Hair Cap Moss For Your Garden (Care Tips, Facts, And Pictures)

Hair Cap Moss for Your Garden (Care Tips, Facts and Pictures)Moss is a small, low growing evergreen plant that does not flower and forms a dense mat. There are over 10,000 different species of moss! The Hair Cap moss is amongst the showiest and tallest varieties of moss, making it a favorite amongst gardeners.
This moss is an evergreen perennial plant with vibrant green color. Individual stems grow and can be either erect or spread horizontally. The small leaves, measuring a few millimeters, that grow from the stems create a star-shaped pattern.
This species of moss consists of male and female plants, with the male plant having a flowerlike structure extend from the end of its shoot. This pieces resemble a piece of wheat and has a cap with long hairs covering its exterior. Each cap contains the spores needed for reproduction.

What is Hair Cap Moss?

Its botanical name is Polytrichum commune and may also be commonly known as "Pigeon Wheat." Its genus, Polytrichum, consists of over 50 different species. Its name is derived from the Greek word "poly," meaning "many" and "thrix," meaning "hairs." These Greek names used to refer to any plant that had hairlike features, but has since related only to the genus of mosses.
Interestingly, this moss is native to nearly every continent. It can be found in wetlands all the way to the savannas and grasslands of Africa. The most common place to find Hair Cap Moss is in peat bogs, which are wetlands whose grounds are made up of other living and decaying mosses.

How to Grow Hair Cap Moss

Where Hair Cap Moss Grows

Hair Cap Moss can grow inside, outside, in planters or terrariums, depending on the look you want to create with it. Wherever it grows, it does love moisture. This moss also works great when planted to help with erosion control by holding the soil in place.

Thinking about removing these moss? Heres a post on how to get rid of moss in your lawn.

Size of Hair Cap Moss

This type of moss is one of the tallest growing in the species, reaching a height between a couple of inches and a foot. It has a wide range in spread, growing between 1 inch and 2 feet wide. It has a moderate growth rate, having the ability to grow at least 12 inches in a year.

If you want to have a more pristine and shapely look, you can prune the moss to your desired uniform shape. Otherwise, it may grow wild. So, it just depends on the look that you want to create. Its typical lifespan is between 3 and 5 years.

Growing Zones for Hair Cap Moss

USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9 are best suited for this moss's growth, health, and performance. With such a wide range of growing zones, it's no surprise that this is a very adaptable plant.

This moss is extremely versatile and can be found in nearly any environment and growing conditions. It can be seen sprouting between rocks, covering rocks, and extending throughout wooded and shaded areas. Any area with moisture and humidity is ideal.

Soil Needs

The soil should be acidic and be made up of sand, gravel, or rock covered by soil. Having soil with a pH level between 4.5 and 6.0 will provide the best results. It prefers soil that's rich in humus.

Amount of Light, Watering, and Fertilization

Hair Cap Moss grows well in either full or partial sun. Receiving an adequate amount of sunlight is necessary for it to go through photosynthesis and create food for itself.

It grows best in moist soil. In order to water it best, water it at the base of the moss since that is where the water will transmit to the remainder of the plant. If it grows in a sunnier space, make sure you keep the soil continuously moist so it won't dry out.

Fertilize this type of moss with iron amendments if needed.

Step-by-Step Growing Guide

  • Select a sunny or partially sunny location to plant your Hair Cap Moss
  • Moisten the area where you will be planting the moss
  • Plant the moss and pat it into the ground to help establish it
  • Water the moss every few days to maintain its moisture
  • Enjoy the beauty of your newly growing moss!

Inspiration for Growing Hair Cap Moss

Forest of Moss

With the vibrant color and interesting shape of this type of moss, you'll increase the allure of your garden. Take advantage of this high growing moss!

Terrarium Worthy Moss

This type of moss will look great inside of a terrarium. Its star-shaped appearance will be an eye-catcher and makes for a perfect home decoration. The terrarium serves as a greenhouse and behaves like the earth's atmosphere, providing the moss with ideal growing conditions.

Section off your Walkway

Interspersing the Hair Cap Moss with your walkway stones adds an extra dimension and turns the walkway into a piece of art. Since it is pressure-resistant, the moss won't become damaged by light foot traffic.

Intricate Details

Looking up close, you'll notice the fine details of this specific moss plant. This variety adds a rich shade of green with a unique texture.

Add Diversity to your Moss and Lichen Terrarium

Moss and Lichen are a popular choice in terrariums due to their growth patterns and needs. While they're very low maintenance, they are very attractive and intriguing. It can even be a therapeutic activity to create one of these terrariums.

Hair Cap Moss for Your Shade Garden

These moisture-loving perennials help to complete the look of any garden. Their vibrant color and unique appearance brighten up any space with more shaded areas.

Terrarium Necessity

The height of the Hair Cap Moss improves the intrigue and wonder within the terrarium. Make grand landscapes in miniature forms.

Terrarium Diorama

Create and develop a story by placing small figurines and props into your terrarium. Change out the figures you use to fabricate a continual story. Using terrariums is a fun way to bring a piece of the outdoors into your home or office space.

Year Round Intrigue

Although the moss is interesting in and of itself, the flowerlike structure that extends from the male shoot is fascinating. It adds another dimension to the plant.

Growth in Every Nook and Cranny

With moisture comes to moss. Hair Cap Moss is no exception to this. The moss can grow in nooks and crannies around your yard or even be used as a lawn replacement in some areas.

Create Japanese Inspired Gardens

The usage of moss is deeply rooted in the culture of Japan, so what better way to enhance a Japanese inspired garden? Its soft and delicate features produce a beautiful atmosphere.

Oddball Characteristics

Part of this moss's name comes from its appearance, the cap-like features that extend from its stems. These are unique to this species and are certainly eye-catching.

Buy Hair Cap Moss Online

After reading this article, you may be wanting to plant your own moss into your garden or design a terrarium. Check out the links below to buy and start growing your own Hair Cap Moss!

Hair Cap Moss Seeds

Receive over 200 spores ready to be spread when you order this packet. Spread the seeds over moist, nutrient-rich soil.

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