Where To Buy Pumice For Your Gardening Needs [Top 15 Online Stores]

Where to Buy Pumice for Your Gardening Needs [Top 15 Online Stores]Pumice, a porous volcanic rock, works great as a soil conditioner. Since it's porous, it can help retain nutrients, increase aeration and drainage in the soil, and will not decompose over time so it gets optimal usage. Using pumice in your garden will improve the soil.

Online shopping allows making decisions to be much easier. You can browse options, weigh the pros and cons of each product, and purchase it all from the comfort of your own home. So look below at all the options of where you can buy pumice online to meet all of your gardening needs.

1. Amazon

Recognized as the largest retailer in the world, Amazon has a vast selection of almost anything you can think of. This capability ensures that you'll be able to find a variety of gardening pumice. Amazon has many sellers, so you can click through many options and find what will fit your needs.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you are eligible for free 2-day shipping. This site also has a place to write a review for every product, so you can scroll through reviews that people have written about products in which you're interested.

The ease of use, wide selection, and competitive pricing make Amazon a great place to buy pumice. Click here for Pumice products on Amazon.

Amazon website product page

2. Walmart

Founded in 1962, Walmart has come a long way in terms of its product offerings. With Sam Walton's leadership, this corporation has expanded to having over 11,000 stores worldwide. They offer multitudes of products both online and in-store.

"Save Money. Live Better." is the motto that Walmart lives by so they can best serve their customers. Their gardening selection both in-store and online will provide you with what you're looking for in terms of finding the right pumice.

Head online to Walmart.com to pick the right pumice for your plants.

Walmart website product page

3. Etsy

Independent sellers from around the world can sell their products on Etsy. This e-commerce site focuses on crafty items, vintage items, custom items, and all kinds of categories. Since gardening is an art, Etsy provides offerings that will fit your needs.

You can browse the site to find the pumice that you want and interact with the independent sellers on their pages. Many sellers will offer free shipping with your purchase. Pumice can be found in all different package sizes, content composition, and price.

Check out Etsy to see if a seller has the right pumice for you.

Etsy website product page

4. General Pumice

Based in Southern California, this small business has mastered its selling of a niche product, pumice. It's locally and ethically sourced from 2 mines in Olancha, California. Each bag of pumice sold has been mined, packaged, and shipped on-site.

This company offers 3 different size options in terms of each piece of pumice and is packaged in a 15-pound bag or in larger bulk sizes of 30 pounds or even 2,000 pounds. Chances are you'll only need a smaller bag or two.

If you're interested in ordering a product where you can trace it from raw material to the package you buy, head over to General Pumice to pick out your bag.

General Pumice website product page

5. Wayfair

This e-commerce store offers millions of different items to meet all your home decor, outdoor, and gardening needs. They have thousands of suppliers, so there are many options from which to choose.

Wayfair is a great one-stop shop for you to outfit your outdoor patio, decorate the garden, and fill it with everything you may need to complete the look you want. They offer free shipping with orders over $49, so why not add in some new flower pots or planters, too.

To finish out your garden, check out the pumice and all that Wayfair has to offer.

Wayfair website product page

6. Build A Soil

Build A Soil began when a gardener with a lifelong interest in plants desired to be self-sufficient and grow his own garden. The gardener researched many different ingredients until happy with what he created. With Build A Soil, you can receive customer organic fertilizer.

Though this company doesn't offer a ton of variety as far as pumice goes, it sells a high-quality blend that will increase the health of your soil. Build A Soil offers free shipping on their 1/2 cubic (37 pounds) bagged products.

Test out Build A Soil and see what it's custom products can do for your garden today!

Build A Soil website product page

7. Nature's Footprint

"Change your Impact" is the mission of this company and it shows in all of their innovative, sustainable products. Through their work, they hope to bring more awareness to natural gardening and organic waste recycling.

Nature's Footprint's soil amendments are completely natural and renewable, ensuring the best and highest quality. You can purchase pumice for your garden in a 5-gallon bag from this store, ensuring you get an ample supply that's sure to last a long time.

