Shane Desuasido

Shane Desuasido

Why Is My Echeveria Growing Tall?

echeveria opalina succulent plant that drought, Why Is My Echeveria Growing Tall?

Echeverias are beautiful succulents known for their varied colors and tight, compact rosette leaves. But if you notice your echeveria growing tall and leggy instead of short, rounded, and compact, what could be wrong? We did the research to help…

Why Are My Dahlia Bulbs Shriveled?

dahlia tubers white box dry dehydrated need water and moisture, Why Are My Dahlia Bulbs Shriveled?

Dahlias take full bloom in springtime, but they are not frost-hardy, so come winter, they tend to die. To save them for next spring, storing the bulbs is the usual solution. In some instances, you may find they shrivel during…

How Big Does Coleus Get?

Coleus close up. different varieties. Home plant. lant in a flower pot. How Big Does Coleus Get

Growing coleus plants can be delightful because of their wonderful colors and low-maintenance nature. You will notice they grow fast, which might make you wonder how big your coleus can grow. We did some research, and here’s what we discovered.…

Will Bamboo Regrow When It Is Cut?

Cutting green bamboo tree by hand-held curve saw. Deforestation - Will Bamboo Regrow When It Is Cut

If you’re thinking of cutting or trimming your bamboo plant but are scared that it might not grow back, then this article is for you. We gathered information on bamboo maintenance, growth, and control to learn whether bamboo will grow…