Ben Roberts

Ben is a freelance writer with a passion for gardening. With a BA in English from the University of North Florida, he has been covering gardening topics for several years. Ben loves to explore new and exciting ideas related to gardening and enjoys engaging with his audience in the comments section.

Which Liriope Does Not Spread?

Liriope muscari blue-purple flowers growing up in the garden, Which Liriope Does Not Spread?

Gardeners are always looking for new border plants. It often leads them to consider using Liriope, but some people need clarification and wrongly select the spreading type. So we did extensive research into this topic and found out everything about…

How Fast Does A Bald Cypress Grow?

d Cypress Taxodium Distichum (swamp, white-cypress, gulf or tidewater red cypress) green tree in public landscape city Park Krasnodar or 'Galitsky park' in sunny autumn

Bald cypress trees are favorites among planters as they provide a calming presence. Their foliage provides shade and makes them an ideal fit within any backyard. But one common question about them is how fast will they grow? We did…

How Long Do Cedar Elm Trees Live?

A lone and tall yellow leaf cedar elm tree, How Long Do Cedar Elm Trees Live?

Cedar elm trees are known for being adaptive and providing excellent shade. So it’s no surprise that many people see them as ideal additions to their yards. If you’re considering adding one of these trees to your yard or garden,…

Cascade Palm Plant Guide

Cascade Palms (chamaedorea cataractarum) in a white backkground, Cascade Palm Plant Guide

Cascade Palms have become a favorite among gardeners looking to bring a tropical feel into or outside their home. Planters tend to love their cascading sets of fronds and trunkless visage. This offers a dense amount of foliage. It makes them…

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow?

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow?, Foxtail palm trees in the wind with blue sky background

Palm trees have become synonymous with tropical and warm climates. This connection has made them a favorite among gardeners in these areas. But it often leads them to ask how fast do palm trees grow? We found an answer to…