Ivy Geranium [Care Tips, Photos, and Shopping Links]

Ivy Geranium [Care tips, photos and shopping links]Geraniums are one of the most diverse plant families in the world. One of the most popular categories is Ivy Geranium.

This type of perennial geranium has a trailing habit of growth, making it flow beautifully and look phenomenal when hung in a basket. This geranium has ivy shaped leaves and flowers that hang whimsically on long, loose, slender stems. The blooms can be single-colored, bi-colored, or patterned, as well as single, 5 petaled flowers, semi-double, or double blooms. Colors and patterns can be red, white, pink, lavender, purple, salmon, orange, or even maroon.

What is Ivy Geranium?

Ivy Geranium's botanical name is Pelargonium peltatum. Pelargonium refers to the plant's genus, while peltatum refers to its species. Pelargonium comes from the Greek word, pelargos, meaning "stork." The seed pod of this geranium looks much like the beak of a stork, referencing its Greek name origin. Its scientific name, peltatum, comes from the Latin word, "pelta," which means "shield bearing." This alludes to the plant's leaf shape. Like all geraniums, Ivy Geranium belongs to the Geraniaceae family.

Ivy Geranium is native to South Africa, but upon its discovery, it has found itself transferred to many different countries because of its low maintenance care and attractive qualities.

Over 75 different cultivars exist in this category, each displaying variations of different colors, sizes, and shapes.

How to Grow Ivy Geranium

Where It Grows

This geranium looks great when planted for hanging baskets or containers, flower beds, garden edges, ground cover, or window boxes. It grows best in full sun but will need some shaded coverage if it endures hotter climates.

Since this geranium looks great in containers, you can grow it inside as long as it receives adequate sunlight and watering. Keep it inside if temperatures drop below 50 degrees F because it does not like the cold.


Plant Size

Ivy Geranium can grow to a height between 1 and 2 feet and spread to a width between 3 and 5 feet. Its blooms last from early spring until late fall, providing a show of flowers. Its foliage consists of fleshy, shiny, bright green leaves that measure 2 to 3 inches in width.

Deadhead the depleted blooms in order to increase the number of future blooms and pinch off some new stems to prompt branching and shape the growth of the plant. Using trellises can encourage Ivy Geranium to climb.

Growing Zones

Ivy Geranium performs best in cool nights and sunny days because it leads to having the most flowering blooms. It will grow in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9, 10, and 11. The map shows you which zones belong in each region so that you can make sure it will grow in your garden.

The leaves of this geranium are prone to several issues if it's not monitored carefully. Younger leaves may look white if temperatures are too high, but they'll return to their normal green hue once the temperature cools. Another issue is edema. This can occur if the plant's roots absorb more water than they're releasing from their leaves, creating "water blisters." Once it has been established, it is drought tolerant.

Type of Soil

When planting Ivy Geranium in a garden, add organic matter to the soil if it doesn't already have it. If you plant this geranium in a container or hanging basket, use a soil-less, peat moss based mixture. The soil must be well-draining in order to remain healthy.

The soil should be neutral to slightly alkaline in makeup for best-growing results.

Light, Fertilization, and Watering

To grow at its best, Ivy Geranium needs full sun during the day and then partial shade toward the evening. Allowing too much sun to strike it may lead to a decreased number and size of the blooms. If it's in a hanging basket or container, bring it inside before the first frost.

The plant needs to be in evenly moist soil because being in standing water can lead to a variety of issues for the plant's future growth and health. Allow about an inch to 2 inches of soil to dry before watering it again. If the geranium is grown in containers or hanging baskets, it may need more frequent watering. Once it has been established, it is drought tolerant.

In order to get the most out of your Ivy Geranium and to see plentiful blooms, use high phosphorous fertilizers when the Ivy Geranium is budding and flowering. Watering the plant with the recommended fertilizer solution will ensure healthy growth.

