10 Moss Terrarium Kits For A Gorgeous Indoor Garden

Moss terrariums are a soothing way to garden and to enjoy the peace and calming feelings that plant life brings. There are many different varieties of moss, each displaying various characteristics and visible attributes. Moss requires very little to keep it lively: low light, damp conditions, and a minimal amount of soil. For maintenance, all you have to do is occasionally lightly mist the moss.
10 Moss Terrarium Kits For A Gorgeous Indoor Garden
Putting together terrariums is a fun, relaxing task that channels creativity. Terrariums maintain their very own environment. Help to reduce stress with your moss terrarium. One of the wonderful things about making your own terrarium is that you can position the pieces the way you want them to be seen. Experiment with different plants like succulents, cacti, and air plants. These plants all thrive in terrarium environments.
When you purchase a kit, you'll receive all the elements you need to furnish the moss terrarium. Below you'll find 10 of the best moss terrarium kits that you can put together yourself!

1. Complete Terrarium Kit

This kit comes with soil, river pebbles, activated charcoal, preserved sheet moss, and smooth and exotic river rocks. Plant both succulents and cacti in this moss terrarium globe for even more life. Three different size options to this terrarium kit leave you with choosing the size that best works for your space.

Customers who have used this product say that this terrarium kit comes with all the materials you'll need for terrarium building. It's the perfect size small terrarium that fits a few small plants in it.

2. Bliss Gardens Terrarium Kit with Moss and River Rocks

Bring in a touch of the outdoors to your home with this hanging terrarium kit. The flat bottom of this container allows you to leave it sitting on a flat surface if that's what you'd prefer. Being 4 inches, it's a small terrarium, but that doesn't mean it lacks in any attributes and what it offers. With this kit, you'll receive one small live succulent plant, succulent organic soil with activated charcoal (help rids toxins), river rocks, tri-colored reindeer moss, and twine for hanging.

Customers who have bought and used this terrarium kit say that it's tiny, adorable, and wonderful quality! It comes with everything you need to complete the terrarium, complete with a small live succulent plant.

3. Cute Farms Terrarium Starter Kit

Cute Farms offers the perfect little moss terrarium kit in three different size options: small, medium, and large. You'll have to find your container and plants for the terrarium (more room for creativity!) but will receive all the other necessary elements. The kit includes three types of moss (reindeer moss, forest moss, and lichen), 6 ounces of potting soil blended with activated charcoal, gardening vermiculite, and 12 ounces of pea pebbles and river stones. As a bonus, you'll also receive plant food, finishing tools, and three mini dinosaurs!

Customers who have bought and used this terrarium kit say that they're more than satisfied when they unbox and use the equipment. People love the additional touch of the little dinosaur figurines to place in the terrarium and the abundance of materials included in the package.

4. Syndicate Sales DIY Terrarium Kit

With this kit, you'll receive hydro stones, soil, moss, and the glass container with its lid. You'll be able to pick out your own succulent and other plants to place in the terrarium. This kit is basic with the three elements with which it comes.
Customers who have bought and used this product say that this was the perfect starter terrarium kit: one customer used it to teach grandkids about terrariums and how they work. Others say that the glass container works for whatever style of decor it's placed around.

5. Portland Terrarium kit - DIY Mason Jar Terrarium Kit

Terrarium in a jar! With Mason jars being such a popular choice of decor, it's no surprise that they also make for excellent planters and terrariums. This kit includes a 32 ounce Mason jar as well as preserved forest moss, mixed stones, and pebbles, planting soil, and bark. Complete the kit and show your personality by adding in your own plant.
Customers who have bought and used this product say that it's a beautiful little terrarium kit.

6. Bliss Gardens Teardrop Air Plant Terrarium with Purple Amethyst, Juniper, Moss

The teardrop shape of this terrarium elongates the room where plants, mosses, and other elements can grow. The 12-inch long braided hemp rope can suspend the teardrop glass. Included in this terrarium kit are many things: two air plants (Ionantha and Caput Medusae), one package of natural white sand, one purple amethyst crystal, three preserved thistle flowers (excellent color and texture!), a sprig of juniper, and, to finish it off, natural and light green reindeer moss.

Customers who have bought and used this terrarium kit say that setup is a breeze, and the completed terrarium looks perfect and adorable. Others say it's the ideal moss terrarium kit to make an office area appear more serene.

7. SuperMoss (90423) Terrarium Kit

This 4-ounce SuperMoss terrarium kit comes with the following types of moss: mossy fir bark, sheet moss, forest moss, and Spanish moss. You'll also receive stones, & branched lichen. Get creative with the type of container you'd like to use and the different types of plants that will fill it. Even plants like Orchids would benefit from being planted in the moss of this kit.
Customers who have bought and used mixed moss kits say that it's a wonderful assortment of moss.

8. 9GreenBox Tear Drop Terrarium Kit with Moss and Pebbles

With this terrarium kit, you'll receive the teardrop glass container, twine for hanging the container, moss, pebbles, and a cute petite air plant. The air plant may take the spotlight in this kit. The teardrop container stands at about 6 inches tall. Consider purchasing multiple of these products to create a cluster of hanging terrariums.
Customers who have bought and used this product say that the terrarium kit looks fantastic and that they even had a small number of materials left over that they didn't need. Others say that it makes for the perfect gift.

9. CREATIVE ROOTS Create Your Own Unicorn Garden

Put a fun twist on your moss terrarium kits with this unicorn garden kit. Channel your inner kid or gift it to a kid! This kit includes five hand-painted figurines that you can position around your garden design for added intrigue and personality to the scene. Although this set doesn't come with soil and plants, you can easily find those items to complete your unicorn garden. This set also comes with a 10-inch plastic planter, a castle, two unicorn figurines, a toadstool figurine, and a butterfly.
Customers who have bought and used this product say that all the figurines come wrapped nicely and securely in bubble wrap to ensure your enjoyment out of them. You'll be able to create a fun, creative scene with all the figurines included with the garden kit.

10. Bliss Gardens Marimo Moss Ball Light Bulb Water Terrarium

Marimo Moss is a unique plant that's velvety in appearance and only grows when fully submerged in water. Make sure to change the tap water every couple of weeks for maximum health. In this kit comes one marimo moss ball, one dried sea fan, one small bag of rocks (choose your color), and one glass light bulb-shaped container (4 inches tall).

Customers who have bought and used this product say that assembly is easy, and it's a cute furnishing piece. They say it's a unique plant that's fun to watch and monitor as it grows.

Final Thoughts

Let us know in the comment section below how you use your moss terrarium kit and which one you decide to purchase!

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