The Plant Parenting Secret: Why Scheduling Watering Is a No-No!

Calling all plant enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered how to keep your beloved green friends healthy and thriving? Look no further than Tanner Mitchell, aka @tannertheplanter, your favorite TikTok plant guru with 1.3M followers!

Tanner's all about sharing tips, tricks, dos, and don'ts for plant parenting. And today, we're diving into his video that's garnered nearly 5M views, 194K likes, over 650 comments, and 775 shares.

As Tanner transfers a plant to a new pot, he shares a story about a customer who waters her plants every Tuesday, following her mother's advice.

Tanner gently bursts this age-old myth, explaining that watering plants on a fixed schedule isn't always the best idea.

In fact, relying on a rigid schedule could potentially harm your plants! So, what's the alternative?

Know Your Plant's Needs

Tanner emphasizes the importance of understanding your plants' individual needs. Factors such as light, humidity, airflow, soil composition, and drainage all come into play.

Each home has unique conditions, which means that what works for one plant may not work for another. Tanner encourages plant parents to check their plants' moisture levels regularly and water them only when needed.

@tannertheplanter It’s a good idea to check your houseplants on a schedule, but I never advise watering on a schedule. Instead, check the plants moisture level and water when it needs it! #plantsoftiktok #planttips #planttiktok ♬ original sound - Tanner Mitchell

The TikTok Community Chimes In

The video has sparked some entertaining comments and questions from the TikTok community. User @kaitlynnmotley and @k8e_05 are amused by the unexpected kiss between Tanner and his partner.

Meanwhile, @taraartandsuch shares her laid-back approach to watering, "I water when I remember, or when they ask." And @kara inquires, "WHEN DO WE WATER THEN😣," to which Tanner replies that each plant may need to dry different amounts based on their anatomy and suggests checking out his care videos on YouTube.

Tanner Mitchell's advice has provided plant lovers with valuable insights into the world of plant care. The lesson here? Ditch the rigid watering schedule and pay attention to your plants' unique needs. Happy plant care, and may your green friends continue to thrive!

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