Top 40 Online Stores for Buying Geranium Plants and Seeds

Brightly colored geraniums are lovely additions to the old-fashioned flower garden, hanging baskets and are a favorite for houseplants. They are available in a wide variety of colors and plant types and fortunately, there are lots of different online retailers where you can find geraniums. Below we have found the top 40 online stores to help you find your perfect plant!

Oh, and if you're still not sure whether this is the right plan for your garden, make sure to check out our post about how to grow geraniums. Or get some inspiration from this list of 15 pink geranium varieties.

Top 40 Online Stores for buying Geranium Plants and Seeds

1. Amazon

Amazon website product page

Of course, this list won’t be complete without mentioning Amazon, easily the most significant online vendor on the planet. They have millions of products to choose from and provide free shipping on most products. Amazon even has a dedicated section for plants and gardening in general, including hundreds of results for geranium. We were able to find around 900 geranium plants and seeds of various varieties.

You can shop securely with Amazon since their massive online presence is maintained with state of the art infrastructure.

Click here to learn more.


2. Wal-Mart

Walmart website product page

Wal-Mart is almost synonymous with shopping, having well over 6000 physical stores operating in the US. It commands an equally strong online presence thanks to its robust and highly responsible website. They have just about everything in the store locked and loaded. Place your order and call it a day. Wal-Mart has an impressive collection of geranium plants and seeds you won’t find elsewhere.

We found over 3,300 geranium plants and seeds, least to say, this should be your go-to place if you want some high-quality geranium plants. Best of all, Wal-Mart has a free returns policy that varies from one merchant to another.

Click here to explore their website.

3. Etsy

Etsy website product page

Etsy provides small businesses with an open platform to sell their products using scalable business models. Today, Etsy has a staggering 2 million sellers who offer craft supplies, décor products, and of course plants. Their collection of geranium plants is considerably less Walmart, dipping slightly under 700 results when you use their search engine.

You will appreciate the free shipping on select items, plus there are tons of discounts you can easily avail.

Click here to explore their website.

4. Michigan Bulb

Michigan Bulb website product page

Among all the clutter and mess, you’ll find a rare business that promises to be reliable and affordable. Michigan Bulb is one such business that exclusively deals in plants and flowers, including geranium. At this time they only provide three rare Geranium plants, including the beautiful Blue and White Hardy Everblooming Geranium mix for only $9.99. But hurry up because their geranium plants are selling like hot cake.

The website regularly features marketing campaigns that provide massive discounts to users, including their current 40% sitewide discount!

Click here to explore their website.

5. The Paragon

The Paragon website product page

Paragon is a rare website, and very few people know about it. What sets them apart is the fact that they’ve been in business for over 40 years, dealing in plants and flowers. We were able to find only one result for geranium. The website accepts a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal for a secure shopping experience.

The best part is their unconditional merchandise guarantee that gives you a window of 60 days to decide if the product is right for you.

Click here to learn more.

6. Joann

Joann website product page

Joann is a small sized business that started way back in 1943. They mostly deal in arts and gardening projects and have a broad range of plants to choose from, including freshly picked geranium. We placed Joann high on this list because they offer incredibly generous discounts to the tune of over 70% off on certain products.

Shipping rates stay at a constant $1.99, which isn't free, but at least you won’t have to spend more on shipping costs. They have a robust refunding policy, but they do deduct $7.95 for shipping and handling.

Click here to learn more.

7. Park Seed

Park Seed website product page

Park Seed has become the go-to place for many gardening enthusiasts because they have been in business for over an impressive 150 years, making them older than most countries! Their website is fluid, responsive, and payments take place securely.  They also have live chat services, in case you need to ask them a few questions regarding growth conditions, we found their staff to be very accommodating.

Shipping isn’t free, although it stays constant at $2.99 on seed orders.

Click here to learn more.

8. GrowJoy

GrowJoy website product page

GrowJoy’s website would benefit from some minor touch up, but for the most part, the site is fast and makes for a smooth shopping experience. The business exclusively deals in geranium plants and seeds, which makes them more reliable than vendors like Amazon and eBay.

