How To Make A Riding Lawn Mower Faster

Every homeowner is always looking for ways to make their lawn mower more efficient. It often makes them wonder how they can make these machines run faster. After some research, we found a few tips to help ensure a mower cuts your lawn quicker.

Sadly, there isn't a single miracle cure to make every mower run faster. But following these ten tips should make sure your lawn mower runs quicker and more effectively:

  • Regular Maintenance 
  • Using the Correct Fuel
  • Checking the Oil Level
  • Examining the Air Filter
  • Tire Inspections
  • Look for Damage or Leaks
  • Install Larger Wheels
  • Remove the Governor
  • Changing Your Mowing Pattern
  • Check The Muffler

However, these tips require a bit more explanation than simply putting them on a list. The following sections will dive deeper into each and answer other crucial questions. You'll soon have more than enough information to make your lawn mower a much faster machine. 

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10 Tips to Make Your Riding Lawn Mower Faster

The key to making your lawnmower faster isn't picking one of these tips and following it. Instead, you'll need to understand them all to get the job done. So let's not waste any more time and jump right into our first tip:

1. Regular Maintenance 

One of the easiest ways to make a mower faster is keeping up with regular maintenance. These machines require a bit of care and effort to optimize their effectiveness. So please, take the time to put as much effort as needed into their maintenance procedures. 

If done correctly, it'll also help save money and time dealing with any mechanical failures. Everyone who is a lawnmower owner knows how pricey repairs can be when something goes wrong. But it doesn't need to be an issue if you stay on top of their maintenance needs. 

2. Using the Correct Fuel

A lawnmower will cut much faster when provided with the correct fuel. Using the wrong fuel is often a primary reason why mowers move at a much slower rate. Most experts recommend using 92-octane or higher gas (premium gas) for the best results possible. 

This fuel will help ensure your mover can work at the maximum power and speed. Therefore, your mowing sessions will become a lot more productive and shorter.

3. Checking the Oil Level

Mechanic checking the oil level

Lawnmowers won't function well without being well-lubricated. If they aren't lubricated enough, these machines won't run smoothly or be very durable. So it becomes essential to change the oil regularly to avoid these issues. 

If you don't change it regularly, dirt will get stuck between its moving parts. This dirt build-up often causes damage and makes your lawnmower useless. As a result, it's best to stay on top of your lawn mower's oil level when operating these machines.

4. Examining the Air Filter

The engine's airflow has a massive impact on your lawnmower's performance. For instance, a clogged air filter can cause the engine to receive inadequate airflow. Your engine will then choke out and provide many performance issues. 

You can examine the air filter by finding it at the top of your lawnmower's engine. In some cases, it'll be within a metal or plastic shroud and fastened with a few snap fittings. If it's clogged, replace it with a new compatible filter. 

5. Tire Inspections

A tire of a lawn mower wheel

You can't overvalue the effect a lawnmower's tires will have on its overall performance. After all, these tires are what make the machine move. It might seem like common sense, but many owners often neglect them when caring for their mowers. 

Owners can avoid any tire issues by checking them before every mowing session. Inspect them for wear and look at the tread's overall conditions. We'd also recommend measuring the tire pressure to ensure it's up to specifications.

6. Look for Damage or Leaks

If your mower leaks, it'll become a lot less effective at its job and much slower. These issues can stem from any component within your mower. As you can imagine, this can make dealing with leaks frustrating. 

We'd recommend checking your mower for any cracks or leakage before using it. If you see any, these issues will need addressing immediately. 

7. Install Larger Wheels

Bottom view of a riding lawn mower

Anyone who feels their mower isn't cutting grass properly should look at the wheels. The wheels might be too small to mow a lawn's overgrown grass in some cases. Replacing them with larger models can often solve the problem. 

After installing them, your lawn mower's speed should increase significantly. But it's worth noting that larger wheels can negatively impact your mower's torque. So owners should consider this issue before deciding on installing larger wheels.

8. Remove the Governor

Your lawnmower's engine has a piece called the governor. It's a significant component because it limits the engine's speed. In other words, your mower won't go faster when the governor is limiting its engine. 

Some people bypass this problem by removing the governor. It'll require a wrench to take off the flywheel housing, which will make this piece accessible and removable. But please, remember to put the housing back on when the job's finished. 

9. Check The Muffler

Mufflers represent a problematic component for any lawnmower. If there are holes or damage to your muffler, it'll slow down the mower's speed by a significant margin. This issue is caused by your damaged muffler creating back pressure on the exhausting system.

Do yourself a favor and check the muffler for damage before any mowing session. This small routine task will help prevent any operation issues with your mower.

10. Changing Your Mowing Pattern

Certain mowing patterns can cause a mower to work slower than expected. For instance, mowing your lawn in a pattern with fewer turns can improve performance efficiency and speed. Experts recommend cutting in long straight lines as the best option.

Of course, mowing in a long straight pattern isn't possible for everyone. But it'd be wise to limit the number of turns as much as possible. You'd be surprised by how much difference this simple action can have on your mowing experience. 

Why Do You Need A Faster Mower?

A red colored riding lawn mower used for a golf course

It's easy to imagine a person reading our article and wondering why they need a fast mower. It's a logical train of thought after learning how to make these machines work faster. So here's a quick overview of what benefits come from owning and using a fast mower:

  1. It makes cutting grass a lot easier.
  2. Requires less effort to use.
  3. You'll have more time to spend with loved ones and friends.
  4. It cleans up a yard much faster and more effectively than a slow mower.
  5. Using one is more fun.

Overall, a faster mower is a more practical and fun way to clean up your lawn. There isn't any actual downside or reason why a person wouldn't want one. So if it only takes following our tips to ensure yours becomes faster, there shouldn't be anything standing in your way.

Why Does My Lawnmower Engine Speed Up And Slow Down?

Man riding on his red colored lawn mower

A common operation issue with mowers is the engine speeding up and slowing down. In other words, it doesn't maintain one speed during operation. It can be an indication of several culprits behind this annoying situation:

  • Debris or dirt on your fuel tank
  • Your mower's carburetor is too old
  • Dirt in the fuel filter
  • The spark plug isn't getting sparks
  • Lack of airflow
  • The fuel isn't fresh

Why Does My Lawnmower Sound Like It's Running Out of Gas?

Maintenance personnel using a riding lawn mower for a golf course

If your lawnmower sounds like it's running out of gas, it could indicate several issues. The most obvious reason would be low fuel; you can solve that by filling up the tank. However, if this isn't the problem, the air filter could be dirty and require cleaning or replacing. 

Another possibility is a faulty spark plug. If this is the issue, you'll need a new spark plug to replace your malfunctioning one. Luckily, spark plugs aren't too expensive, so it doesn't become a massive issue. 

In Closing 

A green colored riding lawn moweR

Making a lawnmower faster can be done in several different ways. However, it boils down to identifying the cause of your machine's issues and addressing them. Once you understand the problem, the solution could be as simple as using a different fuel. 

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