Transforming A Swimming Pool Into a Thriving Koi Pond: A Viral Journey

Have you ever seen a run-of-the-mill swimming pool transformed into a teeming koi pond?

Sounds wild! But that's exactly what the ingenious @bess_auer and her family did, and the transformation has been nothing short of amazing.

We're talking over a hundred koi fish swimming around in their backyard, turning their pool into a living, breathing aquatic spectacle!

The best part? Over 86.3K followers are hooked on this crazy, beautiful transformation story, and we're about to share the details with you.

How It All Began

When Hurricane Irma turned their swimming pool into an unsightly green mess, Bess Auer and her family decided to take an unconventional approach.

They decided to try and take care of koi fish and began with just four fish, planning to add more if they survived.

As the family happily reported, not only did these fish live, but they also thrived. They added 40 more and multiplied to a staggering population of over a hundred.

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In a short time, what was once a simple swimming pool became a bustling hub of aquatic life, offering daily enjoyment for the family and online followers alike.

Watch the story here:


People ask if we really turned our swimming pool into a Koi pond. And yes, we did! You see, we never used our pool that much anymore, so after hurricane, Irma turned green, we decided to put Koi in it. They lived and grew and multiplied, and now we gotta enjoy this beautiful Koi pond every day. A lot of people would not have done this, but it works well for us.

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Exploring the Pool’s Underwater Terrain

Curious viewers have often wondered about the pool's underwater environment.

Given the intentionally green water—chosen for its health benefits to the fish—viewing the bottom of the pool can be challenging.

During a major water change, however, Bess Auer gave her followers a rare glimpse into the pool's base, revealing a finish called Pebble Tec, a natural-looking pool finish that contributes to the pond-like aesthetic.

See what the bottom looks like in this video:


Ever since we changed our swimming pool into a Koi pond, almost 6 years ago, we’ve gotten lots of questions. One of the more interesting ones is what does the bottom of the pool now look like? And that’s a little tough to answer because we use green water on purpose for its health benefits for the fish, and we don’t always get to see the bottom of the pool. But when my husband does go in, he can feel the bottom of the pool, and he can go down and look. So since we are doing a big water change right now due to a lot of rain recently, I decided to go ahead and show you what the first step looks like. We re-finished the pool a few years before we changed over to a Koi pond, and we used what’s called pebble Tec, which is a finish on the pool that looks very natural. So there you go!

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An Unconventional Swim

Many followers question whether the family still uses the pool for swimming, given its new inhabitants.

The answer? Absolutely! As Floridians, swimming with local wildlife is not uncommon. Whether it's sharks or alligators, they've seen it all.

So, a dip with the koi fish feels like a fun, unique experience rather than a daunting one.

Initially, the koi may be timid, but they quickly warm up to their human swimming buddies, making for a truly immersive experience.

Evidence of swimming with the kois in this video:

@bess_auer Replying to @Precious ♬ Happy Summer - Vin Music

Feeding Time at the Koi Pond

Feeding time offers a particularly captivating spectacle. While the green water usually conceals the koi's vibrant colors, mealtime brings them to the surface in a flurry of movement, making them appear like "tiny jewels dancing."

The feeding frenzy allows followers a unique view of the koi, adding another layer of intrigue to this extraordinary transformation.

Watch the feeding frenzy here:


We are the ones that turned our swimming pool into a Koi pond, and one of my favorite times is feeding time. The Koi all come to the top and we get to see their true colors. Enjoy!

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Responding to Viewer Questions

In true TikTok fashion, @bess_auer regularly engages with her followers, answering a variety of questions about the pool-to-pond conversion.

They've addressed topics like the initial chemical decontamination of the pool, which @bess_auer answered took about two weeks to ensure a safe environment for the fish.

Another follower @odaglast also asked if the pool emits any fishy smell, which the creator answered the pool has no smell due to constant water filtration.

When asked about incorporating plants into the ecosystem, Bess noted that while they do cycle plants in occasionally, the koi tend to enjoy them so they don't do it often.

As for water changes, these are infrequent—perhaps twice a year—consisting of draining a few feet of water and refilling the pool with a hose, then turning on the filters.

@bess_auer's TikTok journey of turning a swimming pool into a thriving koi pond is not just about an unconventional home improvement project.

It's about embracing change, learning about aquatic life, and finding joy in the unexpected.

Most importantly, it's a powerful reminder that with a bit of creativity and a dash of courage, we can transform any space into something truly magical.

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