Roses All Season: 13 Varieties that Bloom from Spring Through Summer

Roses are a favorite of many gardeners. Their elegant beauty, intoxicating fragrance, and remarkable hardiness make them a quintessential garden component. 

As an enthusiastic gardener, you may dream of a garden flourishing with roses from the first buds of spring through the sunny summer days.

This article introduces you to 13 stunning rose varieties that will bloom continuously, blessing your garden with a riot of colors and fragrances for the better part of the year.

1. Knock Out Roses (Rosa 'Radrazz')

Knock Out roses have revolutionized the rose world with their robust nature and perpetual blooming habit. 

Vibrant Knock Out roses photographed in great detail at the garden

Known for their bright red blossoms and long blooming season, these low-maintenance, disease-resistant roses are perfect for beginners and expert gardeners.

They bloom continuously from spring until the first frost, providing a vibrant display of color in your garden.

Knock Out roses are suitable for growing zones 5-11.

2. Iceberg Floribunda Roses (Rosa 'Iceberg')

Iceberg roses, cherished for their crisp white blooms, are prolific bloomers from late spring to late summer.

White Iceberg Floribunda rose captured in the garden

Their hardy nature, disease resistance, and light, sweet fragrance make them popular among gardeners. Iceberg roses are suitable for growing zones 4-9.

3. Mister Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’)

Mister Lincoln is a favorite among rose enthusiasts for its stunning, velvety dark red blooms and strong, pleasing fragrance.

Detailed photo of a Mister Lincoln Hybrid tea Rose

This variety blooms generously from late spring through summer, lending a romantic charm to your garden.

Mister Lincoln is suitable for growing zones 5-9.

4. Julia Child Floribunda Rose (Rosa 'Julia Child')

Named in honor of the beloved American chef Julia Child, this rose variety boasts a buttery gold color and a sweet licorice fragrance.

Flower Carpet Roses

The blooms are quite generous from spring to fall, making them an enchanting addition to your garden.

Julia Child roses are suitable for growing zones 5-9.

5. Graham Thomas English Rose (Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’)

Graham Thomas is an English rose that brings forth an intensely yellow, old rose form of a flower.

Graham Thomas English Rose blooming at the garden

It's known for its strong tea rose scent and a bountiful display of blooms from late spring to fall.

This climbing rose adds a vertical dimension to the garden, capturing the attention of any onlooker.

It is suitable for growing zones 5-9.

6. Carefree Wonder Shrub Rose (Rosa 'Carefree Wonder')

As the name suggests, Carefree Wonder is a low-maintenance, disease-resistant rose that offers large, pink, and white semi-double blooms.

Carefree Wonder Shrub Rose

It blooms continuously from spring until the first frost, making it an excellent choice for adding continuous color to your garden.

Carefree Wonder is suitable for growing zones 5-9.

7. Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Rose (Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth')

Queen Elizabeth is a Grandiflora rose known for its majestic pink blooms.

Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Rose

Its continuous blooming habit from spring through summer and its classic form make it a standout in any garden.

This rose variety is suitable for growing zones 5-9.

8. Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa 'Chrysler Imperial')

With its large, deep red blooms and strong, pleasing fragrance, the Chrysler Imperial makes a grand appearance in a garden.

Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Rose

This award-winning rose blooms abundantly from late spring through fall, ensuring your garden stays vibrant and appealing.

It's perfect for gardeners who prefer classic, opulent roses.

Chrysler Imperial is suitable for growing zones 5-9.

9. Blaze Climbing Rose (Rosa 'Blaze')

Blaze, known for its vibrant red blooms, is a fast-growing climbing rose that colors any garden wall or trellis alight.


Reliable and disease-resistant, Blaze offers a stunning vertical display from spring to summer, creating a fantastic garden centerpiece.

Blaze is suitable for growing zones 4-10.

10. Bonica Shrub Rose (Rosa 'Bonica')

Bonica is a versatile shrub rose known for its abundant pink blooms. Easy to care for and disease-resistant, this rose blooms continuously from late spring through fall.

Bonica Shrub Rose

Its capacity to adapt to various garden situations and continuous bloom habit makes it a great option for border plantings or as a standalone feature.

Bonica is suitable for growing zones 4-9.

11. Sally Holmes Shrub Rose (Rosa 'Sally Holmes')

The Sally Holmes rose is a vigorous shrub that can also be trained as a climber.

Sally Holmes Shrub Rose

This variety is known for its large clusters of white flowers that bloom continuously from late spring until frost.

The elegant simplicity of the Sally Holmes rose creates a calming effect in any garden. It's suitable for growing zones 5-9.

12. New Dawn Climbing Rose (Rosa 'New Dawn')

New Dawn is a vigorous climber that puts forth delicate, blush-pink flowers.

New Dawn Climbing Rose

Known for repeat blooming, this variety keeps your garden alive with color and fragrance from late spring through fall.

You can transform a plain wall or trellis with New Dawn roses into a vibrant floral display.

New Dawn is suitable for growing zones 4-9.

13. Flower Carpet Roses (Rosa 'Flower Carpet')

Also known as "ground cover roses," Flower Carpet roses are low-growing and produce a mass of vibrant flowers from spring to frost.

Flower Carpet Roses

They're hardy, disease-resistant, and come in various colors, making them perfect for a long-lasting display.

These roses are an excellent choice for adding a blanket of color to your garden.

Flower Carpet roses are suitable for growing zones 4-11.

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Beautiful Blooms Await

By selecting the right combination of these rose varieties, you can design a garden that never ceases to bloom from spring through summer.

As you marvel at the transformation, you'll find that your love for these charming blooms only deepens.

Whether you're an experienced gardener looking to add more variety to your garden, or a beginner starting from scratch, these roses offer lasting beauty that will surely make your garden a sight to behold.

Embrace the challenge, and before you know it, you'll have a garden full of roses, each variety vying for your attention with its unique charm.

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