The Olla: A Centuries-Old Watering Method That’s Making A Modern Comeback

Calling all green thumbs and weekend gardeners alike, have you ever yearned to discover a new, revolutionary way to water your garden while embracing sustainability?

If so, just wait because we're about to dive into a fascinating new gardening trend that's creating waves on TikTok.

A technique so unique and yet time-tested that it will make you rethink your traditional watering methods.

Hailed from the depths of ancient agricultural practices and re-popularized by the TikTok channel @harvesthat, we introduce you to the game-changing world of Ollas!

Trust us; this is something you'll want to introduce to your garden ASAP.

With a staggering 1.8 million views, the 'Olla' video by TikTok channel @harvesthat has sparked a gardening revolution in backyards across the globe.

If you haven't yet dived into the enlightening world of Ollas, then it's high time you did.

Watch this video and meet the Olla!

@harvesthat Put my Olla in today! Pretty excited, not gonna lie.#garden #water #olla #spring #relaxing #clay #backyardvibes #foryou #enjoy #arizona ♬ Water Your Garden (feat. maye) - Magic City Hippies

Sensationally capturing the attention of thousands, this viral video educates us about an ingenious watering system that dates back thousands of years.

It's got gardeners and environmentalists alike buzzing with excitement, and here's why.

What is an Olla?

Pronounced as 'Oy-yah,' an Olla is a terra-cotta pot designed for water conservation.

Used for centuries by different cultures, its simplicity and efficiency in garden watering is what makes it a jewel in the crown of gardening techniques.

To use an Olla, all you need to do is bury it in your garden soil, with the neck exposed.

After placing the lid to avoid soil entering the Olla, backfill the soil around it and voila, you're set.

Fill it up with water, about 2.9 gallons, and this will suffice for watering your plants once or twice a week.

Now here's where the magic happens!

When the soil around your garden starts drying out, it draws moisture from the Olla through a process akin to osmosis.

This helps maintain an optimal moisture level in your garden, reducing the frequency and amount of watering required.

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One of the followers of @harvesthat, @lalillybeth, perfectly sums up the process: "The process works similarly to osmosis or the glass looking baster. When the soil is drying, it draws moisture from inside the clay pot."

While it seems magical, the process is entirely natural and earth-friendly.

In fact, some users have found other benefits and uses of Ollas.

@flybutterfly mentioned that in India, these pots are known as 'Matka' and are also used to store and cook food in a traditional way.

Clay matka pots for cooking

There are tips and tricks to keep your Olla functional and efficient.

@jfleezysouth suggests adding lemongrass clippings to the water in the Olla to keep bugs and algae away.

Another user,, raises an interesting point about capturing rainwater by removing the lid of the Olla during rain. To which, the creator, @harvesthat, responded positively.

In the words of @jennkosco, who has been using Ollas for two years now, "It's the best thing ever for my garden."

This sentiment encapsulates why this video has garnered such a massive following and why it is worthwhile for you to give the Olla a try in your garden.

Would You Try This Ancient Watering Technique?

This ancient technique brought to light by @harvesthat, a Southern Arizona backyard gardener, goes to show that sometimes the most efficient solutions are those that have withstood the test of time.

So why not give this age-old technique a whirl?

It’s time to ditch the hose, save some water, and embrace a sustainable future with Ollas.

It's gardening, the Olla way!

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