60+ Vertical Gardening Designs (Inspiration Photo Post)

60+ Vertical Gardening Designs (Inspiration Photo Post)With housing becoming more and more expensive, minimalism pushing its way into the world of trends, and a self-sustaining lifestyle becoming the star to shoot for.

But how does one live a self-sustaining lifestyle when you don't have the space for a garden or the counter space for a few houseplants and herbs?

The solution to your dilemma is surprisingly chic, visually appealing, and flexible to your specific living situation.

Vertical gardening is the answer to all your prayers when it comes to growing things indoors, and in small spaces. Where most gardens are grown across horizontal space, there are actually a number of ways that gardens inside and outside can be grown vertically (and quite attractively).

The lovechild of practical interior design and minimalistic gardening, vertical gardening is easily accomplished using a variety of cost-effective methods ranging from picture frames to chicken wire, so let's take a look at your options!

1. Bright Colors, Bright Life

This red brick wall covered in white paint is only accented by the brick that shows through where the paint has chipped off.

Not only does this provide you with an artistic option to accentuate different features of the vertical garden, but it's also easily achieved.

2. Terra Cotta Type

Using pots and other containers that blend and are complementary to their surroundings is a great way to get the focus of your decor to be the plants themselves.

Make the natural colors of the plants pop by using earthy and neutral tones for your outdoor pots, and colors that match your accent decor for the ones inside!

3. Trellis to Heaven

Mounting plants on a trellis, generally by simply using wire to attach the pots (as seen here), is a simple way for your greenery to achieve an elevated status.

4. Verdant Vestige

You can see that each of these levels is built on a slant, giving the levels underneath the room they need to grow, and allowing excess water from the top to drop down and water the bottom.

5. Cling and Climb

This simple, nondescript trellis allows for great coverage with the plant while possessing no qualities about itself that detract or attract attention away from the greenery itself.

6. An Overhead View

These two vertical gardens have been designed to resemble paintings, each using the same color palette, but with different compositions that create an abstract view that captures your attention.

7. Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants completely in water, feeding them with a water-soluble, nutrient solution, instead of planting them in the dirt.

They can be kept solely in water, or they can be given some support by "planting" them in some gravel or rocks that will help keep them upright.

Try these window boxes ideas maybe you'll find these interesting.

8. Simple, Stable, Sustainable

Simple boxes can be attached lengthwise along the fence, with holes for the plants. The boxes may be filled with dirt and plants put inside, or pots may be placed in the holes, removing the need to fill the box with dirt, and taking quite a bit of weight off the fence.

9. Stunning Succulents

Succulents, in their sunset array of colors, have been cleverly framed by an apparatus that complements many of their colors.

By enhancing the beauty that is already there, we're almost forced to admire the different kinds of drapery and shapes that the plants so proudly display, something that couldn't be done, were they planted horizontally.

10. Rustic Layout

If you look at this picture closely, you can see that there are at least three different kinds and colors of wood that are being used, and a number of different kinds of containers.

Vertical gardens can be built from scrap! It doesn't matter what kind of material you have, you can make it work.

11. Life Finds a Way

Instead of an accent wall, why not have a plant wall? Not only does it add some gorgeous color and texture to the room, but it cleans your air! Can your cranberry satin painted accent wall do that?

12. Living Steps

If you don't want a solid wall of greenery, you can shake it up! Try staggering your plants to give a climbing effect that draws the eye upward.

13. Wallflowers

Pick some flora with colors that complement the background it will be resting in front of! You can't go wrong with a little bit of color coordination.

14. Up or Down?

Why not up AND down? Use a combination of horizontal and vertical gardening to get a neat effect that usees the spaces and surrounding colors you have to emphasize your plants.

You'll be surely entertained with these types of planting pots!

15. Don't Pick Favorites!

With such a wide variety of plants to choose from, you may feel pressure to get just the right combination of plants for your vertical garden.

While you will need to consider individual water, soil, and light needs, this specific design just goes to show that you don't need to be birds of a feather in order to flock together!

16. Vertical Garden?

That's right! Vegetable gardens can be vertical gardens too! If you're pressed for space, but just know that storebought vegetables can't touch the ones you grow yourself, this is a viable option for you, indoors and out!

17. City Green

Vertical gardening has started to become a fad, and it's an environmentally friendly one! It's bringing more plants to our cities, which in turn is cleaning the air and bringing color to our concrete jungles.

