Are Plants Better At Lowe’s Or Home Depot? Quick Comparison

The home improvement giants, Lowe's and Home Depot, are often the go-to places for DIYers and professional landscapers looking for different plant varieties.

Both of these stores have become popular destinations for garden enthusiasts and indoor plant lovers alike.

With numerous branches across the country, the variety and quality of plants often depend on the location of each store.

Both offer an extensive range of gardening supplies, but when it comes to plants, which one stands out?

The Garden Center at a Local Home Depot

The Lowe's Garden Center

At the Lowe's Garden Center, you'll find a wide selection of plants for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

They offer everything from annuals, often available in various pot sizes and multi-packs, to perennials, along with vegetables, cacti, succulents, and herbs.

Plant Health

When visiting Lowe's Garden Center, it's essential to pay attention to the health of the plants.

The quality of plants at Lowe's has been known to vary depending on factors such as the location and the availability of staff.

Check out this video showing Lowe's fall 2023 plant collection display.

Exploring The Home Depot Garden Center

At the Home Depot Garden Center, you'll find a wide range of plants suitable for various garden styles and needs.

From annuals to perennials, trees, shrubs, and more, it's easy to find what you're looking for.

They also offer seasonal plants, such as pumpkins and Easter lilies, allowing you to create the perfect garden setup for each celebration.

Plant Quality

When it comes to plant quality, the Home Depot typically offers healthy and well-maintained plants.

Their employees ensure that the plants receive proper care, such as watering and pruning.

However, keep in mind that plant quality can vary depending on location and season.

The video below shows Home Depot's fall 2023 display:

Is Home Depot or Lowe's Better For Buying Plants?

Choosing between Home Depot and Lowe's for plant purchases often boils down to individual experiences, preferences, and notably, the specific store location.

For instance, many garden enthusiasts have observed that Lowe's frequently boasts a broader selection with arguably better quality, while Home Depot tends to carry a vast number of plants but with slightly fewer varieties.

Another consideration is the shopping strategy. Bargain hunters might lean towards Lowe's which is known for its clearance plants.

Lowe's offer keen gardeners the chance to nab great deals, especially on plants nearing the end of their blooming cycle or those needing a little extra care.

On the other hand, when comparing the range of plants, some have found that Lowe's dedicates more space to annuals, while Home Depot tends to focus more on shrubs.

However, this can vary significantly based on store size and regional preferences.

It's essential to note that experiences can differ even between stores of the same brand but located in different areas.

Ultimately, both Lowe's and Home Depot can serve as excellent choices for your gardening needs.

The best advice would be to personally visit nearby locations of both chains, assess their plant quality and variety, and then make an informed choice.

Is Lowe's Cheaper than Home Depot?

For many common items, you'll find that the prices at Lowe's and Home Depot are quite comparable.

They often adjust their prices in response to the local market and each other, as they are direct competitors.

Both stores frequently offer sales, promotions, and special deals.

It's not unusual for one to have a better price on a specific item due to a sale, while the other might have a deal on something else.

Both Lowe's and Home Depot carry their own exclusive brands, and sometimes the prices vary based on the brand's reputation for quality.

For example, while one store might offer a cheaper option on a tool or appliance, the other might carry a brand that's recognized as more durable or feature-rich, which can justify a higher price.

Loyalty Programs and Credit Offers

Both chains have loyalty programs and store credit card offers that can influence the effective price you pay.

Lowe’s MVPs Pro Rewards Program

Lowe's MVPs Pro Rewards Program is specifically tailored for professionals in the construction, repair, and renovation sectors.

The program recognizes the unique needs of professionals who often make bulk purchases or require specialized services.

As part of this program, professionals can expect a series of benefits designed to make their jobs easier and more cost-effective.

These perks may include volume discount pricing, dedicated checkout lanes to expedite the shopping process, and the ability to order in advance with the Buy Online & Pickup in Store option.

Exclusive offers, deals, and promotions are often sent to members of this program, ensuring that they receive the best value for their money.

Home Depot: Pro Xtra Loyalty Program

The Pro Xtra Loyalty Program by Home Depot is the retailer's answer to the unique requirements of professional contractors, builders, and other trade professionals.

Tailored to cater to the frequent and bulk purchasing needs of professionals, the program offers numerous benefits designed to simplify, reward, and elevate the buying experience.

Members are entitled to perks such as exclusive offers, volume pricing discounts on large orders, and the ability to track purchases which simplifies job costing and bookkeeping.

Moreover, members get access to the Home Depot's Bid Room, where further discounts can be granted on qualifying purchases of over $1,500 to enhance savings.

A unique feature called "Pro Paint Rewards" also allows professionals to earn discounts on paint purchases.

To Each Their Own

While both Lowe's and Home Depot have their strengths, it's clear that there's no one-size-fits-all answer.

As a potential buyer, it's a wise move to scout out the specific locations in your vicinity, gauge their offerings, and then make an informed decision.

They can both be a good choice for finding quality plants but one cannot guarantee which one is better. You must visit the store and see for yourself.

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