Where To Buy Palm Trees [29 Online Stores]

Palm plants are visually stunning, give your home an instant tropical vibe, clean your air, and uplift your mood. No matter what zone you live in, you can benefit from purchasing a palm tree online. Many retailers offer a variety of palm trees that are good for indoor gardens and outdoor decor, and they typically provide helpful tips for maintaining a thriving plant. You can easily shop online for a healthy, beautiful palm that you can enjoy caring for years, and it may already come in an attractive pot. Keep reading our curated list of where to buy palm trees.

Woman doing online shopping buying palm trees on Amazon website, Where To Buy Palm Trees [29 Online Stores]

1. Amazon

The online super-retailer Amazon is a reliable place to shop for a live palm already to join your indoor garden complete with a pot, or you can try growing your palm from a seedling. The selection of available palms might make it difficult to choose, but once you settle on one or two plants, you can also pick up fertilizer, gardening gloves, and accessories for your new green additions.

Amazon page showing palm trees for sale

Check out this retailer for palms.

2. Bloomscape

Bloomscape is a go-to online retailer that offers indoor plants for newbies and seasoned green thumbs alike. In addition to being able to scoop up a lively palm, you can check out their site for their plant accessories and plant care guides. Grab a lovely plant, customize the color of its container, and expand your green thumb expertise.

Bloomscape page showing palm trees for sale

Check out palm trees here.

3. Brighter Blooms

It might be hard to select only a palm or two from the retailer Brighter Blooms. Online this site plant lovers can find Areca Palms, Queen Palms, Sago Palms, and a host of fruit-bearing trees, shrubs, rose bushes, and trees to create privacy.  Each palm comes with a star rating system, real customer reviews, and the community provides helpful tips for a thriving garden.

Brighter Blooms page showing palm trees for sale

Check out gorgeous palms here.

4. Costa Farms

Transform your abode into a tropical oasis when you shop at Costa Farms for a palm plant that suits your fancy. Choose from Butterfly Palms, Chinese Fan Palms, Kentia Palms, or Pindo Palms for an attractive landscape. Indoor gardeners may prefer to scoop up a Pygmy Date Palm, Cat Palm, or Areca Palm for their houseplant ensemble.

Costa Farms page showing palm trees for sale

Check out this retailer for plants.

5. Etsy.com

Etsy has grown a solid reputation online and offline for connecting buyers with unique, handcrafted artisan goods. Now, in addition to paintings, clothing, and jewelry, you can find live palm plants for sale too. You may have to do some searching, but you can find sellers offering potted Majesty Palms, Ponytail Palms, Foxtail Palms, and Parlor Palms to spruce up your home.

Etsy.com page showing palm trees for sale

See here for exotic palm trees.

6. EZPalms

If you are looking for an online retailer who provides wholesale palms and ships worldwide, look no further. When you want a palm for a special event, have specific landscaping needs, or want an experienced exporter in tropical fauna and foliage, EZ Palms is worth taking a gander.

EZPalms page showing palm trees for sale

Check out trees here.

7. Fast Growing Trees

Online Fast Growing Trees, you will find a helpful guide to help you choose the right palm for you based on the growing zone, characteristics, and growth speed. Have fun choosing between the wide selection of palms, including Canary Island Date Palms, Coconut Palms, Mexican Fan Palms, and Bottle Palm trees.

Fast Growing Trees page showing palm trees for sale

See here for beautiful palms.

8. Woodies Garden Goods 

Bask in a wonderland of green and growing things at Woodies Garden Goods Direct. Here you'll find perennials, shrubs, lawn care items, and elegant palms to create a magical garden space. Choose among a selection that includes Christmas Palms, Areca Palms, and Bamboo Palms.

Woodies Garden Goods page showing palm trees for sale

Check out lovely palm plants here.

9. Lively Root

Let Lively Root do all the work of packaging up your palm plant and delivering it to you. Any plant you choose will come healthy and ready to live stylishly in your home. You can select indoor and outdoor plants from this retailer, and you get to choose your container and color for your palm.

Lively Root page showing palm trees for sale

See the selection of palm plants here.

10. Home Depot

Even if you are not looking to add to your tool collection or need to pick up a bucket of paint for your next wall treatment upgrade, you can stop by the Home Depot to pick up a palm and give your home an exotic vibe. Enhance your abode with a Majesty Palm, Ponytail Palm, or a Cat Palm.

Home Depot page showing palm trees for sale

Check out available palm trees at this retailer.

11. Jungle Music Palms & Cycads

Boasting a selection of over 20,000 palm trees, you might have to peruse through Jungle Music's lookbook of regal palms for indoors and outdoors. You can choose a palm tree at a discounted rate, pick up liners for palm tree seedlings, or discover a large palm worthy of adding to your property.

Jungle Music Palms & Cycads page showing palm trees for sale

See here for delightful palm plants and more.

12. Lowes

At first glance, you might think Lowe's only retails artificial palm trees, but you can find live Sago Palms, Cat Palms, and Majesty Palms already potted awaiting a home. After you pick up a palm, don't forget to purchase some fertilizer to give your palm a good start.

Lowes page showing palm trees for sale

Check out the palm plants online here.

13. Real Tropicals

Choose the perfect palm plant for your home from Real Tropicals, which retails fruit-bearing and flowering trees. Discover beautiful Cabbage Palmetto Palms, impress guests with a Cliff Date Palm tree, or consider scooping up an elegant Clustering Lady Palm from this fantastic retailer of exotic plants.

