The Pool Noodle Hack That Will Save You Money on Potting Soil

Are you tired of spending a fortune on potting soil for your large planters?

We've got a solution that's going viral on TikTok!

It's a Dollar Tree pool noodle planter hack that can save you money on potting soil.

Watch how it's done in this video below:

@pennyjo8 I do this Dollar Tree pool noodle planter hack every year in all of my big planters. Potting soil isnt cheap yall lol This allows for drainage and use of half the amount of soul you normally would use. #planterhacks #planterhack #gardenhack #hacks #plantsoftiktok #flowers #gardening #diy ♬ THEY ARE GONNA KNOW - Heliqs

The video, posted by @pennyjo8, has garnered almost 1m views, 23k likes, 4.5k shares, and nearly 500 comments.

As @pennyjo8 explains in the video, the pool noodle hack is a great way to fill up large planters without using as much potting soil.

To try the hack, cut up a pool noodle and place the pieces at the bottom of your planter.

This will allow for drainage and use up half the amount of soil you normally would use.

This hack is perfect for those who love gardening but want to save a little money. And who doesn't want to save money where you can?

Plus, it's a great way to repurpose old pool noodles that you may have taking up space around the house.

Another added bonus is that the use of pool noodles makes the planter much lighter compared with it being filled completely to the top with dirt. It's seriously genius!

With the container being lighter, you could more easily move it indoors in the colder months, making your container garden last even longer.

You Can Also Try These Other Filler Options for Planters

The comments section is filled with other helpful suggestions to use as fillers other than pool noodles.

@bigfootmandands24 suggests, "I use scrunched up plastic water bottles in bottom of huge planters to not use as much dirt. It works!"

@akitaluv said, "Why not branches, sticks and leaves?", which is a very sustainable idea and a technique used in many raised bed in gardens.

Other fillers you can try are:

  • Crushed tin cans
  • Packing materials
  • Styrofoam cut ups or styrofoam packing peanuts
  • Broken clay pots
  • Rocks and stones
  • Bottle caps
  • Smaller inverted pot
  • Rectangular wood beam
  • Pinecones or wood chips

Using pool noodles as a gardening hack is a smart way to keep planters light, save money, and repurpose an item that would otherwise just be thrown out.

Have you used any of these before?

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