We appreciate their free shipping policy on orders over $50, plus they also guarantee that the product will arrive at your doorstep fast. GrowJoy has dozens of geranium plants to choose from, including a wide variety of variants you won’t find elsewhere.

Click here to learn more on their website.

9. Logee’s

Logee’s website product page

Logee’s was a rare find because we had to comb across several search results to find them. We placed them on this list for a simple reason: customer experience. Plus they’ve been in business over a hundred years. They have an incredibly helpful staff that will guide you on growth conditions, climate, soil pH, and other valuable details. We found 22 geranium plants and seeds on Logee’s. The website itself is super fast and responds well to mobile phones.

This means you can browse their massive catalog from the comforts of your phone without feeling the need to hop over to your computer.

Click here to check out their website.

10. Breck’s

Breck’s website product page

They have only 19 geranium plants and seeds for sale, plus they operate out of Canada, so expect high shipping fees. But Breck’s made it to this list for a simple reason: their products come with a lifetime guarantee, a useful feature if you decide to purchase in bulk. Besides, Breck’s has a super helpful staff that will stay with you on phone for as long as you need their advice.

They regularly give away huge discounts and special offers that result in generous price reductions. One particularly useful feature is their search engine, which is equipped with essential filters such as hardiness zone, exposure, bloom time, and shipping season. This ensures your plants have a chance at surviving instead of wilting right after they arrive at your doorstep!

Click here to learn more on their website.

11. Holland Bulb Farms

Holland Bulb Farms website product page

It isn’t easy finding an honest seller that emphasizes customer experience above all, but we feel that Holland Bulb Farms hits all the right notes. Their product description is beneficial, providing you with all the growing information you need before placing an order, this saves you both time and money. Besides, the last thing you want is to find out only too late, that the geranium seed you ordered is out of season where you live.

Click here to learn more.

12. Ferry Morse

Holland Bulb Farms website product

Ferry Morse should be your go-to place for all your online gardening needs. They sell live plants, seeds, and gardening kits for hobbyists just getting started. Plus, they frequently give away generous discounts.  The best part is free shipping on orders over $25, which saves you a ton of money.

All their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you’re not happy with the plant you purchased, you’ll get a gift card equal to the value of your purchase. Unfortunately, this means they offer a no-returns policy.

Click here to learn more.

13. Plant People

Plant People website product page

Plant People is a breath of fresh air among a slew of online vendors with less-than-friendly customer policies. They emphasize customer experience above everything else and have one of the most fluid websites we’ve seen. Shopping is safe and secure, thanks to robust SSL encryption and McAfee Secure. You can pay with credit cards or PayPal. Their orders ship in as little as 72 hours with free shipping if you spend more than $45.

We were able to get a 10% discount on our first purchase. The product arrived within a week after ordering, which is a bummer if Amazon Prime has already spoiled you.

Click here to learn more.

14. Shady Hill

Shady Hill website product page

Their website was so marred with cluttered menus and boring dashboards, it gave us a headache. Their order form was particularly offensive and spanned over two pages long. But if you can get past the outdated menus and giant walls of text, you’ll find Shady Hill Gardens to be particularly useful. There is no question about the quality of their geranium plants and seeds. They’re perfect.

Click here to learn more.

15. eBay

eBay website product page

eBay made it to this list. No surprise there. eBay always reserves a spot in any online retailer list. They have hundreds of thousands of products to choose from and just as many vendors. What we like about eBay is free shipping and economical pricing since there’s so much competition. You are practically guaranteed both quality and quantity if you choose eBay.

Do keep an eye out for discounts and deals, because they’re a dime a dozen.

Click here to learn more.

16. Wholesale Nursery

Wholesale Nursery website product page

Wholesale Nursery is an online vendor that genuinely cares about its customers, going so far as to dedicate blogs and useful product descriptions for each specific geranium. This ensures you know what you’re buying into before placing an order. Wholesale Nursery lives by their ‘lowest price’ rule, so we’d be surprised if you can find cheaper rates elsewhere. There are currently 11 results for geranium plants.

