When Do Plants Go On Sale At Lowes?

Finding new plants to grow in your garden can sometimes seem impossible. Do you want to try shopping at Lowes but want to wait until they have a sale? When do plants technically go on sale at Lowes? Well, we have done extensive research and have these answers for you! Let's check them out below.

Typically, Lowes will put their plants on sale every Monday after the weekend passes. Considering the plants leftover from the weekend need a home too, it's likely to see up to 50% sale prices.

On top of that, if you see a plant that needs some TLC, Lowes may offer an even bigger discount to you, so it never hurts to negotiate at customer service.

As we begin, we will cover all things Lowes and discuss when you can expect to find plants on sale there. Whether it's time for a whole yard refresh or you want to find a few new options, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Beautiful flowers planted on small pots for sale, When Do Plants Go On Sale At Lowes?

When Is The Best Time To Buy Plants At Lowes?

In general, Lowes runs sales throughout the year on their plants. Specifically, every Monday (or after a major holiday) when they need to clear out for new inventory.

Regarding a specific time of year, you can expect most big-name stores to sell plants for less during September through winter.

A Lowe's store photographed from a far

In most places, the weather will get cold after September/October, so fewer eager gardeners are buying plants. For that reason, you will find better plant deals during that lull.

Additionally, if you come into Lowes after a major holiday and find any leftover plants, they will most likely be at a discounted rate.

That's because most people go shopping during peak sales, which also tend to be leading up to and on holiday occasions. For example, a Labor Day plant sale may be enticing, but if you can hold off until the day afterward, you might get an even better bargain.

Remember, stores want to sell everything within a specific timeframe, so they will do anything to get rid of excess merchandise. As we said earlier, you might even be able to negotiate further if the plant you find has damage, so there are many ways to do this.

Do Plants Go On Sale At Lowes Often?

Yes, we would say that it's common for Lowes to run deals on their plants. As we covered, this is typically after big holidays, long weekends, or even if a plant has damage.

Furthermore, you can expect Lowes to mark down plants daily if they want to sell them fast. Like any big-name company, Lowes has to cycle through their stock in a certain timeframe.

That means you can find a sale essentially whenever the store you're in needs to get rid of inventory (so always).

It's also more common that Lowes marks down plants during the later fall and winter months. As the temperatures drop, it's standard practice for plant retailers to try and get rid of warm-weather varieties, hence a cheaper price tag.

Again, this can vary by location, so someone in Florida in the winter may not find as good deals as somebody living in Illinois.

You can also wait until Lowes sends out emails with promotional periods listed at least once per month on average.

When Is The Best Time To Find New Plants At Lowes?

Small red and yellow colored Tulips for sale

If you don't mind paying full price for your greenery, Lowes typically gets new plants each Friday. One of the best days to find new, unbothered plants from this retailer is right before the weekend.

Considering that most gardeners shop for plants on Saturday and Sunday, you want to beat the crowd.

However, it's not sure when these new plants will be put out on the main floor on Friday, but you can expect most locations to be somewhat stocked by the early afternoon.

If you prefer to know before making the trip, you can always call your local Lowes and check when their new plants will come out for purchase.

Again, employees are constantly watering, reorganizing, and replacing the plants in the garden department, so this doesn't only happen once a week.

Going back to our main discussion, you might also be able to find deals on Wednesday/Thursday before the newer plants come out onto the sales floor, so that's something to remember.

Should I Buy Plants On Saturday Or Sunday?

For those who want to avoid crowds and higher prices, we don't recommend going to Lowes on Saturday or Sunday. The same goes for any garden store, as this is when the most customers will be out.

On the other hand, if you want newer plants and more options, the weekend may be the best option. So this comes down to what you prefer to deal with: crowds and new plants or older plants but fewer people.

That said, you may find the newer stock on Friday at Lowes, but that isn't always a given. As we said, it may be worth contacting the store beforehand to see what they have available.

You also want to consider the time of year/season. For example, if it's a Saturday in the late fall, you might be able to avoid the crowd and still get a deal on plants.

Every Lowes is different, so it's sometimes better to give it a shot and learn from your plant-buying mistakes.

Is Buying Plants From Lowes Expensive?

Woman putting flowers at a push cart

Although it can feel like it, Lowes is surprisingly one of the cheaper plant-selling retailers. According to NBC, customers can usually find greenery for 26% less than average at Lowes.

That is because larger retailers have access to more plant volumes, meaning they can purchase many for cheaper or wholesale pricing.

That, in turn, means that you as the consumer get a better deal than a smaller, family-owned business. However, that raises the question of how fair this mass buying practice is, so there are drawbacks.

The Home Depot also ranks highly for its cheaper pricing, being 29% more affordable than most plant retailers. So Lowes and The Home Depot run pretty close in terms of overall savings.

In addition, these larger stores run more sales than other smaller companies, so you could see savings more significant than 26-29%.

Again, it's generally best to support smaller, family-owned locations before a big box retailer, but, understandably, many gardeners want affordable greenery.

Unfortunately, you can't usually have the best of both worlds in any market, so pick and choose your battles.

What Does Lowes Do With Old Plants?

A truck parked outside at Lowe's

Considering that a store as big as Lowes won't sell all of its inventory, that leads to the question of where everything goes.

In general, big-box retailers, Lowes included, will first put older plants on clearance and then throw them away after a few days.

Although this is a common practice, many have trouble understanding why you'd destroy plants?

As we mentioned above, you can find better deals on off days, like Monday, which is also when older or damaged plants are given their last opportunity on the sales floor.

Suppose a plant has been out on the floor for a few weeks. If Lowes needs to make room for new inventory, they will mark down this item, give it a few days to sell, and then discard it.

As sad as this is, that's why we recommend heading to Lowes after a busy weekend or holiday sale. Not only do you get a good deal, but you also save a plant from impending doom.

Does Lowes Give Away Old Plants?

No. In general, Lowes won't offer old, unsold plants to you for free. As we said, once a plant runs its entire course on the sales floor, Lowes will send it out back and usually destroy it.

For that reason, it's a good idea to ask whoever is working what plants are on the chopping block. Usually, you will see these marked down as much as 50-75%, so you get a great price.

Additionally, you can ask a customer service employee for a bigger mark down if your plant has damage. For example, if you see a rose bush, but it's missing branches and drooping over, you could get it for a few bucks.

Like any industry, it can't hurt to negotiate.

Can You Return A Plant To Lowes?

Garden center filled with flowers and gardening equipment's for sale

Yes, if you aren't satisfied with a plant purchase from Lowes, you generally have 90 days to return it. That said, you will need a valid receipt proving your purchase came from a Lowes location.

One of the benefits of buying through Lowes is its generous return/replacement policy. If your plant dies within those 90 days, you can take it to Lowes and ask for either a new one or your money back.

Even if the store doesn't have the same plant or it's a new, higher price, they will usually price match it or help you find one similar.

Moreover, some plants come with a one-year warranty, so you may be covered for much longer.

To Finish

Beautiful flowers planted on small pots for sale

Whether you want to redo your entire garden or need a few new plants, it's always nice to get a deal. From what we found, Lowes has regular sales on plants and offers discounts of as much as 50%.

In addition, it's best to head to Lowes on a Monday or right before their new stock arrives on Friday. If you find older plants, you may even be able to get more than a 50% discount, so it doesn't hurt to ask.

Regardless, make sure to reach out to your local Lowes beforehand, and don't be afraid to ask where the older, cheaper plants are on the sales floor!

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