Real Tropicals page showing palm trees for sale

Check out the palm plants here.

14. My Perfect Plants

Browse from the comfort and safety of home online My Perfect Plants for your next palm. Not only does this retailer offer shrubs, privacy trees, and flowering trees, but they sell Windmill Palms, Ponytail Palms, and palm tree fertilizer to help you get started.

My Perfect Plants page showing palm trees for sale

See here for a selection of healthy palms and more.

15. Nature Hills

Nature Hills is an online plant nursery that sells fruit trees, grasses, vines, and palms. Choose between a grand outdoor Jelly Palm tree or an indoor Neanthe Bella Palm. Don't forget to check out Dr. Earth's organic fertilizer for palms and hibiscus onsite too.

Nature Hills page showing palm trees for sale

View palm plants at this retailer.

16. Palm Distributors

The selection of available palms at Palm Distributors is small, but they allow for greater customer control when selecting a palm that fits your budget and lifestyle. Improve the look of your home with either a Bamboo Palm, Banana Palm, or Majesty Palm.

Palm Distributors page showing palm trees for sale

See here for potted palm plants and more.

17. Palm Trees Direct

Palm Trees Direct may be based in the sunshine state of Florida, but they provide an array of palms of all types and sizes to delight the senses. Online you can order plants like the Bismark Palm, King Alexander Palm, or choose a European Fan Palm for your home.

Palm Trees Direct page showing palm trees for sale

Check out the gorgeous palms online here.

18. Plant Box

Online Plant Box, you can select a palm using criteria like drought tolerance, sunlight needs, growth rate, or your budget. Fall in love with a Triangle Palm or bring home a Talipot Palm to complete your garden.

Plant Box page showing palm trees for sale

See here for amazing palms.

19. Planting Tree

Shop for lush palm trees and plant supplies online the Planting Tree. Find amazing deals for a Sago Palm, a Windmill Palm, or a European Fan Palm for your outdoor garden.

Planting Tree page showing palm trees for sale

Check here for lovely palms.

20. Plants.com

Don't have time to go out and shop for a palm? No worry, check out Plants.com to find a beautiful, healthy palm in a pot and waiting to be delivered to your door. Make your indoor garden oasis shine with a Majesty Palm or Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm.

Plants.com page showing palm trees for sale

Check out this retailer here.

21. Plantz.com

In addition to shopping for a fun and vibrant palm plant, you can find plenty of helpful advice, planters, and insights. You can buy a Rhapis Palm, Majesty Palm, or Kentia Palm to brighten your world.

Plantz.com page showing palm trees for sale

Check out the beautiful palm plants offered here.

22. Desert Horizon Nursery

Look at the selection of palms retailed by Desert Horizon Nursery, especially if you live in a desert environment. You'll find tempered palm trees like the Mediterranean Fan Palm, Sabal Palm, or Medjool Date Palm for your landscape.

Desert Horizon Nursery page showing palm trees for sale

Check out desert-acclimated palms here.

23. Moon Valley Nurseries

Shop for a palm tree with convenience and ease at Moon Valley Nurseries. You can chat with an agent, choose a palm tree based on sunlight needs or popularity, or narrow your search of available palm plants based on your zip code.

Moon Valley Nurseries page showing palm trees for sale

Check out the wide selection of palm trees here.

24. The Sill

Go online the Sill and snag a fancy potted plant delivered to your door in a jiffy. The Sill doesn't offer a wide selection of palm trees, but you can brag about getting a plant delivered from NYC and that your plant comes in a chic, minimalistic container.

The Sill page showing palm trees for sale

Check out the attractive palms by this retailer here.

25. The Nursery at Ty Ty

The Nursery at Ty Ty is based in Georgia, but the sheer amount of flowering plants, trees, fruits, shrubs, and wildlife plants will leave you mesmerized and begging for more. Seek out palm trees based on whether you need something for the indoors, want something northern, southern, or tropical.

The Nursery at Ty Ty page showing palm trees for sale

See here to check out this retailer's palms.

26. Plantvine

Shop for a palm plant at Plantvine and get free shipping when you purchase over $100 in plants. They have Sylvester Date Palms, Licuala Palms, Windmill Palms, and other types of cycads potted and ready to have a place in your home.

Plantvine page showing palm trees for sale

Bring home a beautiful palm plant home here.

27. The Tree Center

Shop online THe Tree Center and choose your palm tree based on drought tolerance, hardiness zone, or soil type. Choose from a Pygmy Date Palm, a Ponytail Palm, or a Queen Palm to upgrade your space.

The Tree Center page showing palm trees for sale

Find a palm plant here.

28. Wilson Bros Gardens

Discover the right palm tree to brighten your space, clean your air, and let you enjoy a taste of the tropics every day. Wilson Bros Gardens offers rare plants, flowering plants, houseplants, and gift cards for the green thumb in your life.

Wilson Bros Gardens page showing palm trees for sale

Click here to see plants.

29. 1-800 Flowers.com

You can find more than just flowers at 1-800 Flowers, as this retailer also sells potted Majesty Palms and Parlor Palms for an excellent price and right to your door in an attractive pot. If you are in the mood to gift something other than flowers, consider a sophisticated and lively palm plant.

1-800 Flowers.com page showing palm trees for sale

Click here to discover beautiful plants.

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