17+ Outdoor Storage Solutions [Arranged By Type]

17+ Outdoor Storage Solutions [Arranged by Type]Whether you only experience the summer season for a few months out of the year or you live in a climate that is summer-like all year round, you know the importance of good outdoor storage.

There are so many things that need to stay outside, and it's important that each has protection from the elements. We've found an outdoor storage solution for just about every item that you want to keep outdoors. They're functional, look cool, and are ready to make your outdoor storage problems a thing of the past!

Outdoor Storage Solutions for Gardening Supplies

Storing your large and small gardening tools - not to mention your potted plants - doesn't have to mean taking up tons of space inside. Here are some great alternatives.

For Small Gardening Tools: Feir Wall-Mounted Organizer

People who have gardens inevitably collect lots of little tools to help them care for their flowerbeds. Instead of piling those tools on the floor, attach the Feir Wall-Mounted Organizer to the side of your home. We love it because it has five large and strong grips to hold larger tools like rakes or shovels, and six small hooks to hold trowels, gardening gloves, and other odds and ends.

The unit is easy to attach to a wall with the provided screws and anchors so that you know it's secured storage.

Check out the Feir Wall-Mounted Organizer on Amazon

For Large Gardening Tools: Outsunny Metal Storage Shed

Lawnmowers, weed whackers, and wheelbarrows - just three of the larger-sized items you likely use regularly to care for your yard and garden. Give them a secure place to rest with this metal storage shed from Outsunny.

It's 54 square feet, which is plenty of space to store your larger tools. We really appreciate that it's taller than a lot of other sheds. The entrance is five feet tall, but the maximum height inside the storage shed is six feet, three inches. You can comfortably stand inside the shed while you're moving your tools in and out to use them.

This shed is made out of metal, making it sturdy and durable. It also offers excellent protection from the weather and bugs.

Learn more about the Outsunny Metal Storage Shed on Wayfair

For Potted Plants: Giantex Plant Stand

If you have potted plants in every corner of your deck or patio space, consider this Giantex Plant Stand to consolidate them into one creative and unique storage space.

This stand can hold up to ten different potted plants of various sizes, and it can support up to 110 pounds of plants on six different levels. Your plants will take on a whole new beautiful look when they're showcased on this dark wood rack. And at just 40 inches long and 10 inches deep, it will fit nicely in your deck or patio area.

See the Giantex Plant Stand on Amazon

For Hoses: Kauri Brass Outdoor Pot

Anyone can roll up their hose on a regular plastic wheel, and just about everyone does. Why not set yourself apart and put your hose into a beautiful brass pot instead?

The first things you'll notice are the beautiful design, rich color, and detailed texture of the pot. The thing you'll really love about it is its functionality. It can hold up to 100 pounds and 20 feet of hose. It has a hole in the side of the pot where you can pull the hose out and use it to water your plants. When you're done watering your garden, tuck it into the corner of your landscaping, and now your ugly hose has become an interesting piece of pottery among your plants.

Here's more on the Kauri Brass Outdoor Pot from Home Depot

Outdoor Storage Solutions for Outdoor Living

Whether you're throwing a party, enjoying time with your kids, grilling for friends, or just looking for a clever way to hide a trash can, here are great storage ideas to up your outdoor living game.

For Pillows and Cushions: Suncast Outdoor Storage Shed

Nothing's worse than watching a summer storm roll in and knowing that your outdoor pillows and cushions are going to be wet for days.

Use the Suncast storage shed to keep your pillows and cushions dry. We love that the shed opens from both the top and the front, allowing you to stack your cushions and pillows neatly inside, not just dump them in with no organization. It's water- and UV-resistant to protect the items you put in it and keep them looking like new.

And just in case you're worried about someone walking off with your pillows, this shed has a locking mechanism to keep your items secure when you're not using them.

See more about the Suncast Outdoor Storage Shed on Amazon

For Grilling Supplies: Keter BBQ Storage Table

When you're getting ready to cook outside, you want all of your supplies close by so you can be the master of your grill. Enter this portable outdoor island that gives you all kinds of space for your prep work, plates, and grilling tools.

The Keter BBQ Storage Table has a stainless steel top, perfect for food prep. It has a shelf right underneath the top that can hold your trays and plates. Finally, there is a cabinet that locks at the bottom to store whatever else you need, whether it's your sauces, your spices, or maybe extra tools or lighters for the grill.

At a length of 53 inches and a width of over 20 inches, you'll have a generous workspace to prepare your food for grilling - or display it when you're done.

