Bee Cups: The Product Keeping Pollinators Hydrated

There's an exciting new innovative invention that's causing a stir on Tiktok and is making gardens everywhere more inviting to our crucial pollinators.

They're small, cute, easy-to-use, and the bees are obsessed with them. Curious to find out what all the buzz is about? Watch this viral video below.

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Yes, we're talking about Bee Cups! This viral TikTok video from the channel @bee_cups has garnered a whopping 2.6 million views and is creating quite the buzz.

Excited to learn more about this trending product? Let's break down the details of this product below.

Bee Cups: The Product Keeping Pollinators Hydrated

Bee Cups is the simple solution that's keeping busy bees and butterflies hydrated, one teaspoon of water at a time​​.

Bee drinking water

The @bee_cups channel, backed by an enthusiastic following of over 32,000 people, is dedicated to promoting Bee Cups - watering stations for pollinators.

Their mission is simple yet powerful: to assist pollinators in our gardens and in the environment.

The viral video in question offers an engaging demonstration of what Bee Cups are, how to use them, and the benefits they bring.

In the video, we're introduced to these small, porcelain cups that hold a teaspoon of water specifically for our thirsty bees and butterflies.

But these are not your average cups. Bee Cups have a unique feature that sets them apart: they are coated with a UV reactive glaze on the inside.

This special glaze is visible only to bees, making the cups a beacon for these busy pollinators.

But wait, there's more. Every time you water your garden, these cups fill up automatically, providing a reliable source of water for the bees.

And if you're wondering how humans can see this UV glaze, it's possible with the help of a black light.

When placed strategically among flowers in your yard, Bee Cups signal a safe place for bees to drink, making your garden a haven for these essential creatures.

Can Mosquitoes Breed In It?

The video sparked a lively conversation among viewers, with some raising questions about the possibility of mosquitoes breeding in the cups.

The creator of Bee Cups responded that the cups are designed to hold just enough water that evaporates between 20 minutes to 12 hours, depending on humidity.

This volume is half the amount required for mosquitoes to breed successfully, making the cups an ingenious solution that benefits pollinators without inviting unwanted pests.

Other viewers inquired about the necessity of the UV glaze. According to @bee_cups, while the glaze helps bees find the cups faster, they also offer cups without the glaze.

There's also a slight price difference between the two versions, giving consumers the choice depending on their preference and budget.

In response to a question about the flower-like design inside the cups, the creator clarified that it's all porcelain.

They put a contrasting color of porcelain in the center to mimic the look of flowers, making the cups even more appealing to bees.

Want to Add Bee Cups to Your Garden?

With their innovative design, Bee Cups offer a practical solution to support the bee population, an essential component of our ecosystem.

So, why not join the movement, plant some flowers, and set up Bee Cups in your garden?

You can find only find these products on the Bee Cup website.

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