DIY Hanging Basket Food Protector: Keep Bugs Away in Style!

Looking to make your hanging basket frames more than just a decorative element? How about creating something both practical and stylish?

If you want to keep pesky bugs away from your delicious snacks and fruits while enhancing the charm of your hanging basket, we have the perfect DIY project for you!

hanging basket for plant

In this quick and easy guide, we'll show you how to craft a unique and functional hanging basket food protector using screen mesh and vintage fabric cutouts.

Say goodbye to insect interruptions and hello to bug-free dining in the great outdoors with your newly revamped hanging basket centerpiece.

Planterina walks us through how to create this upcycled DIY project:

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Follow the written steps below.

1. Prepare the Hanging Basket Wire Frame

Before beginning the DIY project, ensure that the hanging basket wire frame is clean and free from any dirt or rust.

If using an old hanging basket frame, consider giving it a quick wash and allowing it to dry completely.

Or, you can simply buy a new one.

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If using a new frame, check for any sharp edges that might need smoothing to avoid snagging the fabric later on.

2. Cut the Screen Mesh

To create a protective barrier against bugs, measure the dimensions of your hanging basket wire frame using a tape measure.

Using sturdy scissors or wire cutters, carefully cut the aluminum screen mesh to fit the hanging basket frame perfectly.

The mesh should be taut and flat to provide optimal protection from insects while allowing airflow for the fruits and snacks inside.

3. Cut and Sew Vintage Fabric

Select a vintage fabric with floral patterns or designs matching your style and aesthetic preference.

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Lay the fabric flat and cut out various flowers and leaves using fabric scissors. Take your time during this step to achieve precise and attractive cutouts.

4. Sew Fabric onto Screen Mesh

With the fabric cutouts ready, thread a needle with a matching or contrasting thread color.

Starting from the backside of the screen mesh, carefully sew each fabric piece onto the hanging basket mesh.

Use small and discreet stitches to ensure that the fabric is securely attached, preventing it from coming loose with time.

5. Add Pom Pom Handles

Crafting the pom poms can be a fun and creative part of the process.

To make the pom poms, wrap yarn around a fork or cardboard several times, tie the bundle tightly in the middle, and cut the loops at the ends.

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Fluff out the pom poms and attach them to opposite sides of the hanging basket wire frame using either glue or sewing them on securely.

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6. Final Touches

Before using your newly created hanging basket food protector, double-check that all fabric cutouts are securely attached to the screen mesh.

Trim any loose threads or excess fabric for a tidy appearance.

Test the sturdiness of the pom poms handles to ensure they can support the weight of the food without coming undone.

Following these detailed steps, you can transform an ordinary hanging basket frame into a beautiful and functional bug-resistant food protector.

This DIY project offers an opportunity to exercise your creativity and crafty skills while providing a practical solution to keep bugs at bay during outdoor dining experiences.

Whether you're hosting a picnic, barbecue, or simply enjoying a meal in the garden, this hanging basket food protector will add a touch of elegance and efficiency to your dining setup.

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