Plus you can reach their helpful sales staff during regular office hours. They will always get back to you via live chat or email. You can also contact them via their toll-free number.

Click here to learn more.

17. Bluestone Perennials

Bluestone Perennials website product page

Bluestone Perennials is a business that was founded exclusively for gardening enthusiasts. They have an impressive range of plants to choose from, including geranium. We were able to find at least 28 geranium plants and seeds on their dashboard, which loaded up fast. Bluestone Perennials is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which adds another layer of authenticity for buyers.

They also offer a 100% unconditional guarantee on their products, so if you find something defective, you will get full a full refund.

Click here to learn more.

18. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery website product page

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is another business that guarantees the lowest prices on their plants. They provide a helpful dashboard that contains lots of information pertaining to their plants. The only issue we had was the lack of variety, at this time, and they only sell three geranium plants, a far cry from the thousands of varieties sold by Amazon.

That said, they provide a warranty on their products and have a helpful staff that is always willing to provide you with information.

Click here to learn more.

19. Michell’s

Michell’s website product page

Michell's is yet another business that doesn’t realize the importance of a clean, fast, clutter-free website, but it more than makes up for this by shipping high-quality geranium varieties that you won’t find elsewhere. They did get one thing right though: payments are 100% secure and take place behind powerful SSL encryption. Michell’s deals exclusively in geranium plants, which means they will provide a higher degree of information that other vendors might not be able to.

Click here to learn more.

20. Home Depot

Home Depot website product page

Home Depot is an e-commerce giant that doesn’t need any introduction. They do offer a section for plants and flowers, including, of course, geranium. Home Depot has a helpful team of sales reps that want to make sure you get the best product. Make sure to keep an eye out for any discounts as Home Depot doesn’t do a particularly good job of advertising its promo campaigns.

They have a robust returns policy that allows you to return a product in as little as 90 days.

Click here to learn more.

21. Best Seeds Online

Best Seeds Online website product page

With a name like that, you’d think the website is getting slightly ahead of itself, but we can attest to the quality of their goods. Their geranium plants and seeds won’t wilt any time soon, provided you take good care of them. Best Seeds Online has a straightforward dashboard that lets you select your choice of plant in just a few simple clicks. Oh, and they provide free shipping to save you money.

They have a very narrow returns policy of 15 days only.

Click here to learn more on their website.

22. Outside Pride

Outside Pride website product page

Outside Pride has a straightforward website with a no-nonsense attitude: you get what you see. All the information you need is right in front of you. Prices are cheap with prompt shipping services (not free by the way).  You have about 30 days to return the product if it is defected, at the cost of 15% return fees.

Click here to learn more.

23. Direct Gardening

Direct Gardening website product page

Direct Gardening is yet another website that has a boring web design that requires quite a few clicks to get to your product. Their only saving grace is the helpful search bar that yields instantaneous results, with at least seven geranium seeds. You can reach their sales rep over the phone but not live chat. That said, their plants are cheap and very high quality.

Click here to learn more.

24. Gurney’s

Gurney’s website product page

With over 100 years in business, Gurney’s has become the online vendor of choice for many gardening enthusiasts and for a good reason. They provide high-quality geranium plants and seeds at a cost-effective price. Shipping isn’t free though.

Click here to learn more.

25. Garden Goods Direct

Garden Goods Direct website product page

The secret to Garden Goods Direct is simple: they have their own plant nursery where they grow high-quality plants. This effectively cuts any middle man in the picture, allowing you to purchase fresh plants directly from the growers. You get a low price, free shipping (on orders over $99), and helpful sales reps.

Click here to learn more.

26. Seed World

Seed World website product page

Seed World exclusively deals in plants and flowers. As such, they have an extensive range of products to choose from, including geranium seeds. They provide you with secure checkout and prompt shipping. The website is powered by Shopify.

Click here to learn more.