18. Indoor Jungle

Don't you just love really dense groups of plants that you can have that inside your home? Using plants like Spider-plants, ferns, and pothos, you can cultivate the perfect little indoor jungle.

19. Fabulous Ferns

THis specific design has utilized several creeping plants like Wandering Jew and Pothos, and some plants with more draping qualities, like ferns, for a beautiful multifaceted waterfall effect.

20. Felted Flora

Did you know that there are special kinds of felts that you can use to make the perfect vertical garden? It doesn't rot or tear, and it's perfect for making pockets just the right size for plants with different sized root systems.

21. Reach For the Sky

If wooden planters aren't really your style, you can go for a much more industrial look using nothing more than some shelving and wire fencing. Simple and elegant!

22. The Large Scale

Sometimes buildings unwittingly become vertical gardens themselves, as the "green thumb" races across the world, inspiring people to contribute to the environment around them with plants of their own.

23. Layers of Green

This specific example is a neat one, as you can see that, not only have pots been stuck in the trellis holes, but there are draping plants growing from inside the structure that the trellis surrounds, making a neat contribution of its own, and adding to the depth.

24. White Planters

Using containers the same color as the surrounding walls, shelves, and floor, causes the focus to clearly be on the plants. With variegations and flowers to go around, there is more than enough to look at.


An idea that seems to be gaining some traction is a plant pillar. Four sides, with plants placed on each point of the compass. It gives a gorgeous 360-degree plant experience!

26. Bodacious Begonias

Begonias and ferns aren't something we would have thought would go well together, but we have absolutely been proved wrong.

Their gorgeous variegation in combination with the depth that ferns give makes a gorgeous, multidimensional work of art.

27. Three's Company

From the soft pastel colors of the stones in the yard to the worn white benches, and the backdrops filled with different shades and textures of plants, there's no other word for this view but "peaceful".

28. Elegance

Play around with space and categorization! Sometimes blending is great, other times seperation can add quite a bit to a display.

29. Serenity

While something like this would definitely take lots of hard work and dedication, it's clearly worth the effort. Plan something like this by plotting out the shape beforehand, and work the shades in when you're shopping for the plants themselves.

30. Minimalist Masterpiece

Not all vertical gardens have to be solid walls of plants! They can be a few shelves with plants evenly spaced above and below. Sometimes more is less.

31. Estimated Shelf Life?

Vertical gardens or flowerbeds don't all need to be thick, seamless collections of plants. There is beauty in variety! Try this shelf setup if you're looking for something a little more low maintenance.

Be entertained with these types of window boxes!

32. Fruit by the Foot

Strawberries? On my wall? It's more likely than you think! This design consists of simple holes drilled into the wood. If you take this project on, make sure you do something to prevent the wood from rotting.

33. Mirror, Mirror.....

Pick a centerpiece! Use your other decor and incorporate it into your plants for some gorgeous and one of a kind results.

34. Stepping Stones

When it comes to having a "living wall", feel free to take it literally. When it comes to gardening, horizontal or vertical, your options are limited only by your imagination!

35. On the Fence

Having a vertical garden can be as simple as wiring some pots to a fence. It's simple, low maintenance, and nice to look at.

36. Sun on the Wall

Are you trying to add a pop of color to your home? Add some flowers to get some different textures, depth, and hues.

37. Verdant Vines

These beautiful vines are morning glories, which are fairly easy to care for and grow quickly. They also grow with a variety of different colored blossoms, making them perfect for adding color.

38. Floral Focus

Naturally pockmarked walls will give plenty of foothold and space for planting. Sometime you won't need to build anything, you just need to get creative with your existing surroundings.

39. Paint by Forest

Model your vertical garden after your favorite patch of forest to bring the outdoors home with you. Mosses, ferns, and ivy will all go very well together!

40. Suburban Symbiosis

Depending on the plant's you're wanting to use, you may not have to build anything special at all! Use climbing plants as a simple way to cover vertical surfaces.

41. The Right Time and Space

Bathrooms are a fantastic place for certain plants, as they are generally fairly humid. You'll just have to make sure they get enough light!

42. Succinct Succulence

Succulents are an increasingly popular little plant because of their resilience and low maintenance requirements. Framing them on your wall is a great way to use them as a centerpiece!

43. Industrial Nobility

Vertically incorporating plants in your business is a great way to bring a peaceful atmosphere to what may normally be a stressful, bustling day to day activities.

44. Hanging Horticulture

Using certain plants like ferns and more delicate draping vines, you can create a light, airy illusion that will bring more light to more heavy, industrial areas.

Are you going for that moss garden feel? Try this hair cap moss for your garden.

45. Falling Foliage

If you're having a hard time deciding on a particular kind of vertical garden, you can always go with draping plants, as they will grow down to cover space and make a beautiful green curtain.

46. Garden in a Bottle

Old shampoo bottles, some nails, and a piece of wood. That easy! A perfect idea for a bathroom maybe?

47. Begonias are Back!

Begonias are a fantastic plant to feature in any type of garden. With their variety of colors and shapes, they contribute prominently in any scenario.

48. Welcoming Committee

This is a personal design favorite. Light-colored wood, dark door, framed by many different shades of green and a sprinkling of flowers, sure to make people feel right at home when they walk over your threshold.

49. Reach for the Stars

Be aware of the placement of your plants and lighting indoor. While the monstera near the top is high enough not to cause a problem by reaching for the light, it's leaning out further than it might if the lighting were more central to the plants.

50. Ready, Set, Grow!

Be aware of growth speeds when picking out plants for your vertical gardens. While some combinations might provide more depth, others might come across as lopsided once some of your plants noticeably outpace the others.

51. Woodland Wonderland

Give your vertical garden some shape and direction by using "paths". Not only will it give more flair, but it gives a more cultivated feel to something that could give the impression of overgrowth.

52. Transparent Trellis

Use wire against windows or other open spaces to bring a floating effect that will be visible from inside AND outside your home!

53. Organized Thyme

Especially if you're going the gardening route, use simple square patterns to keep things easily separated and organized for your convenience. It's efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Having trouble with those tools? These storage solutions will surely help you!

54. Emerald Canvas

If all the designs of vertical gardens are overwhelming, try some simple stripes. The plants will define their own borders, leaving you with a beautiful tapestry of green.

55. Start Small

Not sure where to start? Ivy and grasses are usually pretty hardy and will give you a great idea of how you may want to incorporate different textures and shades into your vertical garden.

56. Reach For the Sky

Many plants, once they've become established, will need very little care and attention. For outdoor, long term vertical gardens, try and pick some plants that won't require as much upkeep.

57. Subtle Taste

Vertical gardening doesn't have to be about covering every available space with plants. You can use any many, or as few as you wish, from covering a whole wall to creating a work of art that hangs elegantly on your wall.

58. Rustic Ambiance

Wood, plants, and stone, three of the most basic building blocks, all incorporated into a single look, in a single room.

They can be combined into a number of ways that are certainly rustic but have a certain timeless enchantment about them.

59. Modern Geometry

Whereas some options are more wild or compact, you can go with a more modern, geometric look by splitting your wall up into sections using frames.

60. Verdant Visage

A great piece to build in any yard, this "plant pillar" isn't too hard to build, and it's not too hard to find plants that it will work with.

61. A Palette of Plants

Hanging plants? Plants of different colors and heights? They all work? In fact, putting different kinds of plants together will often result in a stunning assemblage of foliage that will be sure to catch the eye.

62. Types and Shadows

A gorgeous example of an interior vertical garden, there are two options listed here that you could utilize inside or outside your own home.

You have the ivy growing up a trellis on the righthand corner. You also have what look to be ferns in a shadowbox style container on the back wall. When used in combination, they highlight the pros and cons of each style.

The "shadowbox" style is obviously very dense and needs to be mounted on a wall. This gives you a fantastic depth of color, and in this case, great contrast to the wall behind.

The ivy isn't as dense, and the trellis can be moved, allowing for more transparency for light and versatility in placement.

63. Green Illusions

Don't let this example scare you! It is gorgeous, but if you look closely, you can see that the photo has been edited to repeat over and over again. That being said, achieving a look like this is completely doable with a vertical garden!

Using several varieties of draping or climbing plants, like Wandering Jew for the purple, Golden Pothos for the light green, and English Ivy for the dark green, you could replicate this living tapestry of color and texture for yourself!

64. Wire Wreath

Cleverly utilizing the uniform diamonds in the background, and their neutral dark grey color, the many colors in this beautiful wreath have nothing to clash with, and the colors are free to sing as loudly as they wish.

60+ Vertical Gardening Designs (Inspiration Photo Post)

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