman Grows Plentiful Tomato Bounty With This Garden Structure—See For Yourself!

Imagine stepping into your garden and being greeted by a stunning arch of juicy red tomatoes. With a creative tomato arch trellis, you can transform your garden into a vibrant oasis that will have your friends and family in awe.

Not only is it visually appealing, but it also serves a practical purpose, providing support for your tomato plants to grow healthy and strong.

For this gardener, @gardenary, aesthetics and practicality come together to create a lush garden with a thriving tomato trellis arch. How fun to watch your tomatoes grow and develop, quite literally over your head.

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This whimsical trellis tomato arch video has gotten over one million views and 140,000 views. It has all kinds of commenters raving over the creativity of the design. 

@Gardenary is based out of Houston, TX and she teaches gardeners how to make their garden thrive, even if you may be a busybody, without taking up too much of your time.

They host workshops, offer free guides and ebooks, and provide courses that teach people from all levels of gardening expertise how to improve their garden. Their workshops make gardening less intimidating and more accessible; it's a great way to be in touch with nature!

She provides more information on how to properly trellis the tomatoes in this video:

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Building A Trellis Without Tools

The creator, called Gardenary, also has a Youtube channel where she gets into more detail about how she takes care of her garden. In the video below, she shows us how she builds a garden arch trellis without tools—very beginner-friendly!

Although it is relatively easy to assemble, it can be pricey, and her audience reacts to the $500 cost of the arch trellis."This would be a great product if you could figure out a way to lower the manufacturing & retail cost," commented Jamie Leigh. 

If you have a budgetary restriction, most trellises found on Amazon could do just fine, although you may need to replace them every year. 

How She Grew Loads Of Tomatoes Over 150 Days

Ripe organic tomatoes in garden ready to harvest

In the video, she mentions that she first removed the overgrown vines over the trellis to make space for her tomato vine. The tomato vines should climb over the trellis during this 150-day period. 

She attached twines to the climbing tomato vines to support them over the structure, with each side taking about 60 days to meet in the middle. 

However, the most important thing she did here is prune her tomato vines so that all the energy would be concentrated on the developing buds, which would later turn into tomatoes. 

She kept trimming and pruning, especially around the 70-90th days since these were when the tomato vines would go wild. 

Around days 120-150, you should've been able to harvest all the grown and ripe tomatoes since the season will be close to the end. After spring, she took down the vines, where she would plant another batch of vining tomatoes and start the process all over again. 

Gardeners Flock For Advice

Some other gardeners chimed in with expert advice: "For those that don't know what vine tomatoes are, they are indeterminate. The label should say that or determinate for an expected height"

This means that most vine tomatoes can grow to an indeterminate height, which is what the gardener in the TikTok has. It's also the reason why she had to trim and prune a lot over the growing period. 

If you prefer to have a less-wild tomato vine, you may want to use a determinate variant of these fruiting vines so you can expect the height of their growth. 

You've also probably noticed she first planted peas before having tomato vines. One commenter asked, "Is there a reason that you do peas at the beginning and then get rid of the plants?

The TikTok creator replied that it is "To have something to harvest in the spring, and it also fixes nitrogen in the garden, which helps the tomatoes get started."

Creating a paradise-like garden is not easy, so you need to focus on making your garden functional first before you can dream of having a secret-garden-esque space. For this gardener, she made sure that everything she plants has a purpose.

As always, being intentional with planting is truly the key to making your garden thrive!

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