Stylishly Support Your Pothos With This Incredible Copper Wire Hack

Lively, energetic, and loaded with creativity, the vibrant TikTok channel @sofloridagirl brings joy and inspiration to 149.9K followers daily.

One recent post, however, shot through the ranks of the usual brilliance to reach viral status with an amazing 2.7 million views!

This isn't just another entertaining video; it’s a charming fusion of art, science, and a dash of DIY spirit.

What’s the buzz about, you ask? Jaime Hidalgo, the creative brain behind @sofloridagirl, shared a unique DIY method to grow a pothos plant, blending horticulture and wire art to yield a truly stunning result.

Golden pothos (epipremnum) stem cuttings with roots in a glass with water ready to pot.

Watch how she did it here:

@sofloridagirl Thank you @Liz Fox Roseberry for sharing your talents. You are so creative #wire #pothosplant #pothospropagation #watercultureplanting #wireart #pothosplantcare ♬ original sound - Jaime Colby Hidalgo

The video is a delightful tribute to Liz Fox Roseberry, the creative inspiration behind the project.

The video kicks off by introducing a thriving pothos plant growing blissfully in a clear glass jar.

With an aquatic ballet of roots beneath and vibrant foliage above, the plant looks picture perfect.

But Jaime doesn't stop there. Next, she brings out a length of copper wire, and the true magic begins.

She loops the wire around the lip of the glass jar, extending it upwards to create a bendable plant pole.

In a few swift, precise moves, Jaime has turned an ordinary plant holder into an elegant, artsy plant support system.

The wire not only adds a dash of style, but it also gives the pothos leaves and vines much-needed support, creating a symbiotic blend of art and nature.

TikTok Community Reacts!

Green pothos in small glass jar propagating new roots for growth

One might expect a video like this to inspire numerous comments, and it certainly did, with over 1652 comments to date!

Several curious minds posed questions like @smelltheroses99's, "Do you eventually have to plant them in dirt or can they forever just grow out of the water?"

According to some pothos growers, it's possible to grow them in water but don't expect vigorous growth. As seen in the video, the plant is thriving with a healthy root system!

Questions about the longevity of water culture planting and the clarity of the water were met with ease by Jaime, explaining that while pothos can grow indefinitely in water, it's important to keep the water fresh and away from direct sunlight to avoid funkiness.

Others, like @kaylaestrada05, shed light on the functional aspect, stating, "Copper coil is a good electrical conductor for plants; it takes the free electrons levels of energy from the environment - plants love it."

Indeed, copper does positive things to plants according to studies, as it is able to control diseases.

This simple yet innovative idea, in addition to an artful execution, and an engaging creator who knows her craft and her audience, is what made this video a success.

And as the plant grows and continues to wrap itself around Jaime’s copper wire creation, one thing is certain - @sofloridagirl is growing a community of inspired, engaged followers who can't wait to see what she'll do next.

If you're looking for a dash of creativity and positivity in your TikTok feed, Jaime’s channel is an absolute must-follow.

We hope this video inspired you to have creative fun with your plants!

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