27. Wayside Gardens

Wayside Gardens website product page

Wayside Gardens has grown into becoming a useful resource for gardening enthusiasts worldwide, providing a wide range of plants and flowers, including gardening kits. Most of their products quickly sell out in after only a short while, so make sure to order now.

Click here to learn more.

28. Jung Seed

Jung Seed website product page

Jung Seed cares about plants so much that they maintain an active blog about plant maintenance. Their blog is a useful resource about all things related to geranium. They do provide free shipping but only on orders over $100, which makes them slightly expensive than other vendors on this list.

Click here to learn more.

29. New Garden plants

New Garden plants website product page

New Garden Plants' online business is a rare gem, providing you with 100% secure shopping thanks to SSL encryption and a robust sales team. They have a smaller selection of plants and only five unique geranium varieties that you will want to buy.

Click here to learn more.

30. Gardening-Plants

Gardening-Plants website product page

We were surprised to find this website. It provides free shipping on orders over $50, which is rare among sites that aren’t massive conglomerates like Amazon and eBay. Gardening-Plants offers generous discounts.

Click here to learn more.

31. Sooner Plant Farm

Sooner Plant Farm website product page

This brand offers a very fluid shopping experience that cuts straight into the meat of the matter, allowing you to purchase geranium plants in just a few short clicks. Their search engine lets you narrow down to plants based on their zone compatibility. Use your zip code to find the best match. Shipping is fast, and the price is low.

Click here to learn more.

32. Garden Crossings

Garden Crossings website product page

If a helpful sales staff and prompt shipping are features you care about, then Garden Crossings should be high on your list. They are accredited by the Better Business  Bureau with an A+ rating. They accept credit cards and PayPal. You can reach their customer support team through live chat.

Click here to learn more.

33. NewChic

NewChic website product page

With a website that looks like it caters specifically to fashionistas, you wouldn’t expect NewChic to also offer a little something for the gardeners out there. Not only do they offer geranium plants, but they are also some of the cheapest we could find.

Click here to learn more.

34. Nursery Stock

Nursery Stock website product page

Nursery Stock is a small business but still realizes the importance of giving discount coupons and gift cards. They have at least 9 geranium plants and seeds for sale, although shipping is very expensive.

Click here to learn more.

35.  Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer website product page

We were delighted to find Urban Farmer, which despite their small size wants to provide their buyers with features such as free shipping and generous discount codes. They provide helpful instructions to grow and maintain geranium plants. There are only 2 geranium varieties to choose from.

Click here to learn more.

36.  Dutch Bulbs

Dutch Bulbs website product page

Their name may sound foreign, but Dutch Bulbs does ship around the world including the US (with few exceptions). As a result, prices are slightly on the up and up with expensive shipping rates. The geranium itself is very reliable.

Click here to learn more.

37. Jack Seeds

Jack Seeds website product page

Jack Seeds has been in business since 1859 and provides shipping around the world. Returns are easy and the plant is guaranteed to be of sufficiently high quality. They regularly provide discounts to new buyers.

Click here to buy Geranium on JackSeeds.

38. Great Garden Plants

Great Garden Plants website product page

They provide free shipping on orders over $149, which is so steep you’re better off paying shipping for yourself. We were impressed with their highly informative dashboard which provides useful information such as growing zone, growth conditions, and more.

Click here to learn more.

39. Jackson and Perkins

Jackson and Perkins website product page

Established in 1872, Jackson & Perkins are well known among gardening enthusiasts, offering high-quality plants and seeds. Their online presence is just as useful with lots of useful information and tips. They regularly offer discounts and fast shipping. We found 18 geranium varieties to choose from.

Click here to learn more.

40. Bonanza

Bonanza website product page

Originally a fashion outlet, Bonanza diversified into other business interests including plants and gardening. They regularly offer discounts and free shipping over orders above $100. We found a whopping 2700+ results for geranium, but make sure to read their product description before buying seeds.

We hope you find this list helpful! Whether you're looking for a common geranium plant or a rare variety, we know you're going to find what you need in one of these online stores!

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