Marichris Virgo

Marichris is a versatile freelance writer, musician, and entrepreneur. She shares her passion for self-discovery and well-being by writing inspiring content on various topics. As an avid gardener, she also enjoys spending time outdoors and finding ways to incorporate nature into her work and hobbies.

How Much Is Mulberry Wood Worth?

a stock pile of mulberry tree cut down, How Much Is Mulberry Wood Worth?

Mulberry wood is famous for its use in construction, furniture making, and as a good source of firewood. If you’re curious about how much mulberry wood is worth, keep reading. We did extensive research to provide you with an answer.…

How To Get Rid Of Acorn Weevils

Boll weevil, on leaf with black background, How To Get Rid Of Acorn Weevils

Acorn weevil grubs can infest and damage acorns. Do you want to avoid them? You just got lucky because we’ve researched methods on how you can do this! Eradicating acorn weevils can be difficult since they emerge from the ground…

Are Eggplants Self Pollinating?

ripe purple eggplant growing in a greenhouse, Are Eggplants Self Pollinating?

Many people love eggplants because of their mild, sweet flavor. Growing them in your garden can be very rewarding. You might wonder if eggplants are self-pollinating. We’ve researched this topic and have information to share with you. Eggplants are self-pollinating.…

Are Peppers Self-Pollinating?

Small decorative chilli pepper plant in a ceramic vase isolated on white background., Are Peppers Self-Pollinating?

Growing peppers in your garden can be very rewarding. Peppers can be an excellent addition to salads, dips, and home-cooked meals and are a good source of vitamins too! If you are curious whether peppers are self-pollinating, you just got…

How Much Do Apple Trees Cost?

Trees with red apples in an orchard, How Much Do Apple Trees Cost

Growing a fruit tree in your garden is an excellent idea. An apple tree, in particular, is one of the best fruit trees to grow. It can yield sweet, delicious fruit for many years. If you are wondering how much…