Head over to Nature's Footprint to browse organic solutions and get your pumice today.

Nature's Footprint website product page

8. Bulk Apothecary

Though this website has a focus on natural ingredients and essential oils, the pumice sourced by them is top quality. Bulk Apothecary began as a brick and mortar store in 2010 but has since expanded its online presence and capabilities.

This company is recognized for its exceptional customer service, low prices, and great quality of products. You can also check out reviews for each product to see what previous customers have experienced with the product in which you're interested.

Test out Bulk Apothecary to see what its products could do for you.

Bulk Apothecary website product page

9. Eastern Leaf

Established in 2004 as a local vendor at a farmer's markets in San Diego, CA, Eastern Leaf had humble beginnings. From barely making it by as a local vendor to now needing warehouse space and a local nursery, this company has found its way.

They sell Zen related plants like bonsai trees and bamboo trees as well as gardening needs like pumice. They offer $10 off purchases $75 + and free shipping on purchases over $100.

Browse what Eastern Leaf has to offer in terms of pumice and Zen-related plants.

Eastern Leaf website product page

10. Hess Pumice Products

Located in Idaho, this company runs a pumice mine and processing company to turn the pumice to be usable in various applications. They are a lead supplier in the industry and have keen attention to detail to ensure that you receive the best product.

Hess offers different grades of pumice that will match your garden needs. They offer a few different sizes of the pumice stone and different sized bags (ranging from 5 pounds to 100+ pounds).

Click through Hess Pumice Products' website and see what benefits you can receive from purchasing their pumice.

Hess Pumice products website product page

11. Grow Organic

Grow Organic is a small, family-owned company that goes against the grain of modern, industrial food production. For over 40 years, Grow Organic has sought to provide people with sustainable alternative products with a smaller carbon footprint.

This company prioritizes high-quality production over modern methods that lead to diminished quality and poor nutrition. Grow Organic is a strong proponent of homegrown, sustainable agricultural practices. Packages are 1 cubic foot.

Improve your soil aeration and drainage when you purchase from Grow Organic.

Grow Organic website product page

12. Superfly Bonsai

Superfly Bonsai is an online retailer based in Pennsylvania that's all things bonsai. This site specializes in selling products that are specifically geared toward growing bonsais. From soil mix or fertilizer to pots and carving tools, this site can supply everything you need for bonsais.

Superfly Bonsai has a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with their product. Their pumice soil is sourced from California and is ready to use out of the bag. Their bag sizes are 13 liters, 2.5 quarts, or 6 quarts.

Make sure to see what Superfly Bonsai has to offer you.

Superfly Bonsai website product page

13. Vital Garden Supply

Vital Garden Supply is a family-owned and operated business that started in 2006. Located in California, this company sells natural, organic, and sustainable products.

Most of what Vital Garden Supply specializes in is soil and soil additives. This company sells several different kinds of soil mixtures with micronutrients that are beneficial for any garden. They offer their pumice stone in 1 cubic foot bags.

To find all kinds of organic soil additives and fertilizers, browse through Vital Garden Supply.

VItal Garden Supply website product page

14. Eartheasy

Eartheasy is a family-owned business dedicated to providing customers with environmentally friendly products. Eartheasy sells just about any garden product you can imagine. From raised garden bed kits to composting materials, Eartheasy has it all.

It's apparent that this retailer is dedicated to providing customers with an array of products geared toward personal sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This retailer offers free shipping on their 3-gallon bags and the product will be shipped within 2-3 business days.

Shop at Eastheasy to find the perfect pumice for your garden.

Eartheasy website product page

15. Noah Garden Centre

This company desires to provide quality products that are affordable so that everyone can enjoy them. They were established when they began to sell the excess garden products from one of their parent companies.

This garden center offers this selection in a 40+ pound bag so you can be sure to treat your garden with the appropriate amount of pumice soil amendment.

Discover the joys that gardening has to offer and head over to Noah Garden Centre.

Noah Garden Centre website product page

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