Growing Ivy Geranium Step-by-Step

  • Decide if you're going to plant the seeds/seedling starter plant in a container, hanging basket, or in the garden
  • Locate it in a spot that gets mostly full sun in the day and partial shade in the evening
  • Make sure the soil is moist, well-draining, and rich with organic matter to increase the health of the plant
  • Use a slow-release fertilizer on the plants every so often; it should have a 10-10-10 formula
  • Water weekly and enjoy the explosive blooms and attractive foliage!

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Plant Inspiration

Container Cascades

The blooms and foliage of this geranium cascade beautifully out of containers. The flowers seem to defy gravity as they tumble down the sides.

Balcony Interest

Ivy Geraniums are low maintenance, making them great container plants for small spaces like an outdoor balcony. If you don't have much or any garden space, these plants are an excellent choice.

See more geraniums in hanging baskets here.

Vibrant Spillover

The brightly colored blooms of this geranium complement the deep colors of its foliage. It will be sure to brighten up any bland-looking area.

Dress Up Any Porch

Since Ivy Geranium comes in so many different colors and textures, you can find one that will fit your vision. These red Ivy Geraniums contrast beautifully with the white walls of the house and add some festivity.

Spruce Up a Bouquet

The vibrant blooms of Ivy Geranium will contribute a new dimension, texture, and color to any bouquet.

Diverse Colors

The unique patterns found in the Ivy Geranium blooms are fascinating and eye-catching.

Check out 15 varieties of pink geraniums here, and a bunch of red geranium varieties here.

Macrame Containers for Indoor Intrigue

The growing pattern of the Ivy Geranium can be emphasized in hanging macrame containers.

Easily Find Them at Your Local Plant Nursery

Ivy Geraniums are a favorite, so you'll be able to find numerous varieties of the plant at your nearest plant nursery. Find the perfect plant to fit your needs.

Abundant Blooms and Foliage Draw Attention

The dramatic growing pattern, bloom abundance, and dense foliage dramatically enhances the face of buildings. You can't miss a building when it has flowers like these spilling from its window boxes.

Create Climbing Ivy Geranium

Training Ivy Geranium to climb upwards is distinctive since it's usually seen cascading downwards. It creates a beautiful effect.

Outdoor Patio Charm

Using Ivy Geranium on your patio will add charm and cheer to the area.

Propagate to Create New Plants

Ivy Geranium is a very easy plant to propagate and should be done in the fall months. Roots will establish after only a few weeks and can be transplanted to its permanent location after the risk of any more frost. This is a great way to create more Ivy Geranium.

Vintage Upcycling Enhancement

Ivy Geranium creates added interest to this old truck. The flowers help make the truck the focal point and create an eye-catching scene.

Attract Pollinators

Attracting pollinators such as butterflies and bees assists plants with reproduction and adds diverseness to the garden.

Brighten Up an Office Park

Ivy Geranium helps to brighten up any office region; its use can go beyond your backyard garden.

Where to Purchase

Ivy Geraniums come in many different varieties, so make sure you shop around to find the perfect fit for your garden. Whether you're planting this geranium from seed or seedling, you'll soon enjoy the colorful blooms and foliage.

Ivy Leaf Geranium - Fuchsia Seeds

Purchase this fuchsia-colored ivy geranium in packets of 10 or 20 seeds. These plants enjoy sunlight and will look beautiful as it spills over its container.

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Great Balls of Fire Ivy Geranium Starter Plants

This package of 4 starter plants will kickstart your garden's geranium growth and will add a nice pop of color.

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Contessa White Ivy Geranium Starter Plants

These 4 starter plants can be transferred directly into a garden or container as soon as you receive them. Water them well and put them in well-draining fertile soil mixture.

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Ivy Geranium Seed Mix

This packet of mixed seeds will add color and variety to your garden. These are high-quality seeds that come in each packet.

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White Ivy Geranium Seeds

This package of white Ivy Geranium comes in packets with 10 or 20 seeds. The sowing rate is 2-3 seeds per plant and they will flower quickly from seed.

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For even more options, check out this post about the top 40 online stores where you can buy geranium seeds and plants.

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