How To Start A Troy Bilt Snow Blower

A Troy Bilt snow blower is one of the best brands to use when clearing your path from snow. If you have brought one and need help with how to start it, we've got you covered. We have researched the complete process of it, and here's what we found.

Here is how to start a Troy Bilt snow blower:

  1. Clear the workplace
  2. Inspect the oil
  3. Attach the electric cord
  4. Insert the key
  5. Turn on the choke
  6. Press the primer bulb
  7. Adjust the throttle
  8. Press the start button
  9. Turn off the choke

Every piece of equipment has a process that is essential to follow. Thus, it is crucial to have an idea of how to start your snow blower to not cause any damage to it. We will tackle in this article the necessary steps to start a Troy Bilt snow blower, if you should turn the choke on before starting it, and if it is necessary to have keys for your Troy Bilt snow blower. Let's start. 

A Guide To Starting A Troy Bilt Snow Blower

A Troy Bilt snow blower is capable of clearing huge volumes of snow. Knowing how to properly start your Troy Bilt snow blower before using it is essential. Here are the steps on how to start a Troy Bilt snow blower:

1. Clear the Workspace

snowblower blades have been repaired ready

Inspect and clean your workplace to eliminate any objects that may get stuck in your snow blower when you turn it on. Also, always wear tight tops and bottoms to avoid getting yourself stuck with its gear. Serious injuries may happen if you do not follow safety precautions. You may also wear earplugs if you think your snow blower's noise is too loud.

2. Inspect the Oil

The oil is located on the right side of the middle part of your Troy Bilt snow blower. Remove the cap to check the status of its oil. When you pull out the cap, a stick is attached to it that contains two holes at the end to measure the amount of oil present. Make sure the oil is at the second hole. If it does not reach it, add some oil to the container.

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3. Attach the Electric Cord

Insert the cord plug into the socket and the other end into the snow blower.

4. Insert the Key

The on and off key is placed on the lower right of the lever. Make sure to insert the key before attempting to start the snow blower.

5. Turn On the Choke

The choke lever is located on the left side of the oil container. The choke is at the top part, where you can glide its lever from run to choke. Put the lever in the choke position. This option signifies that you are turning on the choke.

6. Press the Primer Bulb

You can see the primer bulb under the choke lever. Press the primer bulb three times.

7. Adjust the Throttle

young man removes snow snow plower

The throttle of a Troy Bilt snow blower is located under the primer bulb and the key. It is indicated by a rabbit, turtle, and stop. Place your throttle in the rabbit option to let your engine run at a fast speed. Other options include turtle, which is for slower speed, and the stop option for a complete stop of your snow blower.

8. Press the Start Button

Press the start button on the right side of the oil container.

9. Turn Off the Choke

Glide the choke lever in the run position to turn it off. Remember to drive the equipment carefully and avoid slope areas.

Here is a video on how to properly start a Troy Bilt snow blower.

Should You Turn On The Choke Before Starting?

Before starting your Troy Bilt snow blower, it is important to set your choke lever to the choke option instead of run. This option aids in starting the snow blower, especially in the cold. You may avoid the constant pressing of your start button or the pulling of your cord that can lead to wearing out.

Do You Need A Key To Turn On A Troy Bilt Snow Blower?

The key is necessary to start your Troy Bilt snow blower because it will not turn on if it is not in the slot. Let the key stay in its slot even if you are not using the snow blower.

This method is advantageous since instances regarding misplacing items may happen. Attaching a string to it and knotting it near the slot is advisable to avoid losing it.

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Why Does My Troy Bilt Snow Blower Not Start?

It is crucial to learn the reasons why your Troy Bilt snow blower is not starting so that you can immediately take action to resolve these problems.

Your Troy Bilt snow blower may not start if it does not meet the minimum amount of fuel to function or has expired fuel. Make sure to check the fuel container first before starting your snow blower.

Other causes of a not starting Troy Bilt snow blower are a damaged spark plug and a clogged carburetor. It is important to regularly maintain your equipment to see if there are any defective parts. Moreover, you may use your snow blower the moment you need it because it is in good working condition.

Maintenance can also lengthen the lifespan of your Troy Bilt snow blower.

Features Of Troy Bilt Snow Blower

Troy Bilt snow blowers have features that make them stand out from other snow blowers. Below are the features that the Troy Bilt snow blower possesses:

1. Power Options

You may use the electric cord to power your snow blower. This method lets you push only the start button. It is best to use when you are only around the house. Another option is to pull the handle to start the engine. You do not need an electric cable to turn the equipment on. Both have the same procedures before starting the Troy Bilt snow blower.

2. Speeds

It has six forward and two backward speeds, which are great, especially if you prefer different speeds for your snow blower. You can increase the speed to clear a path on a steep area quickly.

3. Controllable Handles

The Troy Bilt snow blower contains two handles. One is the driving handle and on the left side is the auger handle. You can easily control your auger and drive just by pulling its handle. These two are beside each other and have the same height level handle, which is suitable for convenience.

4. Adjustable Chute

man working snow blower after winter

It contains an adjustable chute, wherein its adjustment handle is convenient because it is near the driving handle. You may turn the handle counterclockwise to have your chute facing to the right and turn it clockwise if you want the chute to face left. Make sure to tighten its knob after you make the final adjustment.

You can easily adjust it to not cause any trouble with where you must place the snow. There is also a stick attached beside the chute for removing clogged snow.

You only need to insert the stick into the chute and push it to remove the clog. This feature prevents you from getting your hands into the chute.

5. Attached Instructions

There are instructions on operating your Troy Bilt snow blower just in front of the user. This feature is a good advantage since you do not need to look for its manual time by time when you need clarifications regarding how it operates.

6. Lightweight

man red snow covered snow blower clears, How To Start A Troy Bilt Snow Blower

A Troy Bilt snow blower weighs an average of 185 pounds, which is convenient for users because it is easy to move around.

In Closing

man red snow covered snow blower clears

Starting your Troy Bilt snow blower is simple and quick. Such procedures include clearing the workplace, inspecting the oil, attaching the electric cord, inserting the key, turning on the choke, pressing the primer bulb, adjusting the throttle, pressing the start button, and turning off the choke.

It is a must to follow all these steps to operate your Troy Bilt snow blower successfully. Always refer to your manual for further instructions on a particular Troy Bilt snow blower model.

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