12 Types Of Moss That You Can Add to Your Garden

The lush world of moss is intriguing. Boasting a staggering variety of over 12,000 species, these quaint little greens paint nature with a soft, plush texture.

Mosses are non-flowering, diminutive plants that predominantly form dense clusters or verdant mats in areas favored by shade and moisture.

Remarkably, while mosses possess stems and leaves, they lack the characteristic roots of many other plant species. The leaves of mosses are notably simplistic, often comprising a single cell layer.

Their reproductive strategy is equally intriguing. Mosses are categorized as sporophytes, initiating spore production after fertilization.

In the forthcoming sections, you will learn some of the most prevalent garden variety mosses, likely found in conventional backyards or within the glass confines of a hobbyist's terrarium.

General types of moss you can buy

Before you get into the common varieties of live moss for planting, you must understand the types of moss you'll encounter when shopping for moss online.

1. Live Moss

Live moss requires moisture and soil for growth. It helps to understand the exact mechanism behind their growth and what nutrients they want. These species can grow from spores instead of seeds, making plantation convenient.

Premium Super Mix by Appalachian Emporium

This product is courtesy of Appalachian Emporium, a manufacturer that needs no introduction because all florists will have heard of them in some capacity.

You will also receive their Moss Care Guide, simplifying the development procedure. The end result will be a combination of at least two kinds of moss, including rock cap moss, feather moss, sheet moss, and more.

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Live Moss Mix by Appalachian Emporium

Another product by Appalachian Emporium, this live moss mix also comes with a free British Soldier Lichen, which should make your garden look more varied.

The small price tag makes this one-quarter bag relatively affordable compared to similar products.

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2. Dried Moss

Dried moss is typically used as a craft material. Most people use dried moss in home projects, from flower arrangements to wreaths. Dried moss will stay in a dormant state until rehydrated.

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3. Preserved Moss

Preserved moss describes moss repurposed by chemical preservatives for use in arts and crafts. Unlike dried moss, preserved moss is no longer alive and won’t respond to rehydration.

Preserved Sheet Moss by DALAMODA

This product is designed for long-term usage and can cover most areas, making sprucing up even the dullest decors possible.

You can purchase two versions of this product, 15” by 17.5” and 14 by 60”; select the most appropriate product based on your research. Please protect it from water; the product will last a long time.

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Preserved Reindeer Moss by BD Crafts

If you love bright orange hues or are a fan of mangoes, this product should help you reenact your love for mangoes.

It is available in a 2oz bag, making it possible to cover a decent amount of space. The reindeer moss is a good candidate for covering plants, containers, and other textures.

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4. Artificial Moss

Yes, you can buy moss that isn't moss. Made of plastic, these non-organic products come as sheets or as "moss-covered" stones like these.

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Common varieties of garden moss

1. Irish Moss

Irish moss is so nutritious that it was once used as poverty food during the infamous Irish Potato Famine that lasted almost two years from 1846 to 1848.

To this day, it has impressive health benefits and is used to thicken milk and smoothies.

500 Irish Moss Seeds by NAZ

If you’re in the mood to create beautiful gardens, then this pack of 500 Irish moss seeds is just what you need.

It forms a thick, lush carpet of thin stems that looks brilliant in most settings. You should provide lots of water to Irish moss for it to thrive.

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2. Cushion Moss

White moss, more commonly known as cushion moss, grows uncontrollably in the wild. It quickly makes its way into residential gardens. It is extremely easy to grow cushion moss, which forms green mossy balls.

Live Cushion Moss by Terrarium Moss

If you want to grow moss quickly without worrying about things becoming too laborious, then you should order live cushion mosses by Terrarium Moss.

You will receive a package of 10 live cushion mosses that are pesticide-free and perfect for your garden or terrarium. The packaging is highly durable and will keep the moss safe for several months.

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3. Sheet Moss

Enthusiasts use sheet moss to create elaborate flower arrangements. They typically form carpet-like mats on soil and rock.

Sheet moss will thrive in the shade and tolerate some sunlight, although it is not recommended to shine direct sunlight onto them.

Live Sheet Moss Starter Kit

This product on Amazon is a very rare find on Amazon, perfect for starters and professionals alike, and it is like a ‘starter kit’ of sorts.

Growing it independently and overhauling your garden is extremely easy and convenient. You will receive five square feet of sheet moss, which is ample for most people.

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4. Spanish Moss

Spanish moss comes from the same taxonomic family as succulent house plants and pineapples, which means it’s technically exactly a moss. This perennial herb takes its nutrients from the air and debris surrounding it.

Fresh Organic Spanish Moss by Vintage Farmhouse

This product is a great place to start if you like Spanish moss. It retains moisture, perfect for container plants, basket plants, and planter boxes.

Once fully grown, the final product will add lots of flair to your house. Even your pet reptiles will love to burrow inside.

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5. Gold Moss

These are rock-loving mosses that provide beautiful ground cover. Gold moss serves various functions, including being medicinal, edible, and aesthetic enough to provide a makeover to your yard.

6. Rock Cap Moss

Rock Cap Moss is a beautiful and bright plant that requires little to no soil to grow.

This unique species usually grows on top of rocks, adding luster to their dull, neutral décor. They are extremely easy to grow.

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7. Hair Cap Moss

Its name was coined after an observer realized that its appearance resembles hairs that cover a cap.

When fully grown, hair cap moss can completely overtake a garden. They consist of wiry, challenging shoots that can grow to lengths of 40 cm long.

Hair Cap Moss

If you want 200 spores of Hair cap moss species, this product is an ideal place to start. It is easy to grow due to soil requirements ranging from rich, acidic humus to dry sandy gravel.

Refer to the planting instructions before trying it out in your backyard.

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8. Feather Moss

The next group of mosses is known as feather moss. It is a group of pioneering plants with a distinguished appearance resembling fluffy feathers. Its branches can grow between 1 and 3cm long.

Life Feather Moss by Terrarium Moss

Terrarium Moss is another renowned florist in the industry, and it is trusted and held in high regard by fellow enthusiasts.

You can buy 1 quart of moss, which is easy to grow and doesn’t require too much effort. Furthermore, it is pesticide-free, making your life as a gardener much easier.

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9. Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss is composed of many dainty and light branches, which grow in tufts similar to cushions. It can become reasonably brittle when dry but retains its sponge-like structure when rehydrated.

Preserved Reindeer Moss by Birchforest

If you want to decorate your house with durable reindeer moss that will last long after purchase, consider trying this product. It has that signature spongy texture that reindeer moss is typically known for.

Each pack contains 2.5 oz of preserved reindeer moss. The lovely appearance will give a nice finishing touch to your garden.

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10. Mood Moss

Mood moss, or dicranum scoparium, is popular because of its distinct appearance when retaining total moisture. It requires less water but does take a long time to grow fully.

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11. Club Moss

Club moss is an ancient species of plants that resemble mosses, but they usually have a structure that resembles clubs and produces spores. When used by experts, club mosses manage to look extremely beautiful.

Hyperzia Shining Club Moss

Amazon doesn’t have an extensive roster of club mosses, but it has this hidden gem. This packet of 50 pores inevitably adds a new layer of dimension to your décor.

The pores can grow to sizes between 6 to 12 inches in length. These plants look emerald green and handsome. They can grow in low light conditions with no issues.

12. Spike Moss

Spike moss is one of nature’s most mild-mannered foliage plants that is astonishingly beautiful. They are commonly sold as aquatic plants in many aquarium shops.  Spike moss thrives in high-humidity terrains.

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