Check out the Keter BBQ Storage Table on Amazon

For Trash: Savannah Column Sandstone Waste Bin

Is there anything tackier than having your garbage cans sitting out in plain sight, attracting bugs while you're trying to enjoy your outdoor space? Hide those cans inside this Savannah sandstone column instead.

This bin holds up to 30 gallons of trash, and the lid is designed to be easily removed, yet hard to blow away. When it's housed inside this decorative column, your trash isn't an eyesore, but instead adds beauty to your outdoor space.

Here's more about the Savannah Column Sandstone Waste Bin at Home Depot

For Cold Drinks: Keter Rattan Cooler Table

Anyone who's had a party outside knows the look of the huge cooler in the corner, keeping the drinks cold. Unfortunately, it also acts as an impromptu seat for a guest and preventing others from grabbing drinks.

Swap that cooler for the Keter Rattan Cooler Table. The top part of this table lifts up, and the bottom section becomes a cooler when you fill it with ice and drinks. The best part is that the top can either stay up so the drinks inside are always visible or can be lowered to keep the drinks cool. Either way, you can continue to use the tabletop to put drinks and food on as you party outside.

Learn more about the Keter Rattan Cooler Table on Amazon

For Toys: Festnight Wooden Storage Bench

Parents know that sometimes you want some outdoor space that's just for adults - no toys allowed. Grab this beautiful Festnight Wooden Storage Bench to help make both dreams a reality.

The seat holds two adults comfortably, while the bottom part opens to reveal a generous storage area that is easy for kids to access. No excuses now - they can get their own toys out and put their own toys back to keep your yard clean!

Read about the Festnight Wooden Storage Bench on Amazon

For Odds and Ends: Elle Decor Storage Table

When you just want to have a space to hide trinkets like the watering can or coasters or extra supplies for a party you're throwing, this Elle Decor Storage Table fits the bill.

The lid lifts off, revealing lots of storage inside. It's a beautiful gray wicker table, so it will look great while keeping your stuff safe inside.

Read more about the Elle Decor Storage Table on Amazon

Outdoor Storage Solutions for Sporting Supplies

There are dozens of outdoor sports, and odds are your kids will try each one of them - and accumulate the necessary equipment. Here are some options for storing sports supplies outside.

For Pool Supplies: Keter Plastic Storage Box

You need something sturdy and durable to hold pool toys. This Keter Plastic Storage Box fits the bill. It's over five feet long and more than two feet deep, which, in toy speak, means that it will hold a lot of pool toys. It can take whatever your kids thrown in and still look pretty sitting outside your house.

But what we love most is its dual function. When you have the lid down, the box can support the weight of two adults, making it great seating and great storage.

Here's more information on the Keter Plastic Storage Box on Amazon

For Bikes: Bravindew Bicycle Shed

Storing bikes outside can be a challenge, but this Bravindew Bicycle Shed is up to the task. It's large enough to hold two adult bikes, yet it can be folded up into a carry bag with a handle if you ever want to store it or take it somewhere.

We love that it's waterproof and that the zippered opening keeps out bugs, UV rays, and any pesky animals who might want to check out your bike.

Check out the Bravindew Bicycle Shed on Amazon

For Small Sports Equipment: Starplast Storage Cabinet

The Starplast Storage Cabinet is plastic and durable. What makes it unique is that it has several shelves for smaller sports equipment like gloves, pucks, and balls, and a larger storage space in the bottom for bigger items like bats, nets, and sticks. Whatever sport your child plays, this cabinet accommodates the supplies and keeps them from cluttering up your home.

See more about the Starplast Storage Cabinet at Home Depot

Outdoor Storage Solutions for Fuel Sources

Just because you need fuel to heat your grill or build your fire doesn't mean you need them cluttering up your deck.

For Firewood: Ultra Duty Firewood Rack

We love two important features of this firewood storage solution. The first is that it comes with a cover to protect your wood before you use it. Secondly, it comes in three different sizes. Some people need a whole lot more wood to get through the winters than others, and now you can choose the size that fits your needs best.

Here is additional information on the Ultra Duty Firewood Rack from Overstock

For Propane Tank: Outland Living Firebowl Cover

When you're finished grilling and want to store your propane tank, or you just want to dress up your spare tank, check out the Outland Living Firebowl Cover. It's weather-resistant, UV-resistant, ventilated and insulated to protect against all elements. And once you have it secured, the top of the covered propane tank doubles as a table for your outdoor living area.

Learn more about the Outland Living Firebowl Cover on Amazon

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