No Digging, No Mess: Simplify Repotting With Push Pot Planting

Gardening has an endless scope for innovation and new gardening techniques that make life much easier.

And the best thing? It's being shared on social media to help out fellow gardeners.

For instance, a technique that's currently stealing the spotlight, especially among succulent and cacti aficionados, is the Push Pot Planting method.

This neat little trick will really help you out.

This technique was introduced by a popular TikTok channel, @planterina, which boasts an impressive 64.2K followers.

Watch the full video below:

@planterina Get planted push pot style! #foryou #cactus #planterina #plants #hacks #outdoorsy #newyork ♬ original sound - Planterina

Well-known for their ingenious gardening hacks and lighthearted approach, @planterina's video on Push Pot Planting has simplified the process of repotting succulents and cacti, a task that often gives many gardeners a prickly problem.

What is Push Pot Planting?

In essence, the Push Pot Planting technique involves using the plant's existing small starter pot to create a perfectly sized hole in the new soil when you're ready to transfer it to a larger planter.

With this, you eliminate the messy task of digging holes. Plus, the new home for your succulent is precisely tailored to its size, giving it the perfect space to flourish.

To get the hang of this technique, let's break it down step by step:

  1. Fill your new, larger planter with fresh potting soil.
  2. Push the small starter pot into the soil where you wish to place the plant.
  3. Remove the pot, and voila! You have the perfect-sized hole for your plant.
  4. Carefully take your plant out of its starter pot and place it in the newly formed hole.
  5. Gently pat the soil around the plant to secure it in its new home.

How Simple Is It, Really?

Now, if you're thinking, "Easier said than done," you're not alone. One of the viewers, @nathanbaconn, was quick to point out his fear of getting pricked while handling cacti because of their spikes.

His workaround involves using newspaper to hold them and paintbrushes to clean them up after planting. A clever hack indeed!

Another viewer, Aimee Felger (@laf910), appreciated @planterina's courage in handling these prickly plants bare-handed. But hey, sometimes bravery can be a gardener's best tool!

This technique has become popular for other TikTok gardeners as well. Watch here: Watch This Viral No-Mess Hack For Replanting In Large Pots

But take note that this hack is not only for cacti. In fact, you can try it with vegetable gardening and on garden beds.

The Push Pot Planting technique is certainly a method worth trying. And who knows? You might just find that it becomes your favorite part of the planting process!

The next time you're planning to repot your cacti or succulents, why not give the Push Pot Planting technique a try?

You might be pleasantly surprised at how much cleaner and easier it can make the process.

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