The Hidden Beauty Of Artichoke Bloom You Have To See To Believe

Have you ever seen an artichoke plant in bloom? If not, just wait!

A viral TikTok video by @robbiemcmenomey has been making the rounds on the internet, showcasing the beauty of an artichoke plant in full bloom.

@robbiemcmenomey Artichoke blooming in the garden! #gardening #artichoke ♬ original sound - Robbie | gardening & diy

With 336.8K views, 42.6K likes, 2176 shares, and 788 comments, the video has captured the attention of many gardening enthusiasts.

In the video, the creator shows the soft purple threads of the artichoke flowers that are in full bloom.

The bees seem to be obsessed with the blooming artichokes, and you can even spot a spider waiting for its prey.

Artichoke bloom in the garden

The comments section is filled with people who are in awe of the beauty of the artichoke blooms.

"I'm going to grow some artichokes next year just to see this," said @thelaniers.

"How old were you when you realized artichoke were flowers," said @genesisvega791 who seemed so amazed by the fact that artichokes actually flower.

Many people have expressed their desire to grow artichokes just to see them bloom.

Some people have even shared their experiences with artichokes, with one user warning others not to touch the stems and leaves as they have thistles that can burrow into your skin.

Is this true? Let's find out.

Artichoke Allergies

According to a dermatology site, artichokes contain an allergen known as Cynaropicrin, which is believed to be released from the cut stems and roots of the plant.

This allergen is known to cause hand dermatitis, especially in pickers, market gardeners, and flower arrangers.

It is unclear whether any of the allergens are present in the edible portion of the plant, but there have been cases of allergic rhinitis and asthma reported after consuming artichokes.

Furthermore, contact urticaria has been reported after exposure to artichokes.

Beautiful: Handle with Care

While artichokes are a delicious and healthy addition to many meals, it's important to exercise caution when handling them.

If you're a picker, market gardener, or flower arranger, be sure to wear gloves when handling artichokes.

If you experience any symptoms after handling or consuming artichokes, seek medical attention immediately.

Artichokes are truly a wonder of nature, from their delicious taste to their stunning blooms. 

We hope this blog post has inspired you to appreciate the beauty of artichokes and perhaps even try growing them in your own garden. 

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