How Much Is Mulberry Wood Worth?

Mulberry wood is famous for its use in construction, furniture making, and as a good source of firewood. If you're curious about how much mulberry wood is worth, keep reading. We did extensive research to provide you with an answer.

Mulberry wood is available in 4x4 and 8x4 measurements and costs $4 and up per board foot in most lumber stores. a 4x8 pile of mulberry logs for firewood can cost around $160. Seasoned mulberry firewood costs $300 to $400 for a cord, depending on the variety of tree.

Mulberry wood is strong and durable and serves many purpoes. In this post, you'll earn more about mulberry wood, its uses, and its advantages. 

a stock pile of mulberry tree cut down, How Much Is Mulberry Wood Worth?


Cost Of Mulberry Wood

Mulberry trees are deciduous trees native to Eastern North America and are popularly known for their nutritious and delicious fruits.

Non-fruiting mulberry trees are also popular as landscape trees because of their shade. Mulberry leaves may also have medicinal properties.

Mulberry wood has long been used in furniture making in Japan. It's also used for furniture production in the United Kingdom and the United States. White and red mulberry types are most commonly used.

Mulberry wood is obtainable in 4x4 and 8x4 dimensions and costs $4 per board foot.

Seasoned mulberry firewood can cost $300 to $400, conditional on the type of slice and variety of mulberry.

A 4x8 pile of mulberry logs for firewood costs about $160. 

Distinctive Characteristics Of Mulberry Wood

Here are several distinctive features of mulberry wood.


Background from round wooden logs. Beautiful sawn mulberry wood densely stacked in several layers

Duramen, the center part of the mulberry tree, has a rich brown color that becomes chestnut as the wood ages. The alburnum is alabaster or light yellow. Mulberry wood has a gentle sheen, and the grain is consistently in line.


Mulberry wood is durable and pest-resistant, especially the red mulberry variety. The wood is fairly immune to the adverse effects of bad weather, making it a good choice for outdoor furniture.

Sap Content

Mulberry has a white sap called latex that can irritate your skin and is moderately poisonous.

Uses Of Mulberry Wood

Mulberries trunk slice

Mulberry wood is known for its versatility. It has many different functions and can be very useful. One excellent feature of mulberry wood is its natural luster, which makes it an ideal material for furniture making and woodcraft.

Here are some of the advantages and uses of mulberry wood.

Furniture Making

As we mentioned, mulberry wood is very durable and a good choice for furniture making.

On the other hand, there are certain things to consider when using mulberry wood for furniture. Mulberry wood can bend and alter color over time.

Also, some varieties of mulberry trees, like white mulberry, do not grow large enough to produce wood boards.

Furniture Made From Mulberry Wood

  • Indoor and outdoor chairs and tables
  • Lawn seats
  • Shelves
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets

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Ornamental Pieces

Lamp made of mulberry paper hanging

Making ornamental pieces out of mulberry wood is an excellent idea. You can easily shape your wood using a wood lathe, which permits bonding through adhesives.

You can turn out bowls, pens, cutting boards, buckets, containers, and ornamental items such as lanterns and wall decor. The natural glossy finish of mulberry wood helps in turning beautiful decorative pieces.

Watch this video showing how a piece of mulberry wood is turned into a wooden bowl.


Chopped firewood of the mulberry tree pyramid neatly stacked in rows

There are several reasons why mulberry  makes excellent firewood choice. Unlike other firewood choices, mulberry is low-cost and has outstanding warming attributes.

When choosing firewood, you first need to consider its ability to produce heat. Mulberry wood is one of the best firewoods and has a BTU of 25.8 that results in excellent warmth.

Mulberry wood has high moisture content and tends to spark quickly. One more downside of mulberry wood is its long seasoning time.

Wood that is not well-dried will not blaze quickly. It takes about a year to season mulberry wood, ideally.

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Advantages Of Mulberry Firewood

  • Mulberry wood can function well as a burning/cooking material.
  • Well-dried mulberry does not result in extra creosote. 
  • You can easily chop or break mulberry wood since it has a proportionally linear grain.
  • The smoke from mulberry has a nice scent.


Woodcut Art Printing Equipment for Artist, Wooden Roller, Pencil, Chisels, Wooden Plate

Mulberry wood is a hardwood but is relatively soft, making it perfect for carving. Mulberry is also hardwearing and a sturdy material for carving.

Also, mulberry resists decay which makes it ideal to use in handcrafting. Here are some characteristics of mulberry wood that make it suitable for carving.


When it comes to woodcarving, you should choose the wood that does not smell bad. Mulberry wood has a pleasant smell.

Can Carve Accurate And Comprehensive Design

Carving requires an accurate and comprehensive design which you can do with mulberry wood. Because of mulberry's average weight, you can sculpt quickly and accurately.


Mulberry wood is long-lasting.

Manageable And Easy To Carve

Mulberry wood is relatively easy to carve. Because of this, you can work with mulberry wood evenly, and it will lessen blade wearing in woodturning.

Mulberry also has less sapwood than other woods, making it an ideal material for forming wood bowls.

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Mulberry Tree Types

You can fruiting mulberry trees and fruitless mulberry trees. Here are some of the common varieties of mulberry trees.

White Mulberry

Mulberry tree

With the scientific name Morus alba, white mulberry can grow easily and require little care.

The tree can thrive in gardens with other plants. White mulberry or silkworm mulberry has white flowers and is the primary food source for silkworms.

The tree is abundant in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Iran, India, and other countries.

Black Mulberry

Ripe and ripening summer blackberries tree

Black mulberry, with the scientific name Morus nigra, is native to southwestern Asia. This mulberry variety is known for its long lifespan. It can live for hundreds of years.

Black mulberry is common in Asia, Europe, and the United States. It can reach a towering height of 39-49 feet and is a good source of ample shade during summer.

Red Mulberry

The fruit of red mulberry on mulberry tree, Mulberry leaves food for silkworms

Red mulberry, with the scientific name Morus rubra, is native to eastern and central North America, Florida, and other states. It has edible fruit that turns purple when ripe.

Red mulberry trees can live for up to 125 years and may grow to be 30-50 feet tall.

Red mulberry is a hardwood used for firewood, furniture making, wood carving, fences, and turning objects like bowls, pens, and baskets. The luscious fruits of red mulberry make jellies, wines, and spreads.

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Korean Mulberry

Handmade recycled flower and leaf paper or Mulberry paper texture

Korean mulberry, with the scientific name Morus latifolia, is native to Korea, China, and Japan.

It has luscious dark fruit and can grow to be 20 to 30 feet tall. The wood of Korean mulberry is in great use for paper production and as a great source of firewood.

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Himalayan Mulberry

Taiwan mulberry or red himalayan mulberry

Himalayan mulberry, with the scientific name Morus serrata, is native to Himalaya and China. It live for 100 to 250 years and grow to be about 49 feet tall.

This mulberry variety is known as a dwarf type but yields tender and sweet berries. Himalayan mulberry is an excellent source of firewood.

Final Thoughts

a stock pile of mulberry tree cut down

Mulberry wood can cost $4 and up per board foot in most lumber stores.

A 4x8 pile of mulberry logs for firewood can cost around $160, while seasoned mulberry firewood may cost $300 to $400 for a cord.

Mulberry wood has numerous functions and advantages. The resilience and versatility of the wood are exceptional. Therefore, the cost of mulberry wood for furniture, carving, and firewood is worth it. 

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