10 Best Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass

10 Best Lawn Mowers for Wet GrassWhen it comes to lawn care there are many great debates, but chief among them is whether or not you should mow wet grass. So, should you? In short: it depends.

You should only consider mowing wet grass if you have very sharp blades on your lawnmower. Cutting a wet lawn with dull blades tears the grass, which gives your lawn an uneven cut. Wet grass often tears rather than cutting. Having sharpened blades will help prevent this. While the blades a mower comes with should already be sharp, it is possible to get new blades as well.

Under no circumstance should you mow a wet lawn with an electric lawnmower as doing so puts you at risk of electric shock? That said, new electric mowers are generally safe as long as they do not have a cord. However, it is better to be cautious.

Cutting wet grass is not only a safety risk but you also risk causing ruts and leaving behind grass clumps. Clumps, uneven cutting, and ruts can lead to unsatisfactory turf. Weigh the pros and cons out when considering mowing wet grass. If it seems like there may be sunny days coming, consider waiting to mow.

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With that debate settled, let’s talk about what to look for in a mower and what the top 10 lawnmowers for cutting wet grass are.

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Qualities To Look For In A Mower For Wet Grass

When picking a mower that will do well cutting wet grass, look for:

  • Sharp blades
  • Gas or Manual-Powered
  • Adjustable Height Deck

When buying a mower you also want to make sure the mower suits your needs and the size of your lawn. If you have a small yard you probably do not need a large zero-turn.

The 10 Best Mowers For Cutting Wet Grass

Husqvarna Z254

This Zero Turn Riding Mower is on the pricy side but it is good for both residential and commercial use. Its sturdy steel build makes it reliable, sturdy and weatherproof. It also has Air Induction Technology which draws in extra air. This helps keep wet grass from clumping and helps keep the machine clean.

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Ariens Zoom

Not only does this riding lawn mower have an exciting name, but this riding mower also requires very little maintenance and is perfect for cutting wet grass. The deck’s wash port is especially handing for cleaning grass cuttings off.

Craftsman M105

The Craftsman M105 push mower offers the best bang for your buck. At a very affordable price point, this lawnmower offers six height adjustments and 3-in-1 cutting capacity perfect for mowing wet turf. The handles also collapse making it easy to store.

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  1. Honda HRX217VKA

The Honda HRX217VKA gas mower has a two-blade system that aids it in avoiding wet grass clumps. It is rust and dent resistant, which are wonderful traits if you are wanting to cut wet grass. Its powerful Honda engine is great for cutting thick grass, both wet or dry. Its handles also fold down to make storing it a breeze!

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  1. Toro TimeMaster 21199

The TimeMaster gets its namesake from its 30-inch mowing deck, which allows for fast and efficient mowing. This self-propelled mower is fitted with Personal Pace drive that quickly and comfortably adjusts to your speed. It also has a convenient hose washout port making cleanup easy.

Scag Cheetah

The Scag Cheetah is a powerful and fast zero-turn motor. It is on the expensive side of things but functions wonderfully on wet grass. It has three adjustable heights and high-quality blades. It is made primarily of hardy steel so it is well suited for rough terrains. It can also be fitted with the Velocity Plus Cutter Decks which are a wonderful addition for increasing efficiency.

American Lawn Mower 1204-14

This 4-blade Push Reel Lawn Mower may stand out in a crowd of Zero Turns and lawn tractors, but do not underestimate it! Its blades are easy to maintain and easy to access, making it easy to keep the blades sharp. It also has an adjustable cutting height and is extremely affordable. It is perfect for cutting small, wet lawns without causing large ruts or clumps in the yard.

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Poulan Pro

This self-propelled gas mower has nine cutting heights and four-wheel drive, making it wonderful at handling wet grass and rough terrain. Add that to its variable speeds and you have a recipe for a clean-cut lawn no matter the weather! However, it is a bit noisy (99.5 dB) so do not mow in the morning unless you want to wake your neighbors.

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Cub Cadet XT1

This lawn tractor features a large cutting deck and has reverse action. Which makes it perfect for going over any spots you might have missed. It also has a handy deck wash port making it easy to clean. It does have some plastic parts that require extra maintenance, so be sure to follow the maintenance manual.

Troy-Bilt TB210

This gas walk-behind push mower finishes off our list with a fantastic flare at a wonderful price. It is very maneuverable and has six cutting positions which make it great for cutting your wet grass. Unfortunately, with its lower price point comes a couple of downsides. Most notably a small clipping bag. If you have a larger yard this is probably not the lawnmower for you.

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We hope you found this post helpful! Leave us a comment to let us know what's your recommendation is for the best lawnmower for wet grass.

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