Geranium Endressii [Care Tips & Pictures]

Geranium Endressii [Care Tips & Pictures]Geraniums are one of the most diverse plant families in the world. One of the most popular categories is Geranium Endressii.

This type of hardy geranium grows relatively low to the ground and has a sprawling habit of growth. Its dark green foliage has a rounded, deeply divided leaf shape. Bright pink cup-shaped blooms with dark pink veins are present from early May and into late September. The flowers can grow to be just over an inch wide while the leaves grow to be about 2 to 3 inches wide. The plant grows in a mound shape, reaching 16 to 20 inches in height and spreading out to nearly 2 feet in width at maturity.

What is Geranium Endressii?

The Geranium Ednressii belongs to the Geraniaceae family and is found in the Geranium genus. Just the genus of Geranium has over 400 species. It's also known by its common names, the Endres Cranesbill or French Cranesbill. Its common names are called so because of French Botanist Auguste R. Endrés. Cranesbill refers to the way in which the seed pod grows, appearing like the long beak of a crane. The Endressii species is a hardy, flowering, perennial semi-evergreen plant.

Geranium Endressii displays a pop of color with its vibrant pink petals that have magenta veins running through them. The petals stand out against their foliage underneath.

This geranium is native to France and the Western Pyrenees mountains of Spain, a region that is closely tied with this particular species. This particular mountain range runs between the borders of these two countries and separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of the European Continent. The Geranium Endressii must be hardy in order to have survived in those mountainous climates.

This species has won the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticulture Society.


How to grow Geranium Endressii

Where It Grows

Geranium Endressii should be planted in an outdoor garden. Since it has a spreading habit of growth, it can be used in pots or containers as a "spiller plant." This can help add texture, color, and dimension to an outdoor pot. As a garden addition, this plant serves well as a ground cover, a filler plant, an edging plant, or as a border.

Its medium rate of growth will help to form an attractive edge or border for a garden in a relatively short amount of time. Since it can grow in areas with partial shade, this plant is versatile in many areas of the garden.

Plant Size

It takes between 2 and 5 years for this geranium to reach its maximum height and width. The size of the geranium at maturity measures up to 20 inches in height and out to 20 inches in width. In order to encourage new foliage and growth, cut this species back midsummer, trim old stems, and deadhead the blooms. If the center of the plant is drying out, divide it to help the plant live longer.

This plant works wonderfully as a filler plant underneath tall trees or even shrubs, adding more interest to the area. The dense green semi-evergreen foliage will add dimension.

Growing Zones

This species of geranium can be planted in and survive in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3-9. This means that it can withstand low temperatures that dip into the negatives overnight. Picking a plant that can grow in your specific plant hardiness zone ensures the growing success of the plant.

Type of Soil

The Geranium Endressii can grow in most types of soil including loam, chalk, sand, or clay. It can also withstand any pH level of neutral, acidic, or alkaline varieties. Though it can grow in nearly any type of soil, slightly acidic is best. Being able to grow and prosper in any of these conditions makes it a low maintenance plant.

Light, Fertilization, and Watering

This geranium needs full sun to partial shade in order to thrive. Once it has been established, it can withstand longer periods of shade. Having a plant that survives in both full sun and partial shade can help add diversity to the garden. If the plant receives full sunlight the majority of the day, ensure that you water it more frequently. Read more here: Do geraniums need full sun?

This plant needs to be watered weekly in order to maintain moist soil and to be planted in well-draining soil. Well-draining soil helps prevent root rot and other diseases. Growth in fertile soil will help enhance foliage and blooms as well as maintain the overall health of the plant.

Growing Geranium Endressii Step by Step

  • Decide if you are going to plant seeds or a small seedling starter plant
  • Select a spot in the garden that receives full sun or is partially shaded
  • Make sure the soil is moist, well-draining, and moderately rich to increase the health of the plant
  • If planting more than one, space the plants about 2 to 3 feet apart
  • Water weekly and enjoy the vibrant blooms and attractive foliage!

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Geranium Endressii Inspiration

To help you decide whether or not to plant this type of geranium in your garden, we've put together an image gallery with a few more facts.

Enhance the Appeal of your Garden

Since this plant has both dense foliage and whimsical blooms, it is sure to enhance the appeal of your garden. It's perfect as an edging plant.

Add Texture and Color

The vibrancy of the geranium's blooms complement the colors and textures of numerous other plants in the garden. Mixing texture and color looks elegant and eye-catching.

Check out this guide for more pink geranium varieties.

Attract Pollinators

Attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies will add life to the garden. These creatures help to sustain plant reproduction and increase biodiversity.

Admire the Details

Each stem and flower showcases an array of intricate details that you have to look at closely to appreciate.

Create Contrast

Planting the Geranium Endressii next to flowers like this one help to draw out the color of each bloom. Use different shapes and colors.

Enjoy New Critters

Sometimes innocent garden creatures will make a new home and want to experience the geranium's charm for itself.

Not all critters are welcome though. If they could be a problem in your area, check out our post about deterring deer from eating your geraniums.

Appreciate the Vibrant Foliage

Even though the blooms are pretty, the vibrant green foliage adds intrigue as well. The texture and shape of this plant look stunning in any garden. It helps that it can thrive in both full sun and partial shade, so plant one in your garden today.

Withstand Low Temperatures

Since this variety of geranium can withstand low temperatures, it's the perfect hardy, flowering perennial for colder regions.

Line a Walkway

Lining or edging a walkway becomes easier when the Geranium Endressii can do the job. People will admire the plant as they stroll along the walkway.

Bask in the Evening Sunlight

This plant loves the sun. If you have a very sunny spot in your garden and can't figure out what to plant there, the Geranium Endressii is the plant for you.

Produce Abundant Blooms

The abundant blooms and foliage are show stoppers in the garden. This plant is great for filling in that garden space that you haven't known what to do with.

Intricate Flower Details

The stamens of the Geranium Endressii are dainty, colorful, and elegant. The veining of each petal is different and intriguing. These things make for a captivating flower that will increase the appeal of your garden.

Voluminous Filler Plant

This geranium is a voluminous filler plant that will help make your garden look more full and complete. It adds a level of interest and aids in making the area feel cozier.

Complement other Blooms

The bright pink petals of the Geranium Endressii does a great job of complementing the colors of other flowers and plants. The colors of each of the blooms against their green foliage intensify each other and help them stand out.

Where to Purchase

Various online stores sell Geranium Endressii seeds and plants so that you can enjoy the foliage and blooms in your own garden. Before you purchase this plant, check to see if it will grow in your plant hardiness zone.

Geranium Endressii 'Pink Lace' Seeds

Pink Lace is a hybrid variety of the Geranium Endressii which shows off intricate dark pink veins in the flower petals. This packet of high-quality seeds is sure to enhance the allure of your garden.

Still need to shop around? Our list of top 40 online stores for geranium seeds and plants is where you'll find them.

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