40+ Gorgeous Window Box Ideas (Flower Power Photo Post!)

40+ Gorgeous Window Box Ideas (Flower Power Photo Post!)Planting in a window box is a beloved practice by urban residents who want to flex their green thumb. But it isn’t only urban dwellers that want to utilize the space-saving beauty of these creations. A window box can add flair and character to the exterior of any house, townhouse, apartment or loft.

Do you want to try your hand at crafting a window box of your very own? You’re certainly not alone, but you might need some inspiration to get you started. And that is what I hope to bring to you today.

To help you get on the path toward creating a beautiful window box of your very own, I’ve compiled 46 breathtaking examples for you to view. These Instagram posts are from floral artists who have put forth all of their effort and creativity into their window boxes. They have combined colors, textures and attention-grabbing details to produce incredible designs.

It might sound like a very challenging undertaking, but I assure you that there are no wrong combinations of these elements. It’s all a matter of personal taste, really. Perhaps these examples will jog your creativity and bolster your confidence as you make your own window box.

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 Beautiful Window Boxes to Be Inspired By


The contents of a window box don’t have to be confined to a tiny space, as this example shows. The flourishing purple and white flowers expand far above and beyond the box itself. Couldn’t you imagine this window box affixed to a cozy countryside cottage?


The owner of this window box has paired it with the beauty of potted plants in their home’s entryway. This approach adds a whimsical touch to any space.

Against the dark color of the box, these white blossoms really pop out to capture your eye. This is one beautiful way to landscape your home’s exterior vertically.

The centerpiece in this window box adds a rustic touch without drawing attention away from the purple and white-accented foliage that surrounds it.

The rainbow of colors within this window box is beautiful enough on its own. But when contrasting against the dark color of the window box, the aesthetic here gets taken to the next level.

The gradient effect of these blossoms – dark petals on top giving way to colorful flowers at the bottom – is a unique and incredibly eye-catching way of laying out a window box. The design of the window box itself goes to show that you don’t have to stick with a simple, rectangular design if you don’t want to.

This person really thought outside of the (window) box in creating this incredible design. The contrast of the red against white draws the eye while the unique stylization of the window box keeps your attention.

There is something to be said for the beauty that can be found in simplicity. This long window box packs a ton of beauty into a small space, letting the appearance of these flowers speak for itself.

Variety is the spice of life, and this flower box showcases that fact beautifully. Bright, primary colors are broken up by white accent blossoms to really make them stand out – even from a distance.


Window boxes aren’t solely for flowering plants! This planting box showcases the versatility that can be achieved when you have a green thumb and a keen eye for detail. Purple and yellow throughout the design are broken up by brown foliage that adds not only height to the window box, but also a particularly eye-catching feature.

Some of the window boxes I showed you above use dark colored containers to provide contrast against bright blossoms. This window box goes the other way, using white to enhance the vibrancy of the purple and green that grows from within.

It doesn’t take much to create a stunning visual effect. The owner of this window box staggered white, yellow and purple blossoms throughout and uses hanging greenery to draw attention to the window box itself. The result is an incredibly appealing window box that stands out from the white of the home’s exterior, even from the street.

This flourishing window box is busy, but not in a bad way. The assortment of colors within the box completely cover the box itself to create a downright whimsical appearance. This effect is only enhanced by the shrub beneath the window and the potted plants that stand beside it.

It isn’t just color that matters when you’re creating a stunning window box. Texture can really make a difference, as this example so excellently displays.

Of course, the focus is on the flowers inside of the window box, but look at the creative design behind its construction! These beautiful blossoms are nested within a creative and unexpected home, effectively doubling down on the beauty that is a well-cultivated window box.

You don’t need a complicated or one-of-a-kind window box or layout for your window box to make a big impact on the aesthetic of your home. This plain-looking box is packed to the brim with only bright red geraniums but look at how beautiful it makes this grey and white space!

Look at this beautiful assortment of varying green hues! Vibrancy doesn’t have to be a rainbow of colors, as this window box goes to show. Small, white flowers instead accent the green, rather than green accenting the flowers.

A simple box packed from edge to edge with beautifully contrasting flora spruces up any windowsill, balcony or railing. This window box owner has staggered their flowers into an eye-catching pattern that draws your eyes immediately to the warm shades of these petals.

The right combination of green and contrasting colors – like the white blossoms used in this little window box – creates a lush visual aesthetic. The center of this window box especially adds a little something special.

White foliage flanked by colorful blossoms creates a beautiful effect and the hanging greenery shows just how much the details really make a difference.

Large plants surrounded by smaller blossoms make for an incredible aesthetic, especially when the colors complement each other as they do in this window box. Shades of violet and lilac peppered with bright accents of yellow are a unique combination that is sure to draw the eyes of all who drive or walk by.

Who says that window boxes have to be confined to windows? These balconies are decked out in ivy and geranium, which makes for an incredibly classy and appealing visual effect.

Not everybody has all the time and space in the world to create a lush and lavish window garden. But that’s okay! Look at what this window box owner has done: harnessed the beauty of bright red geraniums to enhance the appearance of their entryway. Even if it’s something simple, nothing beats having something beautiful to smile about when you leave home and when you return.

Stone practically invites the infusion of beautiful flowers into the scene. It creates a whimsical effect that turns the seemingly drab and gray into a space that calls for a photograph. Even a simple box like this one, accented with vivid white, provides a stunning pop of something unique and unexpected.

It’s not easy to turn your space into a beautiful, floral haven when you live in the heart of a city. But with the help of a window box, you can add a touch of whimsy to any urban apartment’s exterior. Bright red flowers, like the ones in this example, are dynamic and impossible to miss when someone passes by.

Hanging green plant life makes a powerful impression for any window box. The vibrancy of the green foliage even stands out from the green color of the box!

Window boxes are a great place to make a statement or have a bit of creative fun. This poster planted American flags into their window box, but the possibilities are limitless. Put in any decorations you want to add a bit more personality to your window garden!

This Instagram user put boxes across three windows that face the same direction. This creates a theme where the outer aesthetic of the home is concerned. If you can use window boxes to spice up more than one window, you definitely should consider it!

Fences play great hosts to “window” boxes, too! You can use window planting methods to make any fence, gate or rail a bit more appealing to the eye.

Shutters and window boxes combined make for an incredibly charming image. The colorful exterior of the house makes for excellent contrast between the flowers and space around them.

A lot of the talk surrounding window boxes is in reference to bright colors. But, as this window box shows, you don’t need bright reds and yellows to make a visual impact. Green leaves against darkly colored petals make for an excellent example of contrast, as well.

Having a consistent color throughout the window box is a great strategy. Still, it’s wise to break up the color with added accents, like this Instagram user did with an added emphasis on greenery in strategic

Building a window box upwards is a great way to capture attention and create a dynamic appearance on the exterior of your home. In this example, the individual used green plants to sculpt their window garden upwards, rather than outwards. And the results speak for themselves!

You can use window planting strategies to nurture a contained garden, such as this one. You can create the same charming look nearly anywhere in your yard!

Using additional decorations, like a hanging ornament such as this one, packs an added decorative punch to any window box.

Window boxes don’t have to consist of only one box! This example uses different layers to create a truly unique look. This is a great way to showcase many different types of flowers in one space.

The color found in many of the flowers here closely resembles the color of the home’s exterior. While I know I have gushed about the beauty of color contrast, this approach is equally appealing. The green and white coloring in the window boxes really break up the theme of red on red, and to great effect.

Bright colors standing prominently against white blossoms really makes an impact. These blue petals really pop because of the white that surrounds them.

A pattern of alternating colors can be especially eye-grabbing. In this example, the colors alternated are white, red and green. These colors provide a great contrast to each other while putting them into a pattern creates a look that can’t help but draw the eye.

You can decorate nearly any structure with a window box! A shed, shelter or other external building aside from your home can be spruced up with the addition of a window box.

Like this person did, you can combine different window boxes to create a cohesive look that spans across far more than your windowsill. As I showed you above, you can use window planting practices on grounded planters. If you’ve got the space and the windows available on the same side, you can achieve this beautiful look too.

If you implement a high-growing plant of a distinct and contrasting color, you can get the impressive results that you see in this example. These red leaves stand out prominently over the surrounding foliage, creating a great visual effect.

Putting an emphasis on symmetry can really create a distinct look for all who view your window box. Using a centerpiece as focus can really make it easy (as well as beautiful) to create a perfect, symmetric look like this one.

Are you trying to add a real element of beauty to your balcony? This is a great way to do it! Creating two layers of flowers, one on top and one on the bottom, can make even an urban apartment stand out amid the cityscape.

Going green and then adding a small emphasis of color can really create a lush appearance for your windowsill or nearly anywhere else. Green plants invoke a sense of healthiness and natural beauty, but to avoid creating a solid sheet of green it is a good idea to break it up with a vibrant color that stands out.

There is No “Right” Way to Craft a Window Box

Window boxes are as unique and varied as their creators are, which you can undoubtedly see from the many examples I have given you for inspiration. There are countless combinations of colors, shapes, textures, and accents that you can use to create a beautiful window box of your very own.

I hope that this list has helped you to drum up ideas for your own window box. Once you figure out what you like the most, you might come up with a design that you’d have never thought yourself capable of creating.

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