Genevieve Palaca

Genevieve is a former government secretary with a degree in Agricultural Biosystems Engineering, and a passion for gardening. Her unique background brings a fresh and informed perspective to the world of gardening, and her love of storytelling and captivating writing has led her to become a successful freelance writer. Genevieve is excited to share her imaginative abilities and sharpened writing skills with fellow gardening enthusiasts, bringing a fresh and informative take on all things green to our gardening site.

Can Thrips Kill Plants?

Dark brown thrip in a green leaf, Can Thrips Kill Plants?

Thrips are one of the most aggravating pests for both indoor and outdoor plants. Do you want to know if these insects kill plants? In order to assist you with your inquiry, we did the research and found out.  Thrips…

Are Mulberry Trees Poisonous?

Black and red mulberries on the branch of tree.Fresh mulberry., Are Mulberry Trees Poisonous?

Mulberries are a group of deciduous, fruit-bearing trees native to temperate parts of the world. Wondering if this kind of tree is poisonous? To help you, we’ve looked into this matter, which we discovered! Parts of mulberry trees with milky…

How Long Do Silver Maples Live?

Acer saccharinum Silver maple autumn foliage, How Long Do Silver Maples Live?

The lifespan of maple trees varies according to their kind, and there are many different varieties. Are you looking for information about the silver maple tree variety’s lifespan in particular? Well, we’ve done some research and have the answers below!…

Does Clumping Bamboo Have Invasive Roots?

Clump of bamboo tree, Does Clumping Bamboo Have Invasive Roots?

Bamboo gives your landscape and garden designs a modern look. It is the ideal hedge for your landscape because of its brilliant green color and exceptional height. However, you might be wondering if all bamboo plants are invasive, especially the…