Rachel Self

Rachel is a gardening enthusiast and avid plant lover with a passion for bringing the beauty of nature indoors through houseplants. She enjoys spending her free time tending to her greenery and finding creative ways to incorporate plants into her home decor. When she's not busy caring for her plants, you can usually find Rachel curled up with a good book or exploring the great outdoors with her two German Shepherds.

11 Types Of Knock Out Roses

Pink knockout rose photographed up-close, 11 Types of Knock Out Roses

Roses are incredibly beautiful plants. Whether they’re planted in the garden or adorn your countertops in a vase, they’ll be noticed and appreciated. They’re exquisitely designed, smell incredible, and come in many color varieties. With over 150 different species, you’re…

Do Roses Attract Pollinators?

A pink rosebush with focus on a bee gathering pollen, Do Roses Attract Pollinators?

Roses are arguably the most classic flower of all time and for good reason. They’re gorgeous, they come in numerous different colors, and their romantic element makes them a great addition to just about any garden. What’s more, they’re relatively…

14 Large Indoor Plants For Low Light

A collage of large indoor plants for low light with peace lily plant on the background, 14 Large Indoor Plants For Low Light

Indoor plants are Mother Nature’s charming answer to beautifying interiors while enhancing the quality of life within your four walls. These stealthy health warriors are known to boost the mood, reduce stress, and improve the air quality in the home.…

10 Moss Terrarium Kits For A Gorgeous Indoor Garden

10 Moss Terrarium Kits For A Gorgeous Indoor Garden

Moss terrariums are a soothing way to garden and to enjoy the peace and calming feelings that plant life brings. There are many different varieties of moss, each displaying various characteristics and visible attributes. Moss requires very little to keep…

40+ Stunning Tulip Arrangement Ideas

40+ Stunning Tulip Arrangement Ideas

Flower arrangements are some of the most beautiful displays! Tulips are one of the best flower choices for aesthetic displays. Their diverse color, soft texture, and dainty appearance make them a timeless choice. That’s why we